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2008 Louisiana Senate Debate between Mary Landrieu & John Neely Kennedy

Louisiana Senate debate, at State Fair Park, reported by Bill Barrow in Times-Picayune, Aug. 25, 2008
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Budget & Economy
   John Neely Kennedy: Be concerned about economy, but not scared.
   Mary Landrieu: Opposed $700 billion bailout; not enough taxpayer safeguards.
   John Neely Kennedy: Disallow bank getting so big that its failure wrecks economy.
Energy & Oil
   Mary Landrieu: Proud of expanding oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
   John Neely Kennedy: Incentives for non-petroleum automobiles are a tax increase.
   John Neely Kennedy: More domestic drilling, including in Gulf of Mexico & ANWR.
   Mary Landrieu: Member of bipartisan “Gang of 10” for comprehensive oil plan.
   Mary Landrieu: Voted against allowing exploration in oil shale in Colorado.
   John Neely Kennedy: Wetlands will wash away before 2017 coastal protection.
Government Reform
   John Neely Kennedy: No pay-for-play; campaign contributions notwithstanding.
   Mary Landrieu: I have delivered for Louisiana; send me back for more.
Principles & Values
   John Neely Kennedy: Ran for US Senate in 2004 as Democrat; & endorsed John Kerry.
Social Security
   John Neely Kennedy: Endorses voluntary private retirement savings accounts.
   Mary Landrieu: Credit immigrants for FICA paid while status was illegal.
Tax Reform
   John Neely Kennedy: Cut taxes & stop deficit-spending, to fight economic crisis.

The above quotations are from 2008 Louisiana Senate Debate between Mary Landrieu & John Neely Kennedy.

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