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Jared Polis: Remove deductions exploited by corporations at our expense

Our tax code gives too much power to the special interests who can afford expensive lobbyists, while forcing ordinary families to pay more. As legislators, I know that many of you find these tax giveaways offensive. Unlike budget expenditures, which you vote on every year, these tax expenditures are on autopilot, some since the 1930s. We need a tax code that reflects today's realities rather than yesterday's distortions. Let people keep more of their hard-earned money rather than give it away to special interests.

The Legislature and the Auditor have gotten off to a good start by closely examining which deductions are benefiting our economy, and which are being exploited by corporations at Coloradans' expense. I want to work with you to close these loopholes and pass the savings on to families by lowering the income tax rate.

Source: 2019 State of the State address to Colorado legislature Jan 10, 2019

Walker Stapleton: Use common-sense cost-benefit analysis to create good jobs

Small businesses are the driving force behind Colorado's economy. Creating a positive business environment that works for businesses big and small, will be essential to restoring equitable growth that extends to all Coloradans in all corners of our great state. As Governor, I will apply a strict cost-benefit analysis to any bill that crosses my desk, and will work with the legislature to promote common sense solutions that will create jobs and improve the lives of families across our state.
Source: 2018 gubernatorial campaign website Jun 23, 2018

John Hickenlooper: Fund $10M program to support rural business

But to reinvigorate more of our smaller communities, we need to incentivize companies and rural entrepreneurs, or the urban ones who want to be rural, to take a chance and start a business where they're needed the most. That's why we just announced a ten-million-dollar Rural Venture Fund to focus equity investment and access to capital in rural parts of the state, similar to what they've done along the front range.
Source: 2018 Colorado State of the State address Jan 11, 2018

John Hickenlooper: 5-year initiative to support startup businesses

Startup Colorado is a five-year initiative to organize and convene startups around the state.

We're expanding our Blueprint and Rural Jumpstart economic development programs. Maybe we need to expand the Jumpstart incentive to seven years? We're backstopping loans for rural markets that allow businesses and startups to get more access to capital. Maybe we should do more?

Working closely with business and education leaders, in a public-private partnership, Colorado is igniting an apprenticeship renaissance with Careerwise. We're connecting companies, talent, K-12 schools, community colleges and training centers. Within a decade we want to see twenty-thousand students per year receiving college credit, developing skills, and learning how business works.

Source: 2018 State of the State address to the Colorado legislature Jan 11, 2018

Doug Robinson: Create pro-business environment and cut regulations

Jobs are created by private companies, not government, but government can take an active role in creating the right environment for businesses to thrive. Promoting our vital industries--oil and gas, tourism, agriculture, technology, telecom, defense, health care, financial services, manufacturing--by performing a thorough regulatory review to reduce burdensome and outdated regulations.
Source: 2018 Colorado Gubernatorial website Sep 1, 2017

Doug Robinson: To help the economy, government has to get out of the way

In 2015 Colorado had the 7th highest GDP growth in the US. This is good, but we can do better to provide economic opportunity for our citizens by:
Source: 2018 Colorado governor campaign website Aug 1, 2017

George Brauchler: Protect business from excessive regulation

The burdens of government are too often placed on the shoulders of Colorado families and inhibit their ability to achieve economic prosperity. Our businesses, both large and small, are the backbone of our economy. I will protect Colorado's businesses from excessive regulation and government overreach.
Source: 2018 Colorado Gubernatorial campaign website Jul 12, 2017

Jon Keyser: Give job creators every opportunity to succeed

Government doesn't create jobs. It's innovation, technology, and entrepreneurs that are the face of the new economy. Jon will fight to give these job creators every opportunity to succeed in our new bottom-up economic system.

That starts with cutting regulations and reforming our tax code so it is simple and fair. Colorado families will prosper when we unleash the power of innovators and job creators.

Jon's economic record is built on his rock-solid fiscal record in the Colorado House of Representatives. In 2015, Jon stood up against establishment Republicans in the capitol and voted against the largest budget in Colorado history.

Jon will work to reform government spending and stop today's politicians from shifting burdens onto our children and grandchildren.

Source: 2016 Colorado Senate campaign website Feb 3, 2016

Peg Littleton: Allow small businesses to keep more of what they earn

I will support businesses by working to eliminate over-taxation and excessive regulations. Business should be rewarded for success, not punished. Until the federal government allows small businesses and middle class workers to keep more of what they earn, income disparity will continue to grow. I believe in the workers, entrepreneurs and business owners who form the foundation of this economy. I will place their needs over the special interests that are so often favored by the governing class.
Source: 2016 Colorado Senate campaign website Feb 3, 2016

John Hickenlooper: Colorado Blueprint: build a business friendly environment

After we took office three years ago we launched a strategy to be a thoughtful and supportive partner with the business community. We reached out and built relationships with people in 14 regions from around the state, and based on what we heard, we designed a Colorado Blueprint that focused on six core objectives:
  1. Build a business friendly environment
  2. Increase access to capital
  3. Educate and train the workforce of tomorrow
  4. Retain, grow, recruit companies
  5. Cultivate innovation & technology
  6. Create a stronger Colorado brand.
This past year we launched the Rural Economic Development Grant Program, and are in the process of awarding $3 million to our rural communities. We launched the Advanced Industries Accelerator Program making seed capital available to start-up companies in aerospace, biosciences, energy and tech. We created a unified brand logo, which is almost universally loved. 117 of Colorado's companies are already using it.
Source: 2014 State of the State address to Colorado Legislature Jan 9, 2014

John Hickenlooper: Regulatory impact statement on all new legislation

In the days ahead, I would like to see if we could look at adding a regulatory impact statement or something like a regulatory impact statement to new legislation. Just as we require a fiscal note for every new bill that estimates the costs to state government, we could also include an estimation of the cost to businesses of additional regulations. We also hope that every bill you consider passing will be viewed through the lens of its impact on our economic growth. This doesn't mean we compromise our standards or put our land, air or water at risk, but it does mean that we'll keep a fierce and even relentless focus on jobs.
Source: 2011 Colorado State of the State Address Jan 13, 2011

Ken Buck: Small business can turn economy around with lower tax burden

When asked, "What would you do in Congress to create jobs and turn the economy around," both men said the key would be small businesses. Buck said, "As a leader in Washington DC, I would do everything that I can to make sure that our small business people have a lower tax burden. That those small business people know that we aren't going to pass cap and trade, and cause their energy bills to go up. That we aren't going to let regulators legislate in administrative settings rather than to have the United State Congress legislating. That we are going to give our small businesses the kind of stability that they need." To which Bennet fired back by saying, "Two weeks ago, I voted to cut taxes on small businesses in this country by $12 billion. And that bill was opposed by my opponent in this race."
Source: KKTV coverage of 2010 Colorado Senate debate Oct 7, 2010

Ken Buck: It's bad when the government owns car companies

It's bad for the country when the government owns car companies. That's not a role government is good at, and it's certainly not a role we ever considered for our government. So why is it happening?

Well, government is out of control. They are not standing up for the principles that people in Colorado & taxpayers across the country share. One of those principles is that NO company should ever be considered "too big to fail." We have a system in place: bankruptcy should be used where appropriate.

Source: 2010 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" Aug 10, 2010

Mark Udall: No welfare for CEOs in financial bailout

Q: You said you didnít like anything about this bailout bill. You described it as the dead hand of government making things worse.

SCHAFFER: Yes. Itís essentially a tax of $10,000 to $11,000 per American household.

Q: [to Udall]: One in every 95 households in Denver are in foreclosure, well above the US average. Why should other taxpayers across the country have to now bail out those Colorado mortgage buyers?

UDALL: People are upset. My calls are mixed between people who say no and people who say hell, no. This is a real crisis that we face. I think thereís some principles that we have to pursue as we move towards a rescue plan not for Wall Street, this shouldnít be welfare for CEOs, but for Main Street. And that has to include no blank check, oversight, no golden parachutes. What we canít do, is return to the policies that Schaffer supported and supports today, which are tax breaks for CEOs, tax breaks for companies that offshore jobs, tax breaks for the wealthiest among us.

Source: 2008 Colorado Senate Debate on Meet the Press Sep 28, 2008

Ken Salazar: Close loopholes that encourage overseas headquarters

I will fight to close unfair tax loopholes that encourage big corporations to move their headquarters overseas to avoid paying taxes, and other unfair tax breaks, while supporting corporate tax changes that encourage domestic investment.
Source: 2004 Senate campaign website, Aug 11, 2004

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