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Allan Fung: Lower costs to business helps them grow

In Allan's first term, he wants to lower the sales tax each year to end up at 5%. The first 6 months will comb through every occupational licensing, permitting, and business incorporation fee we charge, and make them the lowest in New England! He'll also make it easier for startups by waiving all fees for their first year. Introducing the BUSINESS CONCIERGE PROGRAM a one-stop location for startups & business owners, walking them through the business development process as quickly as possible.
Source: 2018 Rhode Island governor Campaign website Sep 1, 2018

Patricia Morgan: Ran air charter/flight school at Green Airport for 10 years

Two Republican candidates for governor, House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan and businessman Giovanni Feroce, squared off in the first of WPRO's primary debates. Cranston Mayor Allan Fung did not participate. He has committed to only one primary debate, and an empty chair sat in his place.

Feroce said Morgan has not run a business on the same scale as he has. Morgan countered, saying she got her own small business experience while running an air charter and flight school out of Green Airport. "I have hired people. I have had to come up with solutions. I have had to deal with suppliers, vendors, employees. We made a successful business," she said. "We grew it from 4 aircraft to 12 over 10 years."

Though Morgan argued small businesses are a strong force in Rhode Island, Feroce maintained his experience and qualifications are "so far superior" to hers, saying he oversaw 1,200 employees as opposed to the 7 or 8 employees at her airport business.

Source: WPRO 99.7FM News Talk on 2018 Rhode Island governor race Aug 22, 2018

Bobby Nardolillo: Trump corporate tax cuts are just what the doctor ordered

On a business' balance sheet, Overhead Expenses are those which must be paid but which do not contribute directly to the cost of goods sold. Taxes are overhead expenses. Before government can spend a nickel it first must extract that nickel from your pocket or mine. The current push by the new Trump Administration to reduce corporate (and individual) tax rates is just what the economic doctor ordered for our economic environment. Tax cutting must be accompanied by the cutting of government expenditures and that's where some real political will to do the right thing would be helpful. I can supply that will on behalf of the hard working, tax paying men and women of the Ocean State... If you'll let me.
Source: 2018 Rhode Island Senate campaign website Feb 3, 2018

Allan Fung: History of creating jobs; he won't forget small businesses

Fung has touted himself as business-friendly with a track record of success at creating new jobs and taxable commodities. He cited adding about 3,800 new jobs along with 62 new businesses opening up shop. He said that the focus at the state level can't just be on large potential business ventures. "We have to make sure we still focus on business--and not just going after the Amazons of the world. We can't forget about the small businesses--nobody is helping them," he said.
Source: Cranston Herald on 2018 Rhode Island gubernatorial race Nov 2, 2017

Donald Carcieri: Regulatory Review Task Force to reclaim business revolution

To thrive in the long term, however, we need to reclaim our birthright as a hotbed for business revolution.

From the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century to the bioscience and green energy revolutions today, Rhode Island has always been a place for incubating new ideas and approaches. Just as it did over a century ago--when R.I. had the highest per capita wealth of any state--our economy once again will rise on the tide of an entrepreneurial revolution.

To enable that to happen again, we need to recreate the same fertile conditions that encouraged businesses to flourish. The most important and positive actions state and local government can take now are: regulatory reform and tax reform. My Regulatory Review Task Force has given me their final report, and, in the coming weeks, I will unveil a series of specific new proposals to streamline, simplify, and shorten the regulatory process.

Source: Rhode Island 2010 State of the State Address Jan 26, 2010

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