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Firearm owners just want to keep their family safe

Q: In an ideal world, would anyone own handguns?

A: "Every legal firearm owner that I know wants to keep themselves and their family safe."

Source: 2019 "Meet the Candidates" (NY Times.com) , Jun 18, 2019

Supports background checks & semi-automatic ban

Just weeks before Bullock graduated from Columbia in 1994, his nephew--an 11-year-old attending a Butte elementary school--was shot and killed, then the youngest victim of a school shooting. It's an event that, until very recently, Bullock declined to discuss in public. This May, however, following the Santa Fe school shooting in Texas, he wrote an op-ed pairing that experience with that of his son shooting his first deer during hunting season--both of which, he says, shape his thinking on gun policy, which includes background checks, banning semiautomatic weapons, and rejecting plans to arm teachers in the classroom. It marked the first attempt to make gun control--a mostly verboten topic in Montana politics, no matter one's affiliation--part of his platform, rooted in the sort of compelling personal experience that would resonate with national audiences.
Source: Buzzfeed.com on 2020 Democratic primary , Sep 29, 2018

Background checks & age restrictions to reduce gun violence

On gun control: "You know, I would," Bullock told CNN when asked if he would support a ban on semiautomatic weapons. "There are things that we can do immediately, everything from red flag laws to closing, sort of having a universal background check, to making sure that we're doing everything we can, some age restrictions, magazine restrictions."
Source: CNN coverage of 2020 Montana gubernatorial race , Aug 19, 2018

Believes in 2nd Amendment, but not guns in wrong hands

In 1994, I learned my 11-year old nephew had been˙shot and killed˙in Butte, Montana. Last fall, my son shot his first deer. He was prepared. We reinforced his hunter safety course. It was a moment he and I will never forget. Both experiences shape my views of gun policy, as a policymaker and a parent. Americans calling for restrictions on weapons want their families to be safe. Americans calling for protection of the Second Amendment want their families to be safe.

I'm a gun owner who believes in the Constitution. If we approach gun violence from the shared value of protecting our families and focus on what we have in common, we can make meaningful progress. We need to work towards a society where mass shootings and schoolyard deaths are not only illegal, they are unheard of. Let's focus on what works. Most gun owners are law abiding, yet too often guns get into the wrong hands. That's why the first step ought to be universal background checks.

Source: Great Falls Tribune OpEd for 2020 Montana gubernatorial race , May 30, 2018

Forever preserve access to public land for hunting & fishing

As Attorney General, Steve works hard every day to make our state better for the next generation of Montanans. Since taking office, Steve has worked with Governor Schweitzer and state legislators to forever preserve access to public lands and streams for hunting, fishing and hiking.
Source: Montana Governor campaign 2012 website, www.stevebullock.com , Nov 6, 2012

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