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Massachusetts gubernatorial debate on Fox News, moderated by Chris Wallace, Sept. 26, 2006

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  • Grace Ross (12)
  • Kerry Healey (17)
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   Kerry Healey: I've always been pro choice, even when Romney disagreed.
Budget & Economy
   Deval Patrick: Focus on stimulating economic growth via local aid.
   Grace Ross: Shift $3B in more taxes on very rich by flattening tax rates.
   Kerry Healey: Focus on local aid and mobilizing people to call for it.
   Christy Mihos: Property tax rollback will bring businesses back in-state.
   Deval Patrick: Local capital for local biz, & state pays for infrastructure.
   Grace Ross: Focus on reducing costs for small biz, not big corporations.
   Kerry Healey: Make permitting process easier for businesses.
   Deval Patrick: Focus on guns & gang violence, not immigration status.
   Kerry Healey: Check immigration status when police stop motorists.
   Christy Mihos: MCAS has become a weapon against public education.
   Christy Mihos: No state-based merit pay; let cities & towns decide.
   Deval Patrick: Favors MCAS, but not as only measure of education reform.
   Deval Patrick: Incentives & merit pay on school-wide basis only.
   Grace Ross: MCAS is a big part of why kids drop out of high school.
   Grace Ross: Constitutional commitment to education--35 kids is too many.
   Kerry Healey: Strong supporter of the MCAS and standards.
   Kerry Healey: Merit pay for best teachers & those at most-needed schools.
Energy & Oil
   Kerry Healey: I like wind energy, but Cape Wind is a bad idea.
   Christy Mihos: Cape Wind hurts fishing industry.
   Deval Patrick: Engage in DC regulatory fight to protect our fishing fleet.
   Grace Ross: Agriculture deserves more economic development attention.
   Kerry Healey: Fight new regulations that put fishermen out of business.
Health Care
   Kerry Healey: Save $160M by consolidating city & town insurance purchases.
   Christy Mihos: Illegal immigration is illegal--they cost Massachusetts $1B.
   Christy Mihos: Dems want immigrants votes; GOP wants their cheap labor.
   Christy Mihos: No licenses for illegals; felony for driving without license.
   Deval Patrick: In-state tuition ok for illegals; focus on employers.
   Deval Patrick: Drivers licenses for illegals, for security and safety.
   Grace Ross: Illegal immigrants pay taxes like the rest of us.
   Grace Ross: Illegal immigration is only an issue because of jobs.
   Kerry Healey: Opposes in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.
   Kerry Healey: Urges Attorney General to investigate hiring illegals.
   Kerry Healey: Opposes issuing licenses to illegal immigrants.
   Deval Patrick: Pledge to work with AFL-CIO means being open to all voices.
   Kerry Healey: Deval's pledge to work with AFL-CIO means higher costs.
Local Issues
   Deval Patrick: Governor should take responsibility and get Big Dig reform.
   Kerry Healey: Called for Big Dig reform in 2003; still investigating now.
Principles & Values
   Christy Mihos: On being a spoiler: How can you spoil a rotten system?.
   Christy Mihos: Not just passing through Massachusetts, like some governors.
   Christy Mihos: I represent 50% of voters; no difference between Dems & GOP.
   Deval Patrick: Running to reach out to all & create a stake in the future.
   Deval Patrick: Do we stay on this path, or do we make a change?.
   Deval Patrick: Outsider governor balances entrenched establishment.
   Grace Ross: Earns $30K/year; millionaires have no clue what we face.
   Grace Ross: Running to rebuild democracy.
   Kerry Healey: Republican governor balances 87% Democrat legislature.
Tax Reform
   Christy Mihos: Get money out of Beacon Hill and back to cities & towns.
   Christy Mihos: Roll back taxes but restore local aid.
   Deval Patrick: Cut property tax; expand circuit breaker & senior exemption.
   Deval Patrick: Tax rollback is shell game, shifting burden to property tax.
   Grace Ross: We don't have enough income tax.
   Grace Ross: Tax rollback kills cities via property tax increase of 35%.
   Grace Ross: Tax rollback gives middle class $100s, but $100,000s to rich.
   Kerry Healey: Avoid property tax increases by reducing waste.
   Kerry Healey: Failure to roll back taxes cost people $2 billion since 2000.

The above quotations are from Massachusetts gubernatorial debate on Fox News, moderated by Chris Wallace, Sept. 26, 2006.

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