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James Mackler: Against privatization of VA

There are some that want to nearly privatize the VA--suggesting that the market will take care of America's veterans. James stands with the vast majority of veterans groups that believe that complete privatization of the VA is exactly the wrong approach to take. Under no circumstance would he put our veteran's care in the hands of corporations that prioritize profits over the unique needs of his brothers and sisters-in-arms.
Source: 2018 Tennessee Senatorial website Oct 1, 2017

Larry Crim: Provides spiritual counseling to help America's Veterans

Larry Crim is a native, 5th generation Tennessean, Nashville Businessman and Counseling Executive who serves as Chief Executive Officer of Christian Counseling Centers of America Inc. and President of Veterans Comprehensive Network Inc.

Crim achieved the Master of Public Administration from The University of Tennessee. Larry Crim earned the Master of Arts in Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University.

Larry Crim is CEO of Christian Counseling Centers of America Inc, a faith based public service organization providing professionally-qualified spiritually-based counseling with a focus on veterans. Crim is President of Veterans Comprehensive Network Inc., devoted to coordinating a network of resources to help America's Veterans.

Larry Crim publishes The Nashvillian, Memphis Regional News, and Veterans News--newspapers focused on public service impacting Tennesseans. The newspapers are provided free of charge to Homeless Veterans to sell to provide a transitional occupation & income.

Source: 2018 Tennessee Senate race website, Mar 3, 2017

Gordon Ball: Ensure our troops receive the support & resources they need

Supporting our troops and their families is an imperative we all share. We must do what it takes to ensure our troops receive the support and resources they need to defend our freedom and security. From providing top-of-the-line body armor, ensuring fair pay for service members, and easing the transition to civilian life for returning service members, I will fight for the benefits earned by Tennesseans who serve in our Armed Forces.

As Senator, I will do all I can to support service members, their families, and veterans. I support fully funding the Veterans Administration, cutting red-tape to help make claims-servicing easier and more streamlined, and improving the quality of life for veterans by increasing compensation and guaranteeing world- class health care in state-of-the-art medical facilities.

I will also work hard to help ease the return to civilian life by supporting a strong GI Bill and ensuring that veterans have world-class medical care and realistic job opportunities.

Source: 2014 Tennessee Senate campaign website, Aug 7, 2014

Terry Adams: Men & women in uniform are victims of catastrophic neglect

He is a veteran, able to connect to traditionalists with a message that the men and women who have served in uniform are victims of "catastrophic" neglect. And he believes that Democrats can still win in a red state that is getting redder. "1.1 million people voted for the president in 2008. If the same 1.1 million people get out and vote in this election, we'll beat Lamar Alexander by 200,000 votes, and we don't have to compromise our principles!"
Source: Memphis Flyer on 2014 Tennessee Senate race Aug 6, 2014

Bill Haslam: ObamaCare costs TN $350M; cut but preserve rural hospitals

In this budget, TennCare costs will be $350 million more this year than last year. That increase takes into account the higher cost of medical care, more people who qualify for Medicaid in tough economic times, and primarily, the impact of the Affordable Care Act. Expanding Medicaid is not reflected in this year's budget. I am hesitant to commit additional dollars to Medicaid when it's already eating up so much of our budget, and we have to remember what the state went through seven years ago when it made the difficult decision to cut a lot of people from the TennCare rolls.

There are hospitals across this state, many of them in rural communities, that are going to struggle if not close under the health care law without expansion, and that's not something to take lightly. Most of us in this room don't like the Affordable Care Act, but the decision to expand Medicaid isn't as basic as saying, "No ObamaCare, No expansion."

Source: 2013 State of the State speech to Tennessee legislature Jan 28, 2013

Bill Haslam: Only 1% of our country serves to keep the rest of us free

One thing that the rest of the country and the whole world already know us for is our well-deserved reputation for being the Volunteer State. Today, many of our Tennessee volunteers are going to far away lands, away from family and friends, protecting th freedoms that we hold dear. The men and women of Tennessee, who serve in the military, are on the front line in the war against terror.

Since September 11, 2001, more than 20,000 men and women in the Tennessee National Guard--Army and Air Force--have been called to serve. While many have served, some gave their last, full measure. Since 2001, 136 Tennesseans--men and women--have lost their lives. Please join me in a moment of silence in recognition of those who are called to serve and in honor of those who gave their lives to protect and preserve our freedoms. Thank you. The reality is that less than one percent of our country serves in our voluntary armed forces in order to keep the rest of us free and secure. For that, we should all be grateful

Source: 2011 State of the State speech to Tennessee legislature Mar 14, 2011

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