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2004 Governor's State of the State speeches

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    from 2004 Governor's State of the State speeches (number of quotes indicated):
  • Bill Richardson (21) New Mexico Former Democratic Governor (2002-2010) and Cabinet Sec'y
  • Bill Ritter (5) Colorado Former Democratic Governor (2006-2010)
  • Butch Otter (5) Idaho Republican Governor
  • Eliot Spitzer (5) New York Former Democratc Governor (2007-2008)
  • Janet Napolitano (16) Cabinet
  • Jeb Bush (9) Florida Republican Governor
  • Kathleen Blanco (2) Louisiana Former Democrat Governor (2004-2007)
  • Kathleen Sebelius (12) Kansas Former Democratic Governor (1994-2002); Cabinet Sec'y (HHS)
  • Mark Warner (3) Virginia Former Democratic Governor (2002-2006); elected Senator 2008
  • Mike Beebe (5) Arkansas Democratic Governor
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
Budget & Economy
    Bill Richardson: Grow the trade link to Mexico and attract Hollywood business.
    Mark Warner: Close the largest budget shortfall in Virginia’s history.
    Mark Warner: Must not lose AAA bond ratings.
    Janet Napolitano: Provides funding for the priorities without raising taxes.
    Bill Richardson: Toughened DWI and sex offender laws.
    Bill Richardson: Domestic violence incidents start with drinking.
    Mike Beebe: Rehabilitate drug offenders; more drug-court counselors.
    Jeb Bush: Funding to reduce teen substance abuse and tobacco use.
    Jeb Bush: Create a prescription drug tracking system to prevent abuse.
    Bill Richardson: Crack down on illegal drug labs.
    Bill Ritter: Cut the high school drop-out rate in half in a decade.
    Mike Beebe: Propose additional funding for students with special needs.
    Mike Beebe: Encourage parents & state employees to volunteer at schools.
    Butch Otter: Recommend $1.36 billion to advance educational goals.
    Butch Otter: Provide needs-based scholarships for college-bound students.
    Eliot Spitzer: Increase investment in education with transparent funding.
    Jeb Bush: Voluntary universal Pre-K: fund 9,600 pre-school teachers.
    Bill Richardson: Equip every 7th grader with a laptop computer.
    Bill Richardson: Increase the salary of school teachers.
    Bill Richardson: A plan that can reach straightforward education goals.
    Bill Richardson: Charter schools show tremendous promise.
    Bill Richardson: Expand the lottery scholarship program for college students.
    Janet Napolitano: Recommend funding for voluntary full-day kindergarten.
    Janet Napolitano: Emphasize the importance of reading literacy.
    Janet Napolitano: Scholarship program for early childhood education teachers.
    Janet Napolitano: Help teachers undergo the necessary training.
    Janet Napolitano: No cut in higher education funding.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Education First: Target additional $300M where most needed.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Minimize the need for college tuition increases.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Review district finances and bring efficiency.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Pay teachers adequately and provide them with health care.
Energy & Oil
    Bill Ritter: 20% electricity efficiency improvement by 2020.
    Bill Ritter: Increase the use of local bio-fuels at the state government.
    Bill Richardson: $6M for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.
    Butch Otter: Establish a dairy and animal research and education facility.
    Jeb Bush: New marine sanctuary to protect the Florida Keys.
    Bill Richardson: Expand and create new state parks.
    Bill Richardson: Develop a comprehensive water management plan.
    Janet Napolitano: Bring together all stake-holders in forest management.
Families & Children
    Jeb Bush: No Place Like Home initiative: find families for DCF kids.
    Janet Napolitano: Reform and additional funds for Child Protective Services.
    Janet Napolitano: Investment for fewer abuse and neglect cases.
    Janet Napolitano: Establish a quality childcare rating system.
    Janet Napolitano: Resources to childcare assistance for low-income families.
Free Trade
    Janet Napolitano: Expedite transport of goods to and from Arizona.
Government Reform
    Eliot Spitzer: Submit a reform package for full public campaign financing.
    Kathleen Blanco: More disclosure and more campaign rules.
    Bill Richardson: Focus on eliminating waste and fraud from public spending.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Implemented $85 million in savings and efficiencies.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Spending cut to provide a raise for state workers.
Health Care
    Bill Ritter: Provide Coloradans some basic form of health care by 2010.
    Eliot Spitzer: Propose a Stem Cell and Innovation Fund to voters.
    Kathleen Blanco: First principles: provide for children & right to healthcare.
    Jeb Bush: KidCare and Medikids: expand to 1.6M kids and then even more.
    Bill Richardson: Secure lower prescription drug costs for seniors.
    Bill Richardson: Focus on raising childhood immunization rates.
    Bill Richardson: Increase access to affordable health care.
    Bill Richardson: Consolidate mental health and substance abuse therapy needs.
    Bill Richardson: Restrain Medicaid costs and maintain benefits.
    Janet Napolitano: Better health care policies for seniors.
    Janet Napolitano: Ensure children are immunized & screened for health problems.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Obtain better prices for prescriptions & services.
Homeland Security
    Jeb Bush: Make Florida the most military-friendly state in the nation.
    Janet Napolitano: Emergency calling system for health and safety information.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Strategic Military Planning to protect vital military assets.
    Bill Richardson: Film industry initiatives create jobs.
Tax Reform
    Mike Beebe: Phase out the sales tax on utilities for manufacturers.
    Mike Beebe: Get rid of the regressive sales tax on food.
    Butch Otter: Keep sales tax on groceries with a grocery tax credit.
    Eliot Spitzer: Dramatically reduce property taxes to help homeowners.
    Bill Richardson: Continue to cut taxes and reform the tax code.
    Mark Warner: Cut taxes for at least 65% of Virginians.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Allow overdue taxes to be paid without penalty.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Modernize tax incentive programs for start-up businesses.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Create tax credit for rural business development.
    Bill Ritter: Committed to solving congestion problems on I-70.
    Butch Otter: Issue bonds totaling $264 million to improve highway system.
    Bill Richardson: Allocate capital to education and water projects.
    Janet Napolitano: New research facilities drive the high-tech economy.
    Kathleen Sebelius: Restore funding for transportation and biosciences projects.
War & Peace
    Jeb Bush: God grants liberty only to ready to defend it.
Welfare & Poverty
    Eliot Spitzer: Provide greater aid to distressed cities and towns.
    Jeb Bush: Welcome community and faith based organizations as partners.

The above quotations are from 2004 Governor's State of the State speeches.

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