Jon Huntsman on Government Reform

Republican UT Governor

Congress needs term limits

Let's be reminded that in order to have an effective foreign policy we need a Washington that works.Today we have a president who can't lead. We have a Congress that can't even figure out how to balance our budget. They need term limits, by the way. We've got to get our house in order if we're going to expect to get anything done overseas because when our light shines we can influence the rest of the world.
Source: 2011 CNN National Security GOP primary debate , Nov 22, 2011

We're running on empty; people no longer trust government

Q: Our federal government still owns 500 million shares of GM stocks, guarantees trillions dollars of mortgages. How would your administration reverse these obligations?

HUNTSMAN: I would clean up the balance sheet. We certainly have failed leadership. President Obama had two years to get this economy going and to move us toward an environment that speaks to job growth, and he's failed miserably. But along with that, we have a real trust crisis in this country. Between the American people and our institutions of power, Congress, the executive branch, Wall Street as well, there is no trust. We are running on empty. And when a democracy begins to run on empty because of government holdings and bailouts and being involved in ways that are absolutely inappropriate, based on constitutional and where we should be, that results in a diminution of trust by the American people. We've got to raise that trust.

Source: 2011 CNBC GOP Primary debate in Rochester MI , Nov 9, 2011

Cap campaign contributions; they lead to political mischief

Utah is one of four states in the country with no limits on campaign contributions. In 2009, Huntsman created the Governor's Commission on Strengthening Utah's Democracy, which was tasked originally to look for ways to increase voter turnout and reform Utah's ethics laws. After Huntsman had been appointed Ambassador to China, the Commission released its final recommendations, which included capping contributions for the first time in state history, and increased disclosure for contributions and independent expenditure advertisements.

"We have wide open campaign-finance laws. There is unlimited giving and no immediate (financial) disclosure. And I think that can lead to political mischief, that level of influence unregulated in the system," Huntsman said, just before departing to China. Without more information, we can only presume that Governor Huntsman will be no ally to the pro-free speech cause.

Source: Club for Growth 2012 Presidential White Paper #8: Huntsman , Jun 22, 2011

Two-year cooling-off period before State employees can lobby

We all want a State equal to its promise. A State with more dreams than memories--one that is responsive, open and accessible. Tonight, as part of this administration's commitment to enhancing ethics in government, through an Executive Order, I will enact a cooling-off period of two years before State employees can lobby their previous place of work. In the interest of a transparent government, we will prohibit nepotism in hiring or contracting for all Executive Branch departments. Also, from this point on, I am asking for a complete ban on gifts to any Executive Branch employee. Ethics and integrity should be a requirement within all branches of government. Tonight, I reinforce my pledge to build an Executive Branch that holds itself to a higher standard.
Source: Utah 2007 State of the State address , Jan 16, 2007

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