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Anne Stava-Murray: After #MeToo moment, withdrew support for Speaker Madigan

Stava-Murray said she didn't vote for [Illinois Incumbent House Speaker Michael] Madigan because what had happened under his watch. "I didn't start off saying I wasn't going to vote for [Madigan], but the more that I talked to my constituents and then really after that #MeToo moment, I began to ask publicly that he step down from his role as [party] chair and as speaker," the freshman Democrat said after the swearing-in ceremony in Springfield.
Source: WQAD-News-8 on 2020 Illinois Senatorial race Jan 9, 2019

Bruce Rauner: Combat sexual harassment among government employees

Today, I will sign an executive order to strengthen the policies that ensure all government employees under my office's jurisdiction have reliable and responsive outlets for reporting acts of sexual misconduct. The order makes the Ethics Act supreme over all other laws and agreements in the state, even those in collective bargaining agreements. Further, we will introduce legislation this session to make the Ethics Act the prevailing law of the state in all matters involving misconduct.
Source: 2018 Illinois State of the State address Jan 31, 2018

J.B. Pritzker: Public/private partnership must invest in poor kids

I've become a national leader in supporting early childhood education and helped improve teacher training. I'm proud of working with some great local non-profit organizations to expand Illinois school breakfast program to 55,000 low-income students, and to change the law so that an additional 175,000 more kids are getting the breakfast they need to start their days off right.
Source: 2018 Illinois gubernatorial campaign website Jul 17, 2017

Bruce Rauner: Created the Governor's Cabinet on Children and Youth

We created the Governor's Cabinet on Children and Youth, bringing together all state agencies that serve our children to ensure that Illinois' young people are healthy, safe, well-educated and on the road to becoming self-sufficient. The commitment, cooperation and effective problem solving among the agencies involved is extraordinary; in partnership with external partners in the private sector, they will make Illinois a better place for all children.

Working with the Illinois State Board of Education, local high schools, community colleges and local employers, our youth Cabinet is striving to expand vocational training and apprenticeship programs for all our high school students so each of them has a clear path to an attractive career.

Another critical initiative of the Children's Cabinet is reducing young children's exposure to lead. Democrats and Republicans stood together in signing a bill that requires all schools and day care centers to test their drinking water regularly.

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Illinois Legislature Jan 25, 2017

Tammy Duckworth: Airports should all have 'lactation rooms' for breastfeeding

When Rep. Tammy Duckworth began traveling with her infant daughter, frequent flights from her congressional district in Illinois to Washington presented a new challenge: finding a suitable space to breastfeed in airport terminals.

After realizing that many airports fell short in providing breastfeeding mothers with privacy and comfort, Duckworth is now leading the fight for mom-friendly airports--recently introducing a bill, the Friendly Airports for Mothers (FAM) Act, that would require all major U.S. airports to provide private "lactation rooms."

"We made progress in recent years by requiring employers to provide new mothers a private place other than a bathroom for nursing. This is a crucial step, but what about the breast-pumping mother who travels?" Duckworth wrote in a recent op-ed.

The legislation also requires that the areas are accessible for moms with disabilities. If passed, the mandate gives airports two years to comply.

Source: TK coverage of 2016 Illinois Senate race May 27, 2015

Raja Krishnamoorthi: Affordable, quality child care is a smart investment

Most children under age 5 today are growing up with working mothers. But as a nation, we're doing far too little to help mothers care for their kids while they're at work.

So, why should this be a concern for the government in Washington? Why not just let parents fend for themselves? The answer is that quality child care is important for the children who benefit from it. It's also critical to enabling more Americans to participate in our workforce, improving their own economic standing and our country's competitiveness as a whole.

Studies show that affordable, quality child care is a smart investment with long term positive effects on a child's education, health, drug and alcohol use, and other social behavior well into adulthood.

According to some research, it returns $8 in benefits for every $1 invested. It is universally accepted today that ensuring a child's preparedness to enter kindergarten is a critical step for their future success in school.

Source: OpEd in Daily Herald on 2016 Illinois House campaign Apr 19, 2015

Pat Quinn: Birth to Five Initiative: prenatal care & early learning

Our state actually leads the nation in the number of three year olds attending pre-school. But the status quo is not enough. Not even close. The reality is, more than a third of our youngest and most vulnerable children don't have the opportunity to attend early learning programs before they enter kindergarten. And that's unacceptable. At-risk children who don't receive early childhood education are: Scripture tells us, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." That's why today I'm calling for a bold Birth to Five Initiative that will be focused on three keys to a healthy child: prenatal care, access to early learning opportunities and strong parent support.
Source: 2014 State of the State speech to Illinois legislature Jan 29, 2014

Alexi Giannoulias: Strongly supports the Paid Parental Leave Act

Alexi strongly supports the Paid Parental Leave Act, which provides federally employed parents four weeks of paid leave to spend at home with a new child. This takes a first step toward universal paid leave so that working families no longer must choose between a child and a paycheck.
Source: 2010 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" Dec 25, 2009

Richard Durbin: Safe, affordable child care available to more families

Senator Durbin is committed to making safe, affordable child care available to more American families that need it. Parents rely on outside child care arrangements now more than ever before.

Parents need to know that the child care they rely on is of the highest quality. Yet working families at all income levels struggle to find the high quality care their children need at a cost that is affordable.

Full-day care can cost between $4,000 and $10,000 per year. In 2000, child care for a four-year-old child in an urban area of Illinois cost an average of $5,304 per year. One out of four families with young children earns less than $25,000 per year, making such high child care payments nearly impossible for many parents.

The gap between what research has shown us is good for children and what is put into practice is still too large, especially in the context of reasonable pay and benefits for child care professionals.

Source: on 2020 Illinois Senate race Apr 3, 2008

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