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No Apology
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Young Guns
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The Path to Prosperity
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The Audacity of Hope
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Dreams from My Father
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2014 Colorado Gubernatorial debates and race coverage

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    from 2014 Colorado Governor's race (number of quotes indicated):
  • Bob Beauprez (5) Colorado Republican Gubernatorial Challenger
  • John Hickenlooper (9) Colorado Democratic Governor
  • Tom Tancredo (7) Colorado Republican Gubernatorial Challenger
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    Colorado Gubernatorial race:
  • Denver Post, "Pot, immigration trip up governor, Senate candidates in Denver debates", by Joey Bunch, 10/6/2014
  • Denver Post, "Democrats decry Beauprez's '47 percent' comments," by Joey Bunch and Kurtis Lee, 7/2/2014
  • Denver Post, "Beauprez enters governor's race to dismay of some rivals," by Lynn Bartels, 3/4/2014
  • Denver Post, "Beauprez expected to announce GOP gubernatorial run", by Kurtis Lee and Lynn Bartels, 2/28/2014
  • Durango Herald coverage of Tom Tancredo, 1/4/2014
  • Huffington Post by Christopher Brauchli, "Tom Tancredo and the Lord", 12/27/2013
  • Denver Post Guest Commentary by Rob Natelson, "Tom Tancredo right to eschew debate", 12/24/2013
  • Huffington Post coverage, 12/6/2013
  • The Daily Caller coverage, 12/5/2013
  • CBS "Face the Nation" interview of John Hickenlooper, 12/15/2013
  • CNN "State of the Union" interview of John Hickenlooper, 3/24/2013, 9/15/2013 and 12/15/2013
  • Meet the Press (MSNBC) interview of Gov. Hickenlooper by David Gregory, Oct. 28, 2012

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Bob Beauprez: Require public notice when releasing violent prison inmates.
    John Hickenlooper: $20M for mental health 24/7 call-in centers.
    John Hickenlooper: Voters were "reckless" to legalize retail marijuana.
    Bob Beauprez: Our common-sense electorate defeated Amendment 66.
    Tom Tancredo: Tax credits for private school tuition.
    John Hickenlooper: Develop federal land instead of protecting the sage grous.
Government Reform
    Tom Tancredo: 2001: pledged 3-term limit; 2002: served 4th & 5th term.
Gun Control
    John Hickenlooper: CO cares about 2nd Amendment, but also safe communities.
    John Hickenlooper: Universal background checks & ban on high capacity magazines.
    Tom Tancredo: Running in opposition to new gun control laws.
    John Hickenlooper: State Senate "Line item recall" about too-strict gun control.
    John Hickenlooper: Universal background checks but no assault weapon ban.
    Bob Beauprez: 2007: Cleanse out illegals; 2014: no need to send them home.
    Tom Tancredo: Viva Tancredo: support for legal immigration, in Spanish.
Local Issues
    Tom Tancredo: Lure RNC to bring the 2016 convention to Denver.
    John Hickenlooper: 51st State Initiative: I got the message on secession.
Principles & Values
    Tom Tancredo: Won't debate in GOP primaries; will debate Dems.
    Tom Tancredo: Obama is greater threat to our way of life than any enemy.
Tax Reform
    John Hickenlooper: $5 trillion of tax cuts to the wealthy is not the answer.
    Bob Beauprez: 10-hour traffic jams are not drivers' fault, as CDOT says.
Welfare & Poverty
    Bob Beauprez: 2010: 47% of people happy to let others pay the bill.

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  • Bob Beauprez Colorado Republican Gubernatorial Challenger
  • John Hickenlooper Colorado Democratic Governor
  • Tom Tancredo Colorado Republican Gubernatorial Challenger

The above quotations are from 2014 Colorado Gubernatorial debates and race coverage.

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