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Mark Lauretti: Top priority: don't over-burden business

Generate more jobs by creating a more business-friendly environment. Make Connecticut affordable to work and live here again. Lower the cost of doing business in Connecticut. Foster an environment where businesses are valued. Don't over-burden businesses with regulations. Prevent local government from using our businesses as cashcows. Give our kids a place to return to, live, and work after college.
Source: 2018 Connecticut Governor website Aug 17, 2017

Matthew Corey: Government regulations stifling small businesses

He says his bar business has dropped by 2/3's as numerous corporations have moved workers out of downtown Hartford. The bar has been the scene of many celebrations, but sometimes the workers arrive to commiserate with their corporate colleagues. "We've had layoff parties here," Corey said during an interview at McKinnon's. "I've seen a lot of that happen." Corey said he was driven to action partly to fight the regulations that he says are stifling his 2 small businesses.
Source: Hartford Courant on 2018 Connecticut Senatorial race Oct 7, 2016

August Wolf: Not everyone who works on Wall Street is a criminal

Wolf declared, "If you believe that government regulation and bureaucratic interference leads to good outcomes, I would challenge you to show me so. You're just becoming a clerk because of the compliance requirements," he explained. "No one is provided to take any risk in the financial world, because of all of the regulation. [Massachusetts U.S. Sen.] Elizabeth Warren has told everyone that everyone that works on Wall Street is a criminal. I don't agree with that."

He said the Federal Reserve Board's policies of zero interest rates at a time when relatively few people can get loans, has widened the gulf between the upper class and the middle classes, since fewer people can make investments to garner better yields on their money. "You're creating more distortion in our economy," he said.

Source: Brookfield Patch on 2016 Connecticut Senate race May 31, 2015

Dan Malloy: Invest state funds in businesses that preserve in-state jobs

[In a debate] at the Garde Arts Center in New London, chiding Gov. Malloy for Connecticut's sluggish economic growth, Foley said: "You did run this state into a ditch. You've broken this economy." He added, "You simply don't have solutions."

Complaining about what he called overly generous state investments in corporations during Malloy's tenure, Foley said, "The idea of the governor and his staff negotiating with a very sophisticated group of businesspeople--I'm a little worried for Connecticut taxpayers."

Foley listed corporations he said had eliminated jobs in Connecticut over the last three and a half years. Malloy countered that the decision to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in businesses had preserved jobs in the state. Somewhat awkwardly, he specifically defended his dealings with Pfizer by noting that the daughter of the company's president "was an intern on one of my campaigns."

Source: N. Y. Times on 2014 Connecticut Gubernatorial debate Oct 17, 2014

Tom Foley: We pay huge sums in corporate welfare to keep jobs in CT

Tom Foley has spoken up again about Connecticut's business climate. The layoff of 600 employees at Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. in Stratford is "another example of Connecticut's anti-business policy agenda driving good manufacturing jobs out of state," candidate Foley said. Foley goes on to accuse Gov. Dannel Malloy of "paying huge sums in corporate welfare" to keep jobs in Connecticut.

Is Foley opposed to the recent agreement between Connecticut and United Technologies Corp. to keep the corporation's headquarters and engineering forces in Connecticut and expanding them? Is that the type of "corporate welfare" he opposes? Foley knows that competition for new industry may be "corporate welfare," but when you are in competition with other states you must play the game to attract industry.

Source: Journal Inquirer OpEd on 2014 Connecticut gubernatorial race Mar 5, 2014

Tom Foley: Investigate Economic and Community Development loan fraud

Tom Foley called for a legislative investigation into a state Department of Economic and Community Development loan program--citing the case of Earl O'Garro Jr., an insurance businessman who received two DECD loans totaling more than $350,000, and now is under federal investigation. The DECD's loans to O'Garro, on which he has defaulted, "raise serious questions about the administration and oversight of the DECD Small Business Express program," Foley said.

Foley called O'Garro "the central figure in a federal corruption investigation involving the Treasurer of the City of Hartford"--Adam Cloud--"and members of his family who are closely connected to Gov. Malloy." Cloud's father, businessman Sanford Cloud, served on Gov. Dannel Malloy's transition team after Malloy's 2010 election victory over Foley.

Foley also questioned other Small Business Express program loans or grants--including $5 million in economic aid to Back9Network, a Hartford-based cable golf network with ties to Malloy.

Source: Hartford Courant on 2014 Connecticut gubernatorial race Jan 2, 2014

Dan Malloy: Businesses should suggest which state regulations to abandon

One of the contrasts Malloy makes with his Republican predecessors Rell and Rowland is the pace and level of investments made by the Department of Economic and Community Development. He soft-pedals the big investments his administration has made in major corporations, such as the $71 million package of grants and loans that enticed Cigna to expand here and declare its Bloomfield campus as its national headquarters. Republicans have indicated they intended to make "corporate welfare" an issue next year.

Source: The Connecticut Mirror on 2014 Connecticut Governor race Dec 18, 2013

Dan Malloy: Small Business Express Program: grants for 944 companies

It's not every day that a governor promotes a startup company's line of nutrition supplements. Then again, it's not every day that a nutrition-supplement company promotes a first-term governor's re-election. Both happened as Gov. Malloy toured ThinkitDrinkit, a Hartford startup that's received more than $430,000 in economic assistance and job-training funds as it has hired 26 workers at hourly rates ranging from $15 to $20.

"This is how you build the economy in the long run," Malloy said, pointing to ThinkitDrinkit as one of 944 small companies that have received grants and cheap loans from the Small Business Express Program.

Malloy accepted a sample drink from a young woman who wore a white lab coat with a large button featuring the company logo and "Malloy 2014!" The same message was written on a whiteboard in the company's test kitchen.

Source: The Connecticut Mirror on 2014 Connecticut Governor race Dec 16, 2013

Tom Foley: Small Business Express Program is too generous with aid

Gov. Malloy's economic-development programs already are fodder for and against him. Republican Tom Foley, a gubernatorial contender, says Malloy has been too generous with aid. Malloy leaves little doubt that economic development will be a cornerstone in his case for re-election, though he used humor to deflect a question about how a big a role he hopes the issue will play when his first term is judged. 944 small companies have received grants and cheap loans from the Small Business Express Program.
Source: The Connecticut Mirror on 2014 Connecticut Governor race Dec 16, 2013

Dan Malloy: First Five program: leverage public to private funding

First Five program: leverage public to private funding We must compete for every single job. With that mindset, we've begun to tackle the challenge of economic development in a holistic way.

Our First Five program, along with the addition of Jackson Laboratories, has leveraged $180 million in public First Five program: leverage public to private funding and it was because they were leaving.

On Main Streets across Connecticut, the Small Business Express program is giving local employers the chance to expand and create jobs.

Source: 2013 Connecticut State of the State address Jan 9, 2013

Heidi Heitkamp: Fought attempt to weaken ND bank privacy laws

In her own political career, Heitkamp said, she has worked with Republicans on issues, including an alliance with the ultra-conservative Constitution Party to fight an attempt to weaken North Dakota's bank privacy laws, and teaming with a former state Republican Party chairman to push for stronger protection of private property rights.
Source: Connecticut Post on 2012 N.D. Senate debate Oct 25, 2012

Tom Foley: Criticized for bankruptcy of a Georgia textile mill

During the 2010 primary campaign, Foley was criticized over his management of a Georgia textile mill, Bibb Co. His company owned the mill from 1985-1996 before it went bankrupt and was reorganized, putting area residents out of work. Questions were raised over how much Foley benefited financially as the mill was sold.
Source: Connecticut Mirror on 2014 Connecticut Governor race Dec 31, 2010

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