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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Books by and about the 2016 presidential election
What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Clay Higgins: 96 million children have been murdered in the womb.
    Brian Fitzpatrick: Double funding from $4B to $8B at woman's health clinics.
    Brian Mast: Defend life at every stage.
    Claudia Tenney: Believes strongly in the sanctity of life.
    Darren Soto: Women have a right to control their own bodies.
    David Kustoff: Life begins at conception.
    Don Bacon: Support the 5-month abortion ban.
    Francis Rooney: Cherish and respect life.
    Jack Bergman: Right to life includes the lives of those yet unborn.
    Jacky Rosen: Women's health care decisions are personal.
    James Comer: Not one penny of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.
    Jamie Raskin: Protect women's right to their own healthcare decisions.
    Jason Lewis: Allow pro-life state laws under 10th Amendment.
    Jim Banks: Unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life.
    Jodey Arrington: Unborn children have the constitutional right to life.
    John Rutherford: All life is sacred, period.
    Josh Gottheimer: Fight any attempt to get between a woman and her doctor.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Fight against defunding Planned Parenthood.
    Matt Gaetz: Ban taxpayer-funded abortions under ObamaCare.
    Mike Gallagher: Moral and civic duty to defend the right to life.
    Nanette Barragan: Don't force views of men in Congress on women's bodies.
    Neal Dunn: Fight for the sanctity of life.
    Paul Mitchell: Fundamental right to life from conception.
    Pramila Jayapal: Expand contraceptive options for women & Planned Parenthood.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Consistent supporter of a woman's right to choose.
    Ro Khanna: All women should have access to birth control and abortion.
    Roger Marshall: Opposes any efforts to use taxpayer funding for abortions.
    Scott Taylor: A pro-life Christian.
    Stephanie Murphy: Defend rights of women to make family planning decisions.
    Ted Budd: Obey God rather than man: I am 100% pro-life.
    Tom Garrett: Protect the unborn; life begins at conception.
    Vicente Gonzalez: Increase funding for family planning services.
    Warren Davidson: Defend religious liberty & the lives of the unborn.
    Trent Kelly: Planned Parenthood is breaking the law; defund them.
    Darin LaHood: Cherish life & protect unborn children.
Budget & Economy
    Clay Higgins: Insidious lust for power and money drives deficit spending.
    Mike Johnson: Balance the budget; reduce licensing requirements.
    Al Lawson: We are still rebuilding from the Recession; focus on jobs.
    Andy Biggs: No Budget, No Pay, then a balanced budget.
    Brian Fitzpatrick: End waste, fraud & abuse; plus Balanced-Budget Amendment.
    Brian Mast: Balance budget & overhaul federal spending caps.
    Claudia Tenney: Oppose Big Government cronyism like START-UP-NY subsidies.
    David Kustoff: Oppose tax-and-spend policies, as well as over-regulation.
    Don Bacon: Reduce our domestic spending, and reform our entitlements.
    Donald McEachin: Seek job-creating investments in infrastructure & families.
    Francis Rooney: $20 trillion dollars national debt is a national disgrace.
    Jack Bergman: Balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.
    Jacky Rosen: Cut wasteful spending; get rid of burdensome regulations.
    James Comer: Federal fiscal restraint to tackle $19 trillion debt.
    Jason Lewis: Across-the-board budget reductions.
    Jimmy Panetta: Strengthen local agriculture, tourism, technology & research.
    John Faso: Break up giant omnibus bills & limit discretionary spending.
    John Rutherford: Entrepreneurs create jobs--not the government.
    Josh Gottheimer: Invest in R&D and infrastructure, and shrink our debt.
    Matt Gaetz: Balance budget by cutting spending & reforming entitlements.
    Mike Gallagher: Cut wasteful spending and pay down the national debt.
    Nanette Barragan: Balance business interests and jobs for our communities.
    Neal Dunn: Cut excessive regulation; rein in wasteful spending.
    Ro Khanna: Entrepreneurial Nation: programs to grow businesses.
    Roger Marshall: Get government out of the way, to allow prosperity.
    Ruben Kihuen: Wall Street blames homeowners for the foreclosure crisis.
    Scott Taylor: Increase opportunities for all Americans via job retraining.
    Ted Budd: Fiscal responsibility needed for U.S. to lead the world.
    Tom Garrett: Not afraid to vote against budgets that are too big.
    Warren Davidson: Spend less on fewer and more focused programs.
    Darin LaHood: Rein in $18 trillion in government spending.
Civil Rights
    Clay Higgins: I define marriage Biblically: one man and one woman.
    Darren Soto: Embrace our proud LGBT community.
    David Kustoff: Marriage is between a man and a woman.
    Donald McEachin: Champion anti-discrimination for women & minorities.
    James Comer: Support traditional marriage between one man and one woman.
    Jamie Raskin: Ensure women receive equal pay for equal work.
    Jamie Raskin: Passionate champion of marriage equality.
    Jason Lewis: Support Hobby Lobby religious right to avoid gay weddings.
    Jim Banks: Let businesses express traditional religious values.
    Jimmy Panetta: So much more needs to be done for LGBT equality.
    Jimmy Panetta: Close loopholes in the Equal Pay Act.
    Jodey Arrington: Marriage is sacred union of one man and one woman.
    Josh Gottheimer: Treat everyone equally whatever their sexual orientation.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act for gender pay equity.
    Nanette Barragan: One of America's greatest injustices is gender pay inequity.
    Pramila Jayapal: Fought for racial justice against bigotry and discrimination.
    Pramila Jayapal: Prohibit anti-LGBTQ conversion therapy for minors.
    Ro Khanna: Ensure full equality for LGBTQ Americans.
    Stephanie Murphy: Equal pay for equal work.
    Stephanie Murphy: Fight to strengthen LGBTQ rights.
    Ted Budd: Defend marriage and protect religious freedom.
    Warren Davidson: Fight for marriage between one man and one woman.
    Dwight Evans: Micro-lending guarantees for inner-city small business.
    John Faso: Lower maximum corporate tax rates and no double-taxation.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Shift tax breaks for wealthy financiers to small businesses.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: $15B for small business creation incentives.
    Ro Khanna: Flexibility on R&D taxes & startup businesses.
    Tom O`Halleran: We should have nailed out the American Family, not the rich.
    Vicente Gonzalez: Cut bureaucratic red-tape that burdens job-creators.
    Clay Higgins: Resounding voice for the Thin Blue Line.
    Clay Higgins: Penitentiaries should be for PENITENCE, not punishment.
    Adriano Espaillat: Fight for a national ban on racial profiling.
    Al Lawson: Smart justice for non-violent offenses: system isn't working.
    Anthony Brown: Protect victims of domestic violence with better services.
    David Kustoff: Fight violent crime; advocated for death penalty.
    Donald McEachin: Correct outdated discriminatory over-incarceration policies.
    Drew Ferguson: Thank a law enforcement officer in your community.
    Dwight Evans: End over-militarized approach to urban policing.
    Jason Lewis: Don't second-guess the actions of police officers.
    Jason Lewis: End overcriminalization: focus on high risk offenders.
    Jimmy Panetta: Ban racial profiling; build trust of law enforcement.
    Jimmy Panetta: Pursued justice for victims and families.
    John Rutherford: Give law enforcement all tools and resources needed.
    Josh Gottheimer: Prison reform for nonviolent offenders.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Systemic problems in judicial system affect people of color.
    Pramila Jayapal: Investigated Seattle Police Department for biased policing.
    Ruben Kihuen: End the for-profit prison industry in America.
    Ruben Kihuen: Require police body cameras, to address injustice.
    Tom Garrett: Due process against abuses of civil asset forfeiture.
    Val Demings: Improve relationships between police & community.
    Vicente Gonzalez: Increase investments & resources for local law enforcement.
    Dan Donovan: Fight relentlessly against cuts to law enforcement.
    Adriano Espaillat: End the tragic mass incarceration of non-violent drug users.
    James Comer: Help farmers with first hemp program in Kentucky.
    John Faso: Enforce against opioid supply abroad & mass-media at home.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Opioid abuse blights our nation; more funds to fight it.
    Clay Higgins: Dismantle Common Core; dismantle Education Department.
    Clay Higgins: College education has become more of burden than benefit.
    Adriano Espaillat: Support funding for universal pre-K.
    Adriano Espaillat: Make public colleges and universities free for every student.
    Al Lawson: College education needs to be attainable and affordable.
    Al Lawson: I believe in all options available in public education.
    Andy Biggs: Free our local schools from one-size-fits-all policies.
    Anthony Brown: Increase investments in our state's schools.
    Brian Fitzpatrick: Interest-free student loans for STEM and trades.
    Brian Mast: Replace Common Core with school choice.
    Claudia Tenney: Give parents choice to opt out of Common Core.
    David Kustoff: Oppose Common Core; local folks know best.
    Don Bacon: Reduce micromanagement & oppose Common Core.
    Donald McEachin: Universal access to pre-K; invest in our public schools.
    Donald McEachin: Graduate debt-free from public college.
    Dwight Evans: Make every neighborhood school a "community school".
    Jack Bergman: Government monopoly on education is a tragedy.
    Jacky Rosen: Lower interest rates on student debt.
    James Comer: Teach without interference from the federal government.
    James Comer: Mountains of student debt hinders getting a job.
    Jamie Raskin: Curb the dogmas and protocols of the new testing mania.
    Jamie Raskin: Stop hobbling our young people with mountains of debt.
    Jason Lewis: Question rising tuition rather than taxpayer funding.
    Jason Lewis: Replace Department of Education with school choice.
    Jimmy Panetta: Focus on expanding pre-K and early education.
    Jimmy Panetta: Make higher education both accessible and affordable.
    John Faso: Easy college loans causes tuition inflation.
    John Faso: Local control, not Common Core and No Child Left Behind.
    Josh Gottheimer: Emphasize STEM skills to bridge huge skills gap.
    Josh Gottheimer: Take steps to make college more affordable.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: New College Compact: free tuition for 10 hours weekly work.
    Matt Gaetz: Allow opt-out of Common Core; abolish Dept. of Education.
    Mike Gallagher: No child forced to remain in a failing school.
    Mike Gallagher: Reduce the cost of higher education.
    Nanette Barragan: Free-to-low-cost education for college or trade school.
    Nanette Barragan: Public education is a right--not a privilege for the wealthy.
    Neal Dunn: Stopping Common Core is the first step.
    Paul Mitchell: Fight the imposition of Common Core standards & mandates.
    Pramila Jayapal: Additional $158 million for early childhood education.
    Pramila Jayapal: Two years of guaranteed tuition at community colleges.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: 4-point plan for affordable college.
    Ro Khanna: More funding for K-12, pre-K, STEM & STEAM.
    Ro Khanna: More federal grants & more local students for UC.
    Ruben Kihuen: Don't divert funding to private schools through vouchers.
    Ruben Kihuen: Let students borrow money near 0% interest, like big banks.
    Salud Carbajal: Lower interest rates for government-backed student loans.
    Scott Taylor: Heavy federal footprint stifles local education reform.
    Stephanie Murphy: Invest more in early childhood and pre-K education.
    Ted Budd: Parents choose what's best: public, private, or homeschool.
    Tom Garrett: Supports school choice: public, private, or home school.
    Tom Garrett: Student Security: $7000 in loans, deferring Social Security.
    Tom O`Halleran: We're falling behind others; make education a priority.
    Tom O`Halleran: Improving public education should always be a top priority.
    Tom O`Halleran: Invest in our community colleges, including job training.
    Tom Suozzi: New College Compact: make community college free.
    Val Demings: Equal access to quality education regardless of zip-code.
    Val Demings: College for all without facing crushing student loan debt.
    Vicente Gonzalez: Fight for pre-kindergarten and Head Start.
    Evan Jenkins: Professional educators to prepare and inspire youth.
    Evan Jenkins: Common Core is flawed; empower local parents.
    Dan Donovan: Give parents more school choice; repeal Common Core.
Energy & Oil
    Clay Higgins: Do more in DC to help the oil & gas industry.
    Mike Johnson: Further expand our domestic oil and natural gas production.
    Mike Johnson: CAFE standards add $3,800 to price of every new vehicle.
    Brian Mast: Climate change regulations threaten economic growth.
    Darren Soto: Dramatically reduce our carbon emissions.
    Donald McEachin: Reduce carbon emissions to mitigate climate change.
    Jacky Rosen: Fight turning Yucca Mountain into a nuclear waste dump.
    James Comer: War on coal is a war on Kentucky's economy.
    Jamie Raskin: Invest in clean energy to break our carbon addiction.
    Jason Lewis: Unlawful for EPA to impose cap-and-trade on refineries.
    Jodey Arrington: Repeal the 1970s Oil Export Ban.
    John Faso: Ethanol subsidies are $10B in annual corporate welfare.
    Mike Gallagher: Fight for a common-sense, all of-the-above energy policy.
    Nanette Barragan: Climate change is an urgent environmental problem.
    Paul Mitchell: All-of-the-above strategy including Keystone XL.
    Pramila Jayapal: Stand up to climate change deniers & toxic fracking.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: The time for America's clean energy future is now.
    Ro Khanna: Environmental threat means opportunities for green energy.
    Ro Khanna: Expand tax credits for solar power & plug-in hybrids.
    Ruben Kihuen: Transfer money from big oil to renewable energy portfolio.
    Salud Carbajal: Tackle carbon pollution as strategy to combat climate change.
    Stephanie Murphy: Smart investments in green energy, not offshore drilling.
    Tom Garrett: Unleash energy companies to dig and produce energy.
    Tom Suozzi: Threat of climate change is defining issue of our time.
    Clay Higgins: Pipe system to replenish river silt & fight coastal erosion.
    Mike Johnson: National Environmental Policy is needless red tape.
    Andy Biggs: Rein in bureaucratic rule-making that devastates economy.
    Darren Soto: Named Champion of the Everglades by Audubon Florida.
    David Kustoff: Help farming community's low commodity prices.
    Don Bacon: Support REINs Act to control our bureaucracies.
    Donald McEachin: Address public health threats from pollution & toxins.
    Dwight Evans: Government should promote locally raised food.
    Dwight Evans: More urban trees; more urban parks.
    Francis Rooney: Stop release of polluted water from Lake Okeechobee.
    Jamie Raskin: Expand domestic violence protective orders to include pets.
    Jason Lewis: EPA WOTUS rule diminishes property rights.
    Jimmy Panetta: Collaborate to protect of our coastline, farmland, & forests.
    Jodey Arrington: Rein in excessive EPA regulations.
    John Faso: Endless environmental reviews stymie business development.
    John Rutherford: Hand power back to our community from federal overreach.
    Matt Gaetz: Environmental regulations are job-killing overreach.
    Mike Gallagher: Protect natural resources without EPA destroying our economy.
    Nanette Barragan: Fight to protect public health from big corporate polluters.
    Paul Mitchell: Don't regulate waters; do regulate sugar.
    Pramila Jayapal: Preserve funding and access to state park lands.
    Ro Khanna: Promote open space and sustainable agriculture.
    Roger Marshall: Puddles are not wetlands; ditches are not navigable streams.
    Ruben Kihuen: Polluters have determined our environmental policy.
    Salud Carbajal: Preserve huge open spaces for future generations to enjoy.
    Scott Taylor: Environmental laws ignore the sovereignty of the states.
    Stephanie Murphy: Strong advocate for clean air and water.
    Tom Garrett: EPA, BLM, and USDA needlessly persecute farmers.
    Tom O`Halleran: Fund stewardship of our parks and forests.
    Tom Suozzi: Initiated 12 brownfield clean-up projects in County.
    Val Demings: Endorsed by League of Conservation Voters.
    Trent Kelly: Rein in unelected bureaucrats at the EPA.
Families & Children
    Dwight Evans: Require all businesses to provide paid sick leave.
    Neal Dunn: Protect traditional faith-based family values.
    Ruben Kihuen: Fight to make child care a critical economic issue.
    Stephanie Murphy: Start by strengthening families.
Foreign Policy
    Clay Higgins: Russia is a Christian ally to be handled with caution.
    Clay Higgins: The United Nations compromises our sovereignty.
    Brian Fitzpatrick: Don't base foreign policy on political correctness.
    Brian Mast: Aggressive NATO response to Russian expansionism.
    David Kustoff: Our allies don't respect us and our enemies don't fear us.
    Jim Banks: Defend US national interests; disappointed in Iran nuke deal.
    Jodey Arrington: World is safer when America's military projects power.
    Mike Gallagher: Reverse the disastrous policy of leading from behind.
    Paul Mitchell: Restore America to her rightful place of world leadership.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Promote our exceptional standing with active diplomacy.
    Stephanie Murphy: Call out anti-Israeli bias in the United Nations.
    Ted Budd: When America is strong, the world is safer.
    Tom Garrett: Depose Mideast governments that won't confront Radical Islam.
    Dan Donovan: Stand by our allies in a volatile world.
Free Trade
    Clay Higgins: TPP is massive transfer of American wealth to Pacific Rim.
    Brian Fitzpatrick: Reform unfair trade deals to put American workers first.
    Claudia Tenney: Preserve our sovereignty by rejecting TPP.
    Darren Soto: Free trade is a nice theory, but oppose NAFTA & TPP.
    Jack Bergman: I support free and fair trade, not TPP.
    Jacky Rosen: Oppose bad trade deals; insist on a level playing field.
    Jamie Raskin: Support only free trade deals that are fair and balanced.
    Jason Lewis: I support free trade, but not TPP.
    Jodey Arrington: Break down unfair trade barriers.
    Mike Gallagher: Smart trade deals protect our sovereignty--not TPP.
    Pramila Jayapal: Trans Pacific Partnership hides corporate giveaways.
    Ro Khanna: Trade agreements fair to U.S. workers & environment.
    Scott Taylor: Manufacturing towns impacted by America's trade deals.
    Stephanie Murphy: Fairer and smarter trade deals, not TPP.
    Tom O`Halleran: Protect American jobs; prevent currency manipulation.
    Vicente Gonzalez: Strengthen trade ties along the Texas-Mexico border.
Government Reform
    Andy Biggs: Create 12th Federal Circuit to reflect Arizona's values.
    Brian Fitzpatrick: Congress needs term limits & single-issue bills.
    Claudia Tenney: Term limits on all legislators and legislative leaders.
    Donald McEachin: Automatic voter registration to expand the right to vote.
    Drew Ferguson: Constitutional amendment for term limits.
    Francis Rooney: Pledges to serve no more than eight years in Congress.
    James Comer: Self-imposed term limit of 6 terms.
    Jamie Raskin: Restore the voting rights of ex-felons.
    Jodey Arrington: Limit the time a politician can stay in Washington.
    Josh Gottheimer: Fight to defend the Voting Rights Act.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Overturn Citizens United decision by amending Constitution.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Institute same day voter registration.
    Lou Correa: Use double postage to ensure absentee vote is counted.
    Mike Gallagher: End pensions for members of Congress & institute term limits.
    Pramila Jayapal: Automatic voter registration & felon re-enfranchisement.
    Pramila Jayapal: Overturn Citizens United; dark money stifles elections.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Campaign finance reforms to enable citizen participation.
    Ro Khanna: Push back on Citizens United with online campaign disclosure.
    Roger Marshall: Low voter turnout results from politicians not listening.
    Ruben Kihuen: Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizen United.
    Stephanie Murphy: There is too much money in politics.
    Stephanie Murphy: Wholesale review of all overly-burdensome regulations.
    Ted Budd: It's time to take on the Establishment.
    Tom O`Halleran: Limit the influence of campaign donations & lobbyists.
    Trey Hollingsworth: Politicians should learn to earn money outside of government.
    Trey Hollingsworth: I believe in term limits.
Gun Control
    Clay Higgins: We already have reasonable limits on 2nd Amendment rights.
    Adriano Espaillat: Tough anti-gun legislation at local and national levels.
    Brian Mast: Right to defend ourselves is God-given.
    Claudia Tenney: Right to bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed.
    Darren Soto: Stand up to the gun lobby.
    David Kustoff: Unequivocal right to keep and bear arms.
    Don Bacon: Gun control means only criminals have guns.
    Donald McEachin: Reduce gun violence with universal background checks.
    Drew Ferguson: Concealed carry makes everyone safer except for criminals.
    Dwight Evans: Research the public health consequences of firearms violence.
    Francis Rooney: Protect and defend the Second Amendment.
    Jack Bergman: Right to bear arms is about being a free nation.
    Jacky Rosen: Supports commonsense gun safety legislation.
    James Comer: Unwavering support of 2nd Amendment.
    Jamie Raskin: Ban assault weapons; plus fingerprint licensing system.
    Jason Lewis: Liquor prohibition failed & so will gun prohibition.
    Jim Banks: Right to responsible gun ownership is under attack.
    Jimmy Panetta: Mental illness is often the root of gun violence.
    Jodey Arrington: Second Amendment is about individual right to bear arms.
    John Faso: Strong opponent of New York's SAFE Act.
    John Rutherford: Work hard for concealed carry & open carry.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Stand up to the NRA to close gun loopholes.
    Matt Gaetz: One of the most pro-gun members of the Florida Legislature.
    Mike Gallagher: Defend our 2nd Amendment Wisconsin way of life.
    Neal Dunn: Protect the 2nd Amendment.
    Paul Mitchell: Support the Second Amendment and the First Amendment.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Common-sense gun laws, plus fund gun research.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Expanded real-time background checks.
    Roger Marshall: Make sure 2nd Amendment rights are never infringed upon.
    Ruben Kihuen: The NRA exists only to protect the big gun companies.
    Salud Carbajal: Keep guns away from those who pose a danger.
    Scott Taylor: Second Amendment is about individual right to bear arms.
    Stephanie Murphy: Elect pro-LGBTQ candidates who support sensible gun reforms.
    Stephanie Murphy: Advocate for commonsense gun security laws.
    Stephanie Murphy: No fly, no buy: no guns for people on terrorist watch list.
    Ted Budd: Eliminating our gun rights is a wrongheaded idea.
    Tom Garrett: Supports constitutional carry & gun rights.
    Warren Davidson: 2nd Amendment ensures every citizen the right to bear arms.
    Darin LaHood: Staunch advocate for 2nd Amendment and right to bear arms.
Health Care
    Clay Higgins: Repeal ObamaCare's 2800 pages of unintelligible psychobabble.
    Mike Johnson: Replace ObamaCare with patient-centered, market-based plan.
    Andy Biggs: End ObamaCare loopholes that benefit Members of Congress.
    Brian Fitzpatrick: ObamaCare is failing; focus on uninsured.
    Brian Mast: Repeal and defund ObamaCare.
    Claudia Tenney: Replace ObamaCare with free-market, patient centric system.
    Darren Soto: Supports ObamaCare Medicaid expansion in Florida.
    David Kustoff: Work to dismantle convoluted and expensive ObamaCare.
    Don Bacon: More market-based options for healthcare.
    Donald McEachin: Affordable health care should be considered a human right.
    Francis Rooney: Fight to end the disaster known as ObamaCare.
    Jack Bergman: Number one priority is to repeal ObamaCare.
    James Comer: ObamaCare stifles businesses; pass tort reform instead.
    Jamie Raskin: Long-time champion of single-payer health care.
    Jason Lewis: We've seen the system collapse under MNSure & ObamaCare.
    Jim Banks: ObamaCare is ill-conceived takeover of healthcare.
    Jimmy Panetta: Committed to making ObamaCare even better.
    Jodey Arrington: Work tirelessly for repeal of ObamaCare.
    John Faso: Replace ObamaCare with patient-centered choices.
    John Rutherford: ObamaCare is too big, too complex, & too burdensome.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: ObamaCare is not perfect, but it is a huge step forward.
    Matt Gaetz: Replace ObamaCare with a fiscally responsible system.
    Mike Gallagher: Replace ObamaCare with patient-centered free-market reforms.
    Neal Dunn: Full and immediate repeal of ObamaCare.
    Paul Mitchell: Replace ObamaCare with market-based healthcare reform.
    Pramila Jayapal: Supports single-payer model.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Let Medicare negotiate prices for prescription drugs.
    Ro Khanna: ACA is a good start; improve ObamaCare.
    Roger Marshall: Affordable Care Act is neither affordable nor caring.
    Ruben Kihuen: Expand Medicaid to ensure that no American is uninsured.
    Scott Taylor: It's not complicated--ObamaCare should be repealed.
    Stephanie Murphy: ObamaCare has helped millions but should be reformed.
    Ted Budd: ObamaCare is wreaking havoc on our economy.
    Tom Garrett: Patient 'Right to Try' experimental drugs & treatments.
    Tom O`Halleran: Fight replacing Medicare with a voucher scheme.
    Tom Suozzi: Affordable healthcare is a basic human right.
    Vicente Gonzalez: Treat healthcare as a basic human right.
    Warren Davidson: Ending Obamacare is past due, with free-market solutions.
    Dan Donovan: Keep positive aspects of ObamaCare, but reform the rest.
    Darin LaHood: ObamaCare is an abomination; use market-based replacement.
Homeland Security
    Clay Higgins: I have no problem with FISA: not a secretive rubber-stamp.
    Mike Johnson: No cheap talk: grow our local defense establishments.
    Al Lawson: Ensure that veteran benefits are protected.
    Brian Mast: Treat every veteran as the most important vet ever.
    Brian Mast: Maintain world's most prepared strongest military.
    Claudia Tenney: Primary mission is to provide for national defense.
    Don Bacon: Keep Guantanamo Bay for the worst of the worst.
    Don Bacon: Peace through strength: retool military with latest tech.
    Donald McEachin: Reform and fully fund the VA.
    Drew Ferguson: Released Gitmo detainees behind various attacks against US.
    Drew Ferguson: Imperative for our military to be at full troop strength.
    Francis Rooney: Voice for American strength, so our enemies know to fear us.
    Jack Bergman: Give my all to implement V.A. reform.
    Jacky Rosen: Fight to keep our military strong.
    Jacky Rosen: Duty to take care of our veterans with less bureaucracy.
    James Comer: Advocate for investments in national defense.
    Jamie Raskin: Support Easter Seals programs for wounded warriors.
    Jason Lewis: We need reform at the Pentagon to ensure its solvency.
    Jim Banks: Rebuild American greatness; make our military mighty again.
    Jimmy Panetta: Strong defense includes two facilities in our district.
    Jodey Arrington: Reinvest in our Armed Forces.
    John Faso: Ensure that no veteran falls through the bureaucratic cracks.
    John Faso: Harden our counter-terrorism capabilities to fight ISIS.
    John Rutherford: We must return to a peace-through-strength military.
    Matt Gaetz: $3 million to fund "Building Homes for Heroes.
    Matt Gaetz: Oppose any automatic cuts to defense spending.
    Mike Gallagher: Reform the VA to ensure our veterans have access to benefits.
    Nanette Barragan: Advocate for veterans to receive comprehensive benefits.
    Neal Dunn: Help veterans with housing and health care issues.
    Paul Mitchell: Cut government bloat elsewhere to build military.
    Pramila Jayapal: Ensure disabled veterans receive needed assistance.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Ensure our military has resources to carry out its mission.
    Ro Khanna: Right to be free from warrantless metadata collection.
    Ro Khanna: Expand support for service members & their family members.
    Roger Marshall: Ensure that our military installations are fully funded.
    Ruben Kihuen: Focus on veterans, not defense company lobbyists.
    Salud Carbajal: Make sure veterans receive the support they need.
    Scott Taylor: Be prepared to fight with tremendous precision & lethality.
    Tom Garrett: Warrantless bulk data collection is unconstitutional.
    Tom Garrett: Ensure best training, best equipment and best leadership.
    Tom O`Halleran: Let veterans go outside VA hospitals, on VA's dime.
    Tom Suozzi: Protect our core values as Americans.
    Tom Suozzi: Warriors to Work: public-private partnership for vets' jobs.
    Vicente Gonzalez: Fulfill our promise to veterans.
    Warren Davidson: Equip our military for victory, and fix the VA.
    Dan Donovan: Fight for resources to be protected from terrorism.
    Trent Kelly: Investigate wait time manipulation at VA hospitals.
    Darin LaHood: America's national security threats are real.
    Clay Higgins: Forgive passive visa overstays; deport aggressive illegals.
    Mike Johnson: Strengthen the border with drones, cameras and sensors.
    Adriano Espaillat: Bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows.
    Andy Biggs: Protect innocent US citizens from violent illegal immigrants.
    Brian Mast: We need a high wall with a wide gate.
    Claudia Tenney: Protect our sovereignty by securing the border.
    Darren Soto: DREAMers pay in-state tuition & have pathway to citizenship.
    David Kustoff: Secure the border & enforce laws already on the books.
    Don Bacon: More employer enforcement; more secure borders.
    Donald McEachin: Comprehensive immigration towards earning citizenship.
    Drew Ferguson: We CANNOT allow this flow of unvetted refugees to continue.
    Francis Rooney: Controls our borders, immediately.
    Jack Bergman: Immigration is a privilege, not a right.
    Jacky Rosen: Comprehensive reform with earned pathway to citizenship.
    James Comer: Support the wall; oppose amnesty & sanctuary cities.
    Jamie Raskin: Comprehensive immigration reform must be a top priority.
    Jason Lewis: Fiscal cost of unlawful immigration is simply unsustainable.
    Jim Banks: No amnesty; deport criminals; enforce existing laws.
    Jimmy Panetta: Let DREAMers earn their way to citizenship.
    Jodey Arrington: Mandatory jail for illegals who return after deportation.
    John Rutherford: First and foremost, strengthen wall along southern border.
    Matt Gaetz: Secure the border and enforce our laws.
    Mike Gallagher: Secure our borders to protect our sovereignty.
    Nanette Barragan: Comprehensive reform instead of fences and deportation.
    Neal Dunn: Stop debating; stop amnesty; stop illegal immigration.
    Paul Mitchell: Serious & measurable steps to finally secure southern border.
    Pramila Jayapal: OneAmerica: foster post-9-11 hate-free zone for Muslims.
    Pramila Jayapal: Establish a federal Office for Immigrant Integration.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Supports DREAM Act and path to citizenship.
    Ro Khanna: Give DREAMers a pathway to citizenship.
    Roger Marshall: Spend what is necessary to secure our southern border.
    Ruben Kihuen: Families immigrate to America seeking the American dream.
    Ruben Kihuen: Pass comprehensive reform with clear pathway to citizenship.
    Stephanie Murphy: Supports DREAM Act & comprehensive immigration reform.
    Tom Garrett: E-N-D: Erect wall; No benefits; Defund sanctuary cities.
    Tom O`Halleran: Support the DREAM Act and broad consensus on reforms.
    Vicente Gonzalez: Common-sense compassionate reform like DACA.
    Warren Davidson: Secure our borders; create invulnerable immigration process.
    Sam Faddis: Path to legalization with stringent requirements and borders.
    Dan Donovan: Secure our borders.
    Adriano Espaillat: Unionized 35,000 home-based daycare providers.
    Adriano Espaillat: End wage discrimination against women.
    Adriano Espaillat: Bring the fight for $15 to Washington.
    Brian Fitzpatrick: Equal pay for equal work.
    Dwight Evans: Encourage minority start-ups in struggling neighborhoods.
    Dwight Evans: Establish a living wage.
    Jacky Rosen: Fight for livable wage; expand small business capital.
    Jacky Rosen: End pay discrimination against women.
    Jamie Raskin: Low minimum wage causes wealth inequality.
    John Faso: Start by fully enforcing the Equal Pay Act.
    Josh Gottheimer: Ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work.
    Nanette Barragan: Raise minimum wage & demand pay equity for women.
    Pramila Jayapal: Raise the federal minimum wage.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Raise federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.
    Ro Khanna: Make it easier to file equal-pay lawsuits.
    Ro Khanna: Raise the minimum wage to $15.
    Ruben Kihuen: Women earn less for same job as male colleagues.
    Ruben Kihuen: No one who works full time should live in poverty.
    Salud Carbajal: Raise minimum wage, so full time work is not poverty.
    Tom O`Halleran: Increase minimum wage; ensure equal pay for women.
    Val Demings: Retain good-paying jobs offering livable wages.
    Vicente Gonzalez: Support equal pay for equal work for women.
    Darin LaHood: Remove tax & regulatory barriers to job creation.
Principles & Values
    Clay Higgins: Freedom OF religion, not the freedom FROM religion.
    Jodey Arrington: Stop targeting citizens for their religious beliefs.
    Mike Gallagher: Stand against those who restrict our religious liberties.
    Scott Taylor: Ability to worship God without governmental interference.
    Trey Hollingsworth: I believe in Christian family values.
    Warren Davidson: Activist judges/deteriorating culture marginalize Christians.
Social Security
    Al Lawson: Strengthen & secure Social Security.
    Brian Fitzpatrick: Protect and strengthen entitlement programs.
    Brian Mast: Update system to protect future generations.
    Claudia Tenney: Oppose any benefit changes for those near retirement.
    Darren Soto: Strengthen and expand Social Security; don't cut it.
    Don Bacon: Adjust long-term policies for future generations.
    Donald McEachin: Ensure that the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share.
    Jacky Rosen: Oppose extreme proposals like privatization or vouchers.
    Jamie Raskin: Remove cap to preserve and strengthen Social Security.
    Jason Lewis: Protect Social Security for seniors today & future retirees.
    Josh Gottheimer: Oppose any attempt to privatize or cut benefits.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Fight any attempt to privatize Social Security and Medicare.
    Matt Gaetz: Keep our promises but pass reforms for long-term solvency.
    Mike Gallagher: Preserve and protect our most effective anti-poverty program.
    Nanette Barragan: Never gamble Social Security benefits on Wall Street.
    Paul Mitchell: Protect and preserve the promises we made to our seniors.
    Pramila Jayapal: Lift the income cap; reform COLA adjustments.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Entitlements are under attack on ideological grounds.
    Ro Khanna: Protect the retirement age; apply COLA increases.
    Ro Khanna: Scrap the cap: same rate for earnings over $250K.
    Ruben Kihuen: Fight any attempt to privatize or voucherize.
    Salud Carbajal: Strongly oppose privatizing Social Security or Medicare.
    Stephanie Murphy: Privatization gambles seniors' benefits on Wall Street.
    Tom Garrett: Keep past promises but change promise for the future.
    Tom O`Halleran: Protect Social Security dangerous privatization schemes.
    Tom Suozzi: Resist any efforts to privatize or weaken entitlements.
    Val Demings: Protect Medicare and Social Security for our seniors.
    Vicente Gonzalez: Oppose privatization of safety nets.
Tax Reform
    Clay Higgins: Eliminate the IRS; introduce 15% federal sales tax.
    Mike Johnson: Simpler, flatter and fairer tax code will spark new growth.
    Andy Biggs: Cut taxes on families and businesses.
    Brian Fitzpatrick: Simplify and flatten the tax code.
    Brian Mast: Lower the tax burden & stimulate the economy.
    Claudia Tenney: Uncompromising pursuit every day to lower taxes.
    Don Bacon: We need a simpler, flatter tax code.
    Donald McEachin: Make our tax code fairer, simpler, and more progressive.
    Drew Ferguson: I support a flat tax--all have skin in the game.
    Dwight Evans: No tax-breaks without job creation: enforce with clawbacks.
    Jack Bergman: Simplify and lower tax rates for everyone.
    Jason Lewis: You can't tax, spend or borrow your way to prosperity.
    Jim Banks: Estate tax is an anti-growth policy.
    Jodey Arrington: Fairer, more sensible tax system.
    John Faso: Flatten and simplify the tax code.
    John Rutherford: Keep the government off our backs & out of our wallets.
    Josh Gottheimer: Comprehensive reform to lower rates & close loopholes.
    Matt Gaetz: Voted to repeal 4,000 regulations and to cut taxes 50 times.
    Mike Gallagher: Replace broken tax code with modern and simple one.
    Paul Mitchell: Eliminate the Death Tax; simplify the tax code.
    Ro Khanna: Rewrite antiquated tax code that stacks the deck.
    Ro Khanna: Our tax policy benefits the top 1% of Americans.
    Ruben Kihuen: End the absurd carried interest tax loophole.
    Scott Taylor: Tax consumption, not income & not corporations.
    Stephanie Murphy: Close special interest loopholes that protect super wealthy.
    Tom Garrett: High taxes are a barrier to job creation.
    Tom O`Halleran: End millionaire exploitation of tax loopholes.
    Warren Davidson: Work aggressively for a simpler, flatter tax code.
    Dan Donovan: Cut taxes that are killing jobs and economic growth.
    Al Lawson: Investing in infrastructure is investing in America's future.
    Anthony Brown: Public Private Partnership for infrastructure investments.
    Brian Mast: 100% against All Aboard Florida: no more trains.
    Dwight Evans: Free WiFi in city parks & converted payphones.
    James Comer: Maintain infrastructure: highways, locks, and dams.
    Jamie Raskin: Green Deal: massive investment in eroding infrastructure.
    Jason Lewis: Prioritizing highway spending instead of urban light rail.
    John Faso: Expedite major infrastructure projects like rail tunnel.
    Josh Gottheimer: Each dollar of infrastructure spending benefits us by $2.
    Josh Gottheimer: Invest in light rail & new tunnel via one-time corporate tax.
    Pramila Jayapal: invest in our nation's infrastructure, for jobs & backbone.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Modernize transportation with federal infrastructure bank.
    Ro Khanna: $900M to extend BART to Silicon Valley.
    Stephanie Murphy: Strong, robust infrastructure including broadband.
    Tom O`Halleran: Invest in roads, bridges, and water infrastructure.
    Tom Suozzi: Bring tech, sports, tourism, and infrastructure jobs.
    Tom Suozzi: Invest in our own roads, bridges, and tunnels.
    Dan Donovan: Build bus and light rail to reduce commute.
War & Peace
    Clay Higgins: Iran is our enemy; revoke the Iran Deal.
    Clay Higgins: ISIS must be hunted, identified, and killed.
    Mike Johnson: Radical Islamic terrorism MUST be stopped.
    Andy Biggs: Defeat ISIS and protect our homeland from terrorism.
    Brian Fitzpatrick: Cut off terrorist money; cut off Iranian nuke deal.
    Brian Mast: Defeat global jihadists who threaten our very way of life.
    Brian Mast: Renew Iranian sanctions after Obama's Iran Deal.
    David Kustoff: Take the fight to ISIS and other terrorists.
    Don Bacon: Defeat ISIS with assertive leadership & special forces.
    Drew Ferguson: Distrust ill-conceived nuclear "deal" with Iran.
    Drew Ferguson: Radical Islam will always be an enemy to the world.
    Jack Bergman: Only use troops when it is absolutely necessary.
    Jamie Raskin: Iran nuke deal is best chance to prevent Iranian nukes.
    Jim Banks: Military sanctions against Iran.
    Josh Gottheimer: No room for compromise in the war on terror.
    Matt Gaetz: Meet force with force against ISIS.
    Nanette Barragan: Too many soldiers lost in unnecessary wars.
    Neal Dunn: Terrorism must be confronted in the Middle East.
    Paul Mitchell: Peace thru strength: defend our vital national interests.
    Paul Mitchell: Support Israel; ally against China; no Iranian nukes.
    Roger Marshall: Apply "peace through strength" to fight terrorism.
    Stephanie Murphy: Do not allow regime in Tehran to acquire a nuclear weapon.
    Stephanie Murphy: ISIS & Hezbollah pose serious threats to U.S. interests.
    Tom Garrett: Require a declaration of war and a clear purpose.
    Tom Suozzi: Destroy ISIS & counter international terrorist threats.
    Warren Davidson: Respond to radical terrorism with lethal force, not the FBI.
Welfare & Poverty
    Adriano Espaillat: Fought for better living conditions as tenant organizer.
    Dwight Evans: Federal funding for urban poverty has not kept up.
    Jimmy Panetta: More affordable housing units in new developments.

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