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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Natalie James: Support safe access to reproductive services.
    Will Boyd: Funding for organizations providing women's healthcare.
    David McCormick: Staunchly pro-life; life begins at conception.
    Thomas McDermott: God gives no one a right to control another person's body.
    Jim Lamon: Stop taxpayer funding of abortions, local and international.
    Mike Durant: 100% pro-life, overturn Roe v. Wade; opposes choice.
    Justin Olson: 100% Pro-Life voting record, defunded Planned Parenthood.
    Rick Becker: I support life from conception to natural death.
    Mark Brnovich: As Attorney General, weighed in on a dozen pro-life cases.
    Mick McGuire: Congress must end funding relating to abortion.
    Latham Saddler: Will fight to protect the lives of all our unborn children.
    Val Arkoosh: We need to codify Roe v. Wade immediately.
    Joan Farr: Adoption is the answer for unborn children.
    Michael J. Steele: Supports choice, but make sure all options are known.
    Mehmet Oz: Knows how precious life is and is 100% Pro-Life.
    Cheri Beasley: Repeal Hyde Amendment; codify Roe v. Wade.
    Mark Brnovich: Argued to overturn Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood v. Casey.
    Joan Farr: When sperm and egg unite it is God's will it should be born.
    Pat McCrory: Promote sanctity of life, religious freedom.
    Dan Whitfield: Pro-choice but focus on sex ed & access to contraceptives.
    Alex Lasry: Ensure access to abortion and reproductive care.
Budget & Economy
    Natalie James: Fund projects strengthening under-served communities.
    Natalie James: Prioritize assistance to small and minority businesses.
    David McCormick: Support small businesses; get government out of the way.
    Thomas McDermott: Farm community needs a strong and fair safety net.
    Herschel Walker: Best way to help people succeed: don't give them a handout.
    Jim Lamon: Will never sign up for an increase in the Federal Budget.
    Markwayne Mullin: Time to balance the budget and rein in federal spending.
    Bob McDermott: Wasteful, undisciplined fiscal policy perpetuates dependence.
    Justin Olson: Decrease the size, scope and reach of the federal government.
    Brian Bengs: Military spending is an important part of state economy.
    Rick Becker: The budget must be balanced; wasteful spending must be cut.
    Kelly Tshibaka: Cut hundreds of millions from state spending over 5 years.
    Bernie Moreno: Make unemployment benefits a mechanism of last resort.
    Bernie Moreno: Put our fiscal house in order; cut spending.
    James Vandermaas: Infrastructure projects will create jobs now, in the future.
    Michael J. Steele: Investment in infrastructure will create jobs.
    Mehmet Oz: President Biden's reckless spending has led to inflation.
    Cheri Beasley: Invest in infrastructure; support small towns.
    Luke Mixon: Infrastructure spending is not "stupid," it's what's needed.
    Pat McCrory: Creating jobs, cutting taxes, spending smarter.
    Alex Lasry: Use American materials for federal infrastructure projects.
    Alex Lasry: Infrastructure includes upgrading public transportation.
Civil Rights
    Will Boyd: Close the gender wage gap & champion race relations.
    Will Boyd: Add LGBTQIA to the Civil Rights Act of 1965.
    Mike Durant: Radicals redefine American values with Critical Race Theory.
    Rick Becker: No money for racist critical theory & identity politics.
    Val Arkoosh: For Equality Act to protect LGBTQ+ community.
    Cheri Beasley: Will fight to pass Equal Rights Amendment.
    Cheri Beasley: Ensure protections for LGBTQ veterans and service members.
    Joan Farr: Against gay marriage & others laws favoring a small minority.
    Jane Timken: Critical Race Theory is Marxist, divisive, racist ideology.
    Val Arkoosh: Would be first woman physician elected to the Senate.
    Dan Whitfield: No discrimination for sexual orientation or identity.
    Alex Lasry: Systemic racism is ingrained in our society.
    Alex Lasry: I am a strong supporter of the Equality Act.
    Natalie James: Revoke tax breaks for corporations that outsource US jobs.
    Natalie James: End Qualified Immunity, end mass incarceration.
    Will Boyd: Seek equal sentences for equal justice.
    David McCormick: Will always back and support law enforcement officials.
    Herschel Walker: Defunding the police is a ridiculous idea.
    Jim Lamon: Guarantee law enforcement qualified immunity.
    Justin Olson: Strong supporter of law enforcement professionals.
    Bernie Moreno: We must stand together to "defend the police".
    Val Arkoosh: Train our police in de-escalation techniques.
    Michael J. Steele: Opposes death penalty; innocent people have been executed.
    Michael J. Steele: Supports Rapid Response for battered women.
    Cheri Beasley: End cash bail, some mandatory minimum sentences.
    Eric Schmitt: Launched Cold Case Unit, testing backlog of rape kits.
    Jeff Bartos: Against "Defund the Police," police need to be fully funded.
    Joan Farr: Overhaul legal system, stop innocents from being jailed.
    Pat McCrory: No sanctuary cities, support police, election security.
    John Fetterman: Overhauled clemency process, recommended more commutations.
    Mark Walker: Support law enforcement, criminal justice reform.
    Dan Whitfield: Need to reform, not "defund," the police.
    Alex Lasry: Ban chokeholds, no-knock warrants, end qualified immunity.
    Tammy Baldwin: Criminal justice system needs review to ensure fairness.
    David Roth: For evidence-based programs to reduce substance abuse.
    Thomas McDermott: Time for the federal government to legalize marijuana.
    Bernie Moreno: Get tough on the illicit distribution and sale of opioids.
    Val Arkoosh: Decriminalize marijuana, reform on nonviolent drug offenses.
    John Fetterman: Listening tour, report got governor to support legalization.
    Mark Meuser: Schools are failing children.
    Natalie James: Strengthen public school system; prioritize Pre-K education.
    Will Boyd: Ensure that no public dollars go to support private schools.
    Will Boyd: Close gap between cost of living and cost of education.
    David Roth: Incentivize states to invest more in education.
    Thomas McDermott: Created local full-tuition college scholarship program.
    Thomas McDermott: We must do more to support public education.
    Jim Lamon: Empower parents to oversee content of teaching materials.
    Justin Olson: Critical race theory is harmful divisive ideology.
    Rick Becker: Supports abolishing the federal Department of Education.
    Mark Brnovich: Give religious schools access to school choice tax credits.
    Bernie Moreno: I will fight hard to expand school choice.
    Val Arkoosh: Supports funding of public schools, childcare, Pre-K.
    James Vandermaas: Universal pre-K, appropriate compensation of teachers.
    James Vandermaas: Finance college through Community Service Payback Program.
    Michael J. Steele: Offer student debt relief, student debt forgiveness.
    Mehmet Oz: Extreme left indoctrinating kids with anti-American ideology.
    Mehmet Oz: Will fight for more school choice for all Americans.
    Cheri Beasley: Reform student loan programs; increase funds for HBCUs.
    Cheri Beasley: For universal pre-K, close funding gaps between districts.
    Mark Brnovich: Sued to strike down in-state tuition for DACA recipients.
    Mark Brnovich: Give religious schools equal access to choice tax credits.
    Joan Farr: In favor of prayer and spanking being put back in schools.
    Val Arkoosh: COVID: Showed tears realizing what her own teens had lost.
    Ted Budd: Member of the Home School Legal Defense Association.
    Alex Padilla: Expanded after school programs; reduced class sizes.
    Mark Walker: Has championed school choice; empower parents and students.
    Tammy Baldwin: Urges funding to help at-risk students' access to education.
Energy & Oil
    Natalie James: Advocate for equity in developing clean energy economy.
    Will Boyd: Invest in renewable energy, but include coal in the mix.
    David McCormick: Needn't choose between clean environment & affordable energy.
    Thomas McDermott: Focus on clean energy jobs, reduce carbon footprint.
    Herschel Walker: Will fight to make America energy independent once again.
    Jim Lamon: Close the Department of Energy, eliminate bureaucratic drag.
    Bob McDermott: I want cheap abundant energy that all Americans can access.
    Brian Bengs: Speed the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources.
    Rick Becker: We must stop subsidizing "clean" and alternative fuels.
    Mark Brnovich: Challenged carbon regulations as "back door Green New Deal".
    Val Arkoosh: Supports federal efforts to ban fracking nationwide.
    Joan Farr: Climate change is real, but we can only do so much.
    James Vandermaas: Wind & solar power cuts our dependence on foreign oil.
    James Vandermaas: Encourage transition to "nearly free" wind and solar energy.
    Michael J. Steele: I will fight for the green business in North Dakota.
    Cheri Beasley: Reduce carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2030.
    Jeff Bartos: Natural gas is key to future of Pennsylvania's economy.
    Joan Farr: Don't spend exorbitant amounts to stop climate change.
    Alex Padilla: Got state agency to increase use of renewable energy.
    Alex Padilla: 2006: for solar power, modernizing electrical grid.
    Alex Lasry: I support transitioning to 100% clean electricity by 2035.
    Natalie James: Reverse Trump's EPA war on environmental justice.
    Will Boyd: Ensure access to clean drinking water and clean air for all.
    Michael J. Steele: I support EPA guidelines, will fight for strong regulations.
    Alex Lasry: I strongly support keeping public lands in public hands.
    Alex Lasry: I support repealing Trump rollbacks of emission standards.
Families & Children
    Will Boyd: Oppose efforts to limit Family and Medical Leave Act.
    Cheri Beasley: Pass Federal Paid Family and Medical leave.
    Luke Mixon: Parents should have access to affordable child care.
    Tammy Baldwin: Treatment foster care helps kids stay out of institutions.
Foreign Policy
    David McCormick: Sanction China for its crimes; reparations for COVID.
    Brian Bengs: Preserving close relationship with allies makes us all safer.
    Sarah Godlewski: Did microfinance work in rural India.
    Latham Saddler: He is determined that Communist China will not prevail.
    Latham Saddler: A strong, united America makes the world more secure.
    Bernie Moreno: Always, always, put America First!
    Bernie Moreno: United States must always stand unequivocally with Israel.
    Jeff Bartos: Let people sue China for COVID, prosecute IP theft.
    Nathan Dahm: Support an America First foreign policy.
    Alex Lasry: US/Israel alliance special, for two-state solution.
Free Trade
    Natalie James: Expand market access; fight trade policies hurting farmers.
    Will Boyd: Oppose agreements without recognized workers' rights.
    Jim Lamon: Tariff goods coming from China, India and other countries.
    Mike Durant: 100% pro-Trump, wants to get tougher with China on trade.
    Justin Olson: Teach the importance of free markets and capitalism.
    Bernie Moreno: Only support trade agreements that put American jobs first.
    Val Arkoosh: For robust Buy America policies, incentivize retaining jobs.
    James Vandermaas: Tariffs and trade war with China put our farmers at risk.
    Michael J. Steele: Help farmers sell their products at the best prices.
    Mehmet Oz: We need to focus on creating jobs here in America.
    Cheri Beasley: Common sense policies on tariffs, expand markets for farmers.
Government Reform
    Will Boyd: Support all efforts to end voter suppression.
    David McCormick: Supports Voter ID & absentee ballot signature verification.
    David McCormick: Fully supports term limits; pledges no more than two terms.
    Thomas McDermott: Eliminate regulations that impede growth and prosperity.
    Thomas McDermott: We need to protect the rights of every American to vote.
    Herschel Walker: He will fight for lower taxes, fewer government regulations.
    Jim Lamon: National mandatory voter ID, signature verification.
    Jim Lamon: Congress must continue to cut taxes and needless regulation.
    Mike Durant: We were robbed of Trump's second term; can't happen again.
    Justin Olson: Support election integrity reforms like voter ID.
    Rick Becker: Supports term limits for members of Congress.
    Rick Becker: Fire smug bureaucrats running roughshod over Congress.
    Rick Becker: Resist any act allowing Federal intrusion into our elections.
    Latham Saddler: Fewer regulations allow our businesses to grow and thrive.
    Bernie Moreno: All politicians do is talk; I strongly support term limits.
    Bernie Moreno: Cut red tape and reduce regulatory burden on economy.
    Val Arkoosh: Overturn Citizens United, won't take corporate PAC money.
    James Vandermaas: Keep public lands in Federal hands to preserve them.
    Michael J. Steele: Fight for voting rights for students & Native Americans.
    Cheri Beasley: Congress must act urgently to protect our democracy.
    Jeff Bartos: Senseless regulations drive businesses to other countries.
    Joan Farr: Pass Christian laws, don't pass laws favoring the minority.
    Joan Farr: Mail-in ballots were used to keep Trump out of office.
    Ted Budd: Deregulate small businesses strangled by big government.
    Krystle Matthews: Provide transparency between citizens and state government.
    Charles Booker: Remove barriers to democratic participation.
    Alex Padilla: Implemented same-day voter registration.
    Dan Whitfield: Favors ranked choice voting.
    Dan Whitfield: End gerrymandering, use computer algorithm to draw lines.
    Dan Whitfield: Reform Postal Service; against privatization.
    Dan Whitfield: Lower pay for elected officials.
    Alex Lasry: Active advocate for making it easier for people to vote.
    Alex Lasry: Overturn Citizens United, no corporate PAC money.
    Alex Lasry: We must eliminate the filibuster.
Gun Control
    David McCormick: Stand against extreme left who want to abolish our rights.
    Herschel Walker: Confirm judges who will protect our right to bear arms.
    Jim Lamon: I will support free speech, the 2nd Amendment.
    Mike Durant: Will fight for Constitutional Carry, opposes red flag laws.
    Justin Olson: Earned an "A" rating from the National Rifle Association.
    Rick Becker: Eliminate existing federal statutes infringing 2nd Amendment.
    Mick McGuire: The right to bear arms is not optional and not up for debate.
    Latham Saddler: Threats to 2d amendment are a threat to our way of life.
    Bernie Moreno: Our Second Amendment is currently under threat.
    Val Arkoosh: Ban high-capacity magazines, assault weapons.
    James Vandermaas: In favor of Comprehensive Universal Background Checks.
    Cheri Beasley: Implement common sense gun safety measures, close loopholes.
    Jeff Bartos: Proud gun owner since dad gave him Glock on 21st birthday.
    Joan Farr: Supports 2nd amendment, especially with the pandemic.
    Ted Budd: Lifetime NRA member; owns gun range and store.
    Kelly Tshibaka: She will fight to preserve the 2nd Amendment.
    Alex Padilla: 2006: Stopped felons from possessing body armor.
Health Care
    Mark Meuser: COVID isolation policy caused poor job market & inflation.
    Natalie James: Defend and improve the Affordable Care Act.
    Will Boyd: Support a health care program affordable to all.
    David McCormick: Government should never impose vaccine mandates.
    David Roth: Fix the gaps in the ACA, especially in under-served areas.
    Thomas McDermott: Supports creation of an affordable public option.
    Jim Lamon: Redesign or eliminate Obamacare for more efficiency.
    Mike Durant: Opposes mask and vaccine mandates; should be free choice.
    Rick Becker: Won't tolerate government COVID fearmongering and scientism.
    Mark Brnovich: Fighting illegal and unconstitutional COVID-19 mandates.
    Val Arkoosh: Focus on disparities in health outcomes for Black moms.
    James Vandermaas: Proposes Dual Payer plan, free to choose primary coverage.
    Michael J. Steele: We can give people free healthcare & free education.
    Mehmet Oz: Elites fighting COVID pandemic took away our freedom.
    Mehmet Oz: Expand access to private sector plans for prescription drugs.
    Cheri Beasley: Expand ObamaCare with public option, expand Medicaid.
    Mark Brnovich: Filed first lawsuit against national COVID vaccine mandate.
    Jeff Bartos: Vaccine mandate is a backbreaker for small businesses.
    Joan Farr: Forced vaccines are a violation of your rights.
    Luke Mixon: Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.
    Cindy Axne: Member of Affordable and Accessible Health Care Task Force.
    Alex Padilla: 2006: Fought for universal health care.
    Alex Lasry: Healthcare a human right, add public option to ACA.
    Tammy Baldwin: Good health care for all, especially the most vulnerable.
Homeland Security
    David McCormick: Advocate for resources for military and veterans.
    Thomas McDermott: Ensure our veterans get the care and services they deserve.
    Herschel Walker: Invest heavily in our military to ensure we have the best.
    Kendra Horn: In Congress served on the House Armed Services Committee.
    Markwayne Mullin: Nation must honor its commitments to veterans.
    Markwayne Mullin: Let military do their jobs with every tool available.
    Rick Becker: Must work to reduce our military footprint around the world.
    Sarah Godlewski: Worked with Pentagon on variety of projects.
    Mick McGuire: For restoring tuition reimbursement for National Guard.
    Latham Saddler: Work to ensure our common defense as a top priority.
    Bernie Moreno: A strong American military is the only way to ensure peace.
    Val Arkoosh: Robust funding for military installations & veteran benefits.
    Cheri Beasley: Increase resources for veterans, military families.
    Luke Mixon: My desire to serve was inspired by my grandfather.
    Pat McCrory: Invest in military, protect veterans, defend rights.
    Mark Walker: Improve care and service to veterans.
    Dan Whitfield: Invest in the VA: education on bases for soldiers' children.
    Tammy Baldwin: Full federal benefits to National Guard COVID fighters.
    Mark Meuser: Don't defund the border patrol.
    David McCormick: Stop illegal immigration; finish building the Wall.
    David Roth: I support a pathway to citizenship for the DREAMers.
    Herschel Walker: Secure our southern border, fix the immigration problem.
    Jim Lamon: Rescind all Chinese Visas, end birthright citizenship.
    Mike Durant: Build the wall, no pathway to citizenship for "illegals".
    Luke Holland: Build the wall, ensure resources for border agents.
    Bob McDermott: Open border policy is harmful to American security.
    Justin Olson: Finish the wall; verify immigration status for jobs.
    Rick Becker: Secure our border immediately; finish building the wall.
    Mick McGuire: No border, no security; No security, no country.
    Latham Saddler: For a physical and technological wall on southern border.
    Bernie Moreno: I support building a wall on Southern border.
    Val Arkoosh: Fair pathway to citizenship for those willing to work for it.
    James Vandermaas: Expedite asylum requests, implement DACA, re-task ICE.
    Michael J. Steele: For border security, but against building a wall.
    Mehmet Oz: We need to have a secure border with a barrier to protect us.
    Cheri Beasley: Pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
    Jeff Bartos: Secure the border, cut funding for sanctuary cities.
    Nathan Dahm: Secure our borders; stop Critical Race Theory.
    Josh Mandel: We need a fighter who will fight to build the wall.
    Tammy Baldwin: Supports immigrants in US and immigration reform.
    Will Boyd: Support Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.
    Will Boyd: Raise minimum wage to $20, then to a Living Wage.
    Jim Lamon: I will work to eliminate the right to strike for teachers.
    James Vandermaas: Create regional minimum wage based on local economy.
    James Vandermaas: Equal compensation for equal work.
    Cheri Beasley: Strong supporter of labor movement, PRO Act.
    Luke Mixon: Critical to guarantee right to join or form a union.
    Alex Lasry: 25% of service contracts to minority/disadvantaged business.
    Alex Lasry: Pass the PRO Act to protect unions, empower workers.
    Alex Lasry: We pay all our employees family-sustaining wages.
Principles & Values
    Mark Meuser: Vote twice: short-term and long-term Senate on same ballot.
    David McCormick: America is exceptional; will stand up against wokeness.
    Herschel Walker: Putting Georgia and Georgians first.
    Herschel Walker: With God's help will bring conservative value to Washington.
    Jim Lamon: Our rights don't come from government, they come from God.
    Mike Durant: America is a beacon of hope and freedom for entire world.
    Luke Holland: America is the greatest country on earth.
    T.W. Shannon: The radical left hates America; I love this country.
    Bob McDermott: Faith in God part of moral crucible forming political views.
    Justin Olson: Committed to confirming conservative justices.
    Brian Bengs: Smaller, close-knit community made him feel connected.
    Rick Becker: We need to put North Dakota First and America First!
    Gary Chambers: Lives by the motto "Do Good, Seek Justice" (Isaiah 1:17).
    Mark Brnovich: Church attendance is clearly an "essential activity".
    Mick McGuire: America is the greatest country in the history of the world.
    Mick McGuire: Will always oppose infringement of our constitutional rights.
    Latham Saddler: It is time for my generation of leaders to step up.
    Latham Saddler: MLB reacting to voter suppression is "cancel culture".
    Latham Saddler: Georgia is the most patriotic state in America.
    Bernie Moreno: Running to protect the American dream.
    Bernie Moreno: We need to protect Trump's victories & amazing achievements.
    Bernie Moreno: Confirm judges to defend Constitution and state's rights.
    Val Arkoosh: I am ready to call Republicans on their BS and get to work.
    James Vandermaas: Constitution designed to force officials to compromise.
    Michael J. Steele: I believe the church and the Bible created the first laws.
    Mehmet Oz: Immigrant father loved US; saw deep darkness of alternatives.
    Mehmet Oz: We need to expand the role of religious institutions.
    Cheri Beasley: Established coalition of legal, community and faith leaders.
    Jeff Bartos: The only candidate with meaningful ties to the state.
    Joan Farr: Enough lawyers in Congress; she's a regular person.
    Joan Farr: Bible should trump any of our laws.
    Joan Farr: If Jesus was alive he wouldn't be a member of either party.
    Luke Mixon: Instilled with ideals of duty, honor, and loyalty.
    Nathan Dahm: We need Proven Republican Fighters, like Trump.
    Charles Booker: Build broad coalitions; break down barriers of race & class.
    John Fetterman: Mentored young boy whose parents had died of AIDS.
    John Fetterman: Doesn't live in Lt. Gov.'s mansion; but opened pool to kids.
    Alex Padilla: Son of Mexican immigrants; taught him value of education.
    Alex Padilla: Became a teenage activist on crime, environmental racism.
    Alex Lasry: Senior VP of Milwaukee Bucks; raised team's activism.
Social Security
    Will Boyd: Oppose privatization of Social Security; protect benefits.
    Jim Lamon: Give workers the option of Universal Savings Accounts.
    James Vandermaas: We paid into Social Security, we are actually entitled to it.
    Michael J. Steele: Save Social Security & Medicare by raising corporate taxes.
    Cindy Axne: Stop cuts to benefits for current and future retirees.
    Alex Lasry: Expand Medicare to cover vision, hearing, and dental.
Tax Reform
    Luke Holland: Follow the Trump playbook: lower taxes; expand opportunity.
    Brian Bengs: Supports a wealth tax for households over $50 million.
    Kelly Tshibaka: Make Trump cuts permanent, extend business tax exemptions.
    Bernie Moreno: Protect historic tax cuts signed by Trump.
    Val Arkoosh: Corporations, wealthy must pay their share.
    James Vandermaas: Trickle-up tax relief plans can stimulate and grow economy.
    James Vandermaas: Change tax policy to advantage of middle class, not top 1-2%.
    Mark Brnovich: Let states use COVID relief money for cutting state taxes.
    Jeff Bartos: Cut spending and waste, give working families tax breaks.
    Mark Walker: Cut taxes for middle income families, for balanced budget.
    Alex Lasry: Corporate tax breaks for companies doing the right thing.
    Alex Lasry: Wealthy must pay fair share, but also focus on raising wages.
    Tammy Baldwin: Trump tax bill only helps rich who don't need the money.
    Thomas McDermott: Dramatically strengthen broadband coverage across the state.
    Mike Durant: Big Tech has censored the voices of conservatives.
    Brian Bengs: Congress can't ignore impact of automation on job market.
    Bernie Moreno: Pass smart legislation that holds Big Tech accountable.
    Joan Farr: 5G gave my family COVID, under U.N. directive Agenda 21/30.
    Joan Farr: Abolish 5G; it gave a family member COVID.
    Alex Padilla: Bill created statewide Earthquake Early Warning System.
    Alex Lasry: Ensure access to high speed affordable internet for all.
War & Peace
    Jim Lamon: Congress should have a say in the decision to go to war.
    Mike Durant: Held as POW in Somalia when his Blackhawk was shot down.
    Mike Durant: Should have declared victory in Afghanistan.
    Mark Meuser: Foreign policy weakness allowed Russian invasion of Ukraine.
    Rick Becker: Stop wasting lives and resources on endless wars.
    Bernie Moreno: If you mess with the US, there'll be severe consequences.
    Bernie Moreno: Take any action necessary to prevent Iranian nukes.
    Mehmet Oz: For leaving Afghanistan but Biden surrendered to Taliban.
    Jane Timken: Biden should resign, or be impeached, for Afghan withdrawal.
Welfare & Poverty
    Michael J. Steele: Will strongly fight for affordable housing.
    Cheri Beasley: We must expand homelessness prevention programs.
    Joan Farr: Get Out of Debt Plan has rich paying off others debts.

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