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Al Sharpton: Something wrong with mandatory time for drug users

The priority [in the War on Drugs] seems to be to lock up the low-level guys, many under federal mandatory drug sentencing laws who are caught with a small quantity of crack. Now, I don’t condone the actions of that guy, but why should he spend a minimum of 5 to 10 years in jail for a small quantity of crack the size of a “Sweet ‘N Low” packet, while the drug lord doesn’t face any mandatory time? There’s something wrong with that picture.

The war on drugs must be fought at a higher level. We have to use trade leverage to go after the countries that produce the drugs-who openly allow drugs to be in their economy-and put them out of business.

Perhaps the reason why the US doesn’t go after the real drug lords and the real drug producers and sellers is because it would be bad business on both ends. We make money with the countries that produce the drugs, and we make money by sending the low-level drug criminal to jail for a long time.

Source: Al On America, by Rev. Al Sharpton, p. 130-31 Jan 1, 2002

Al Gore: Smoked pot recreationally, but kept it separate from work

Gore insisted as a presidential candidate in 1987 that his dope smoking was “infrequent and rare.” He said he smoked marijuana occasionally at Harvard, “once or twice in the army,” and “once or twice as a graduate student” before quitting altogether in 1972. But Gore’s friends say that he remained an enthusiastic recreational user through the 1970s, during his newspaper career and up until his first congressional campaign in 1976. They remember him smoking dope as often as three or four times a week

Al Gore stoned was a mix of expansiveness and paranoia, friends recall. He could be ironically humorous and self-aware about his lot as heir apparent in a political family. But he was also worried about his bright future literally going up in smoke.

For the most part, Gore kept his off-duty explorations and newspaper work tidily partitioned. Most newsroom colleagues heard little about his religious studies and saw no evidence of his drug use.

Source: Inventing Al Gore, p.101 Mar 3, 2000

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