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Kristi Noem: Tax exemptions for veterans with disabilities

We have expanded the tuition program for veterans to include technical colleges. We have increased property tax exemptions for veterans who have disabilities. We have a tax exemption for paraplegic and amputee veterans. We have increased the number of beds at the Hot Springs Veterans Home so that we can care for more veterans. We also broke ground on the first ever State Veterans Cemetery in Sioux Falls.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to South Dakota legislature Jan 12, 2021

Daniel Ahlers: Expand VA benefits to include assisted living

South Dakota veterans deserve efficient and compassionate, life-long care. I believe that all veterans should have access to VA care no matter their level of income or disability. Currently, our state vets home cannot serve veterans that are categorized as "assisted living". These veterans are forced to relocate to a different facility. As your U.S. Senator is will submit legislation calling for Congress to include assisted living reimbursements.
Source: 2020 South Dakota Senate campaign website Dec 25, 2019

Daniel Ahlers: Helped fund the new State Veteran's Cemetery

Ahlers listed his legislative accomplishments as helping to balance the state's budget while serving on the Appropriations Committee, improving funding for schools, increasing Medicaid reimbursements to critical need service providers, and helping fund the new State Veteran's Cemetery. He has received the Bowhay Institute for Legislative Leadership Development and Henry Toll fellowships for state government leaders through the Council of State Governments.
Source: Argus-Leader on South Dakota legislative voting records Sep 26, 2019

Jay Williams: Don't use fear of ISIS to justify government overreach

As a Vietnam veteran, Jay has experienced war firsthand. His ideas about national security and combating threats like ISIS are informed by his personal experiences. In recent years, Republican leaders have used fear of groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS to justify government overreaches. Jay knows that Americans can live in safety without sacrificing the freedom that make our country great in the first place.
Source: 2016 South Dakota Senate campaign web Apr 1, 2016

Jay Williams: Cut defense spending: 6 aircraft carriers instead of 11

Although he's a 10-year Naval vet, he's eager to help cut defense spending from a Senate seat. The Navy has 11 aircraft carrier groups that eat up too much money when six would be enough, he says. The savings could go toward helping people who need it in America, on Social Security and health care, Williams said.

Besides his military background, Williams is a small business owner with an entrepreneurial streak. He formed Excelltech in Yankton, selling a variety of computer related technology.

Source: Capital Journal on 2016 South Dakota Senate race Mar 29, 2016

Jay Williams: Served in the US Navy and the Peace Corps

Williams is originally from Gettysburg and has a bachelors degree in Political Science from the University of Madison-Wisconsin and has a Master's Degree in Computer Science.

He has served in the Navy, Peace Corp and mostly recently a term on the Yankton school board. He has been a small business owner in Yankton since 1987.

Source: KDLT-TV on 2015 South Dakota Senate race Feb 19, 2016

Jay Williams: Served in the Peace Corps as well as the U.S. Navy

Williams made his announcement for Senate in Sioux Falls. "My family and I moved back to South Dakota for the quality of the schools and the sense of community. I'm afraid our young people and those considering a move to South Dakota wouldn't make the same choice to raise a family in our great state today. We need a Senator focused on the priorities that matter to South Dakotans," said Williams.

Williams is originally from Gettysburg and has a bachelors degree in Political Science from the University of Madison-Wisconsin and has a Master's Degree in Computer Science.

He has served in the Navy, Peace Corp and mostly recently a term on the Yankton school board. He has been a small business owner in Yankton since 1987.

Source: KDLT-TV on 2016 South Dakota Senate race Feb 19, 2016

John Thune: PATRIOT Act is still needed in these dangerous times

The Patriot Act is set to expire, unless the Senate votes to extend it. Thune said, "The authorities that exist that were put in place subsequent to 9/11 to try to help us prevent terrorist attacks are really necessary now because we live in probably the most dangerous time we ever have since 9/11. It's something that we need to make sure that our law enforcement officials and intelligence community have all the tools available to make sure we prevent a 9/11 event from happening again."
Source: KEVN Black Hills Fox on 2016 South Dakota Senate race May 30, 2015

Gordon Howie: Maintain a superior nuclear arsenal

Question topic: The United States must maintain a nuclear arsenal that is safe, reliable, modern and numerically superior to those of potential adversaries.

Howie: Strongly Agree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 South Dakota Senate race Sep 30, 2014

Larry Pressler: First Vietnam vet elected to Congress

Pressler was a Vietnam vet and became the first veteran of that war elected to Congress (in 1974, yes, that's 40 years ago). He was a moderate/maverick Republican and distinguished himself during the Abscam scandal as the only member of Congress who flatly rejected the fake bribes that were being offered by undercover FBI agents.
Source: MinnPost on 2014 South Dakota Senate race Jan 2, 2014

Larry Pressler: Significant cutbacks on overseas military spending

Pressler pointed to the success of military contractors in lobbying for projects the Pentagon doesn't want. "We have this poisonous, locked political system in place," Pressler said. "And we can't get a budget."

While Pressler said he was still forming a legislative team to finalize his policy platform, he discussed his priorities at the campaign event. Among those provisions, he supports significant cutbacks on overseas military spending, rolling back domestic surveillance programs, increasing the minimum wage and raising taxes on the wealthy.

Pressler also said that he would have to rely far more heavily on grassroots support. However, he said, if elected he would provide a more powerful voice for South Dakota than any candidate from the major two parties.

Source: Rapid City Journal on 2014 South Dakota Senate race Dec 31, 2013

Larry Pressler: 1980 presidential run:focus on veteran issues & Agent Orange

Pressler waged a long-shot campaign in 1980, seeking the Republican presidential nomination. His goal then was to draw attention to the plight of Vietnam veterans, including getting help for those exposed to Agent Orange. He struggled to raise money and discovered that many of his fellow activist veterans were actually Democrats. "I'm glad I did it," he said, "but it was bad political judgment probably."
Source: on 2014 South Dakota Senate race Nov 14, 2013

Dennis Daugaard: Transfer professional license from other states for military

On my trip to Afghanistan and Kuwait, seeing our troops overseas is a reminder of the sacrifices they make to protect us all. There are other servicemen and women serving much closer to home--here in South Dakota. Many of them are stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base. My last proposal today is for these families. 35% of military spouses in the workforce are in professions that require professional licensure or certification. When a military family is transferred to our state, that family should not lose earning power for an extended period while a spouse seeks licensure in South Dakota.

I will be proposing a professional licensure portability bill for military spouses. This bill will streamline the process so that a military spouse with a license or certificate in another state can easily transfer into South Dakota. Nearly half of our sister states have approved similar legislation, and I hope you will vote to have South Dakota join those states.

Source: South Dakota 2013 State of the State Address Jan 8, 2013

Dennis Daugaard: Split two departments: Military & Veterans' Affairs

I will be splitting the current Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs into two cabinet-level departments. The Department of the Military will oversee the National Guard. The Department of Veterans Affairs will oversee our Veterans benefits and programs.

Creating separate Departments for the Military and for Veterans Affairs will allow focusing on leading an increasingly active National Guard, while allowing Veterans Affairs to ensure that we always meet our obligations to our veterans.

Source: 2011 South Dakota State of the State Address Jan 11, 2011

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