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Charles Booker: A universal basic income will address racism and poverty

Charles is running to end the cycle of generational poverty. He supports a universal basic income as a strategy to end to the structures of our economy--including structural racism--that keep people in poverty. Kentucky's poverty rate is higher than the average. A universal basic income will provide poor Kentuckians the financial means and autonomy to make decisions to better their lives. Charles believes that a guaranteed basic income should not be means-tested, and should not be restricted.
Source: 2020 Kentucky Senate campaign website Jun 17, 2020

Amy McGrath: Established food bank relief fund in Kentucky

Days after launching Commonwealth, Common Health - an initiative that matches volunteers with Kentuckians who need assistance - McGrath established a food bank relief fund to support food banks across the state. "As our daily lives change, so do the challenges each and every one of us face, and for many people that's being able to purchase or have access to food," McGrath said. "We are trying to close that gap by having neighbors help neighbors through our work with food banks."
Source: Kentucky Publishing on 2020 Kentucky Senate race Apr 16, 2020

Robert Goforth: We cannot ignore the plight of people who need our help

A Republican state legislator rebuked Gov. Matt Bevin as in the bag for corporate interests as he announced a run for governor, setting up a contested primary if Bevin makes good on his pledge to seek reelection.

Goforth charged that Bevin has pursued a "corporate first agenda" while not doing enough to help Kentuckians who are lower on the income ladder. "We cannot ignore the plight of people who need our help," he said.

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal on 2019 Kentucky governor race Jan 8, 2019

Matt Bevin: Random drug testing for welfare recipients

Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin called for drug testing of those receiving public assistance. During an hour-long debate, Bevin gave few specifics on his programs if elected governor, but said that he would push for drug testing of welfare recipients. "We need random drug testing for the people who are receiving benefits from the state," he said. "I'll tell you, as an employer, one of the first things these people are needing in order to assimilate back into society is to pass a drug test, and they can't."

Bevin said "while we can't drug test everybody," such testing will help to "limit the influx of people who are struggling with this, because some people don't have the wherewithal if they don't know there may be some punitive result to not enter into activity that would ultimately entrap us."

Source: Courier-Journal coverage: 2015 Kentucky gubernatorial debate Jul 15, 2015

Alison Grimes: Shameful to oppose food stamp program during recession

McConnell voted against the new Farm Bill, saying the legislation had been overtaken by a too-generous food stamp program that overshadows actual farm policy. His chief Democratic challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes, has denounced McConnell's vote as "shameful." Grimes said, "He has failed our farmers, and in the process left so many in the lurch." An estimated 1 in 5 Kentuckians receive food stamps. Those food stamp rolls swelled nationwide as the economy has struggled in recent years, with the stimulus providing higher benefits and many people signing up for the first time.

"It just largely became a food-stamp bill with production agriculture kind of stuck on as an afterthought," McConnell told reporters. He also voiced support for work requirements for many recipients.

Grimes didn't provide details about what level of funding she would support for the food-stamp program. She said she hoped the negotiations would produce a comprehensive bill that includes food -stamp funding.

Source: Iowa Farmer Today, "Farm Bill", on 2014 Kentucky Senate race Dec 12, 2013

Mitch McConnell: Opposed Farm Bill due to too-generous food stamp program

McConnell appeared before the Kentucky Farm Bureau to explain his vote against a new farm bill, saying the legislation had been overtaken by a too-generous food stamp program that overshadows actual farm policy. McConnell said he hopes to eventually support a new farm bill if negotiators reach an agreement. His Democratic challenger, Alison Grimes, has denounced McConnell's vote as "shameful."

"It just largely became a food-stamp bill with production agriculture kind of stuck on as an afterthought," McConnell told reporters. He also voiced support for work requirements for many recipients, saying it could spur more economic productivity. "Why would anybody object, if they can be given employment, to being productive?" McConnell said. "At the same time, you may be eligible for some food-stamp assistance. We need to move in the direction of having a vibrant, productive, expanding economy. And you don't do that by making it excessively easy to be non-productive."

Source: Iowa Farmer Today, "Farm Bill", on 2014 Kentucky Senate race Dec 12, 2013

Steve Beshear: We face a heavy sword: public pension unfunded liability

As we emerge from this recession poised to do great things, fundamental weaknesses stand in our way, weaknesses that both require substantial investments in our future and at the same time prevent us from making those investments. What are those weaknesses? If we solve those challenges, Kentucky will lead the nation out of this recession. If we don't, we'll begin slipping backward, and our progress will fade away. And my friends, it can go either way.
Source: 2013 State of the State speech to Kentucky Legislature Feb 6, 2013

Jack Conway: Claims Paul would end federal faith-based initiatives

Q: You say [with your TV ad claiming that Paul worshiped Aqua Buddha] you're not attacking his faith. You're just attacking his actions. But your commercial has a series of questions, and the only link between them is faith, saying his group mocked Christianity, made someone bow before a false idol, that he wants to end federal faith-based initiatives and deductions for religious charities. The only link between them is religion. That's not a coincidence.

CONWAY: Well, values matter. I don't think you should ever mock faith in any way at any age. And Rand Paul has said that the federal government doesn't need to be involved in faith-based initiatives. He's come for a 23% national sales tax that would do away with charitable deductions.

Q: The sales tax has nothing to do with faith. The issues in your ad all do.

CONWAY: I take him at his word on his faith.

Q: You believe he is a Christian?

CONWAY: Sure. I'm not questioning his faith. I'm questioning his actions.

Source: CNN "360 Degrees" coverage: 2010 Kentucky Senate debate Oct 19, 2010

Jack Conway: Faith-based programs instead of federal money

Paul praised the Teen Challenge program, which boasts a very high success rate among participants nationally who are able to hold down jobs and avoid relapsing after leaving the program. Paul said he liked the faith-based aspect of the program, which does not use federal money and gets most of its funding from donations and fundraising.
Source: Associated Press coverage of 2010 Kentucky Senate debate Aug 23, 2010

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