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2018 Tennessee Gubernatorial race: debates and news coverage

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    from 2018 TN Governor's race (number of quotes indicated):
  • Bill Haslam (2) Tennessee Republican Governor
  • Bill Lee (8) Tennessee Republican candidate for governor of Tennessee
  • Diane Black (9) Tennessee Republican candidate for Tennessee Governor
  • Karl Dean (17) Tennessee Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Mark Green (3) Tennessee Republican candidate for Governor
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    Tennessee 2018 Gubernatorial debates and race coverage:
  • The Tennessean, "Karl Dean and Bill Lee on the issues facing Tennessee," August 2, 2018
  • The Tennessean, "Bill Lee hopes personal transformation, business background set him apart," by Jordan Buie, July 12, 2018
  • U.S. News & World Report, "Immigrant Tuition Splits Tennessee Governor's Field in Forum," by Jonathan Mattise, Jan 23, 2018
  • The Hill, "Anti-abortion lawmakers push ‘Conscience Protection' bill," by Jessie Hellmann, 11/08/17
  • WBIR-TV, "Lawmaker expects medical marijuana to be Top 5 issue," by Grant Robinson, Sep 4, 2017
  • Washington Examiner, "Black wouldn't tear down Confederate general bust in state capitol," by Philip Wegmann , Aug. 22, 2017
  • Newsmax.com, "Rep. Black: Closer Than Expected on Tax Reform," by Bill Hoffmann, April 27 2017
  • The Tennessean, "Republican Governors Association on the attack early," by Joey Garrison, April 25, 2017
  • U.S. News & World Report, "Bill Lee Joining Tennessee Governor's Race," April 23, 2017
  • The Tennesseean, "Bill Lee announces run for governor," by Joel Ebert and Joey Garrison, April 23, 2017
  • Nashville Public Radio, "Economic Development Away From Nashville," by Blake Farmer, Apr 19, 2017
  • USA Today, "Mayor Karl Dean to run for governor," by Joey Garrison, Feb. 26, 2017
  • Forbes magazine, "The Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets: Illinois Vs. Tennessee," by Travis H. Brown, May 4, 2016
  • Knoxville News-Sentinel, "Corporate income tax law is outdated," Op-Ed by State Sen. Mark Green, Feb. 21, 2015
  • Memphis Flyer, "Dean Announces Support of Same-Sex Marriage," Aug 21, 2014
  • WZTV-Fox-17, interview with Mark Green on 10th anniversary of Saddam Hussein's capture, 12/16/2013

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Diane Black: Opposes funding of Planned Parenthood.
Budget & Economy
    Bill Lee: Made hard decisions needed on company budget; it worked.
    Diane Black: Get government off the backs of job creators.
    Karl Dean: Economic development statewide instead of just Nashville.
Civil Rights
    Bill Haslam: Remove Confederate statues from state capitol.
    Diane Black: Confederate statues are part of history.
    Karl Dean: First in Tennessee to join Mayors for the Freedom to Marry.
    Karl Dean: Used tax incentives to lure companies to Nashville.
    Mark Green: Reapportion corporate excise tax to favor businesses in TN.
    Bill Lee: Men of Valor: re-entry program for former offenders.
    Bill Lee: Raise penalties on drug traffickers, aid non-violent addicts.
    Karl Dean: Provide treatment for opioids while stepping up prosecution.
    Karl Dean: Medical marijuana ok, but opposes recreational use.
    Karl Dean: Expand access to vocational training programs.
    Karl Dean: Increase teacher pay; more resources for schools.
    Karl Dean: Supports charters; opposes vouchers.
    Diane Black: Supports tax dollars for private schools.
    Karl Dean: Small city property tax increase to directed to education.
    Bill Lee: Charter schools change lives of at-risk youth.
    Karl Dean: Supports publicly financed, privately led charter schools.
    Karl Dean: Expand school choice teacher accountability.
    Karl Dean: Charters ok if non-profit, but vouchers not ok.
Energy & Oil
    Diane Black: Rejects Paris climate change agreement.
    Karl Dean: Cuts to the EPA are unthinkable.
Foreign Policy
    Diane Black: Must stand up to North Korea's missile tests.
Health Care
    Karl Dean: Expand Medicaid for low-income families.
    Diane Black: Patients should respect their doctors' religious beliefs.
    Diane Black: Repeal ObamaCare;need market-based solution.
    Bill Haslam: College tuition break for in-state undocumented immigrants.
    Karl Dean: Immigrants are part of community; college tuition break ok.
Principles & Values
    Bill Lee: We accomplished my vision at granddad's company.
    Bill Lee: Former chairman of the Tennessee Prayer Breakfast.
    Bill Lee: Faith would influence my decisions as governor.
    Karl Dean: Pro-business centrist: good things happen in the middle.
Tax Reform
    Diane Black: Flatter, simpler tax needed.
    Karl Dean: Raised city property taxes, but after Great Recession.
    Mark Green: Eliminate Hall tax: 6% on unearned interest and dividends.
    Bill Lee: Infrastructure needs repairs, stop kicking can down the road.
War & Peace
    Mark Green: Don't forget soldiers who made capturing Saddam possible.

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  • Bill Haslam Tennessee Republican Governor
  • Bill Lee Tennessee Republican candidate for governor of Tennessee
  • Diane Black Tennessee Republican candidate for Tennessee Governor
  • Karl Dean Tennessee Democratic candidate for Governor
  • Mark Green Tennessee Republican candidate for Governor

The above quotations are from 2018 Tennessee Gubernatorial race: debates and news coverage.

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