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Stephen Noble Smith: Invest in and simplify rules for small businesses

Invest in small business and capitalize 3,000 Small Businesses, Family Farms, Cooperatives and Entrepreneurs each year, at an average rate of $25,000. Strengthen and streamline the Department of Commerce so that it's run by small business owners and workers. We will streamline the business registration and tax filing process until we offer the simplest system in the country.
Source: 2020 W.V. Gubernatorial campaign website Jan 24, 2020

Patrick Morrisey: Supports Balanced Budget Amendment to protect taxpayers

Growing up in a working-class family gave Morrisey an appreciation for how to stretch a dollar. As Attorney General, he has worked to protect taxpayer dollars, voluntarily returning over $40 million to the state general fund and state agencies. In 2016, Morrisey initiated the first-ever disability fraud unit in the Attorney General's office, saving taxpayers $4.4 million in the first 15 months. As U.S. Senator, Morrisey will work to promote additional federal-state partnerships to combat fraud, waste, and abuse.

With the country's debt spiraling out of control under President Obama, Morrisey wants to permanently curb Washington's appetite for spending. Morrisey supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to force Washington to balances its books just like West Virginia families do every day.

Source: 2018 W.V. Senatorial campaign website Feb 22, 2018

Don Blankenship: Republican control will eventually improve state economy

"It has never been my goal to be a politician," he said to the crowd. "But I do know how important it is to improve our economy and grow our job market. I understand the pain that lack of jobs causes." Blankenship told reporters WV's change from being controlled by Democrats to Republicans has made the state better for businesses, though the results have not been seen yet. "The thing now is to make sure that they know federal representatives are also in favor of business development," he said.
Source: W.V. MetroNews on 2018 West Virginia Senatorial race Jan 18, 2018

Jim Justice: Limit lawmaker pay to 5 work days for any special session

After the Republican-led legislature wasted $595,000 during the special session on the budget, businessman Jim Justice called for reforms to avoid another expensive and drawn-out process in the future. This year the W.V. legislature billed taxpayers $35,000 a day during the special session for the budget.

Justice wants to limit lawmaker pay to a total of 5 work days for any special session dealing with the budget and ban all fundraising while the legislature is in session. If it takes longer than 5 days to pass a budget during a special session, the lawmakers will not get paid for the extra time it takes.

"I am too impatient to watch the politicians bicker for months and months and see nothing get done," said Jim Justice. "The budget mess in Charleston proves that we need to impose a tighter timeline on the legislature because they wasted too much money and created uncertainty for our families. On the farm, I've put in many 18-hour days, and I think lawmakers should do the same."

Source: 2016 W.V. Gubernatorial campaign website Jun 15, 2016

Alex Mooney: Cut wasteful spending & entitlements so kids aren't burdened

Politicians in Washington, D.C., have been racking up $1 trillion deficits annually, leaving our nation with a national debt approaching $17 trillion. This amounts to over $53,000 in federal debt for every man, woman, and child in the United States.

We must cut wasteful government spending and eliminate expensive new entitlement programs like ObamaCare to ensure our children and grandchildren are not burdened with massive amounts of government debt.

I will stand up and vote "No" when President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress propose new wasteful government spending programs.

I support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will require the federal government to balance its budget every year. Currently, forty-five states, including West Virginia, require their legislatures to enact a balanced budget--Congress should be required to do the same.

Source: 2014 W.V. House campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

John Buckley: Government "stimulus" is illusory

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Stimulus better than market-led recovery"?

A: Oppose. Government "stimulus" is illusory, except for the favored few on the receiving end. The taxpayers are cheated.

Source: Email interview on 2014 W.V. Senate race with OnTheIssues Sep 5, 2014

Earl Ray Tomblin: Deficit borrowing just kicks the can down the road

Too many people have stopped looking for work, and too many people are unemployed. As leaders of our State, we have a responsibility to fight for jobs, to foster job creation, and to be good stewards of taxpayer resources. We must continue to keep our taxes and cost of doing business low, and this is particularly true when times are tough.

It all starts with our obligation to adopt a budget [which] is balanced, with no new taxes. This time last year, we predicted a deficit that totaled nearly $400 million. Staying true to the hallmark of our fiscal responsibility, my administration began the task of closing that shortfall. Unlike the federal government, we did not kick the can down the road by borrowing money or allowing deficits to mount. We told our agencies, almost a year ago, to do more with less. We challenged them to be smart, be efficient, and be prepared to cut their budgets. In tightening our belts, we realized that some of our programs and services should not face budget reductions.

Source: 2013 State of the State Address to W.V. Legislature Feb 13, 2013

Earl Ray Tomblin: 2011 budget: balanced; no new taxes; no new fees

Source: 2011 W.V. State of the State Address Jan 12, 2011

Joe Manchin III: Constitutional amendment requiring balanced budget

Both backed a constitutional amendment requiring the federal budget to be balanced, and both echoed the Republican Party's position of wanting all of the tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003 extended. (Neither offered details on how they would balance the budget.)
Source: Washington Post coverage of 2010 W.V. Senate debate Oct 18, 2010

John Raese: Constitutional amendment requiring balanced budget

Both backed a constitutional amendment requiring the federal budget to be balanced, and both echoed the Republican Party's position of wanting all of the tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003 extended. (Neither offered details on how they would balance the budget.)
Source: Washington Post coverage of 2010 W.V. Senate debate Oct 18, 2010

Joe Manchin III: Balanced budget amendment except in national emergency

As for stimulating the economy and getting back to work, both candidates favored a free-market approached as opposed to government taking a leading role in job creation. Raese was critical of the economic stimulus package passed by Congress, comparing it to the New Deal of the Great Depression.

Both men called for a balanced budget amendment that would require Congress to balance the nation's books every year and not run up debt.

Neither candidate provided details about how they propose balancing a multi-trillion-dollar budget, but Raese said he favors giving presidents line-item veto power--something that Byrd staunchly opposed. Manchin said the only time the amendment should be suspended was during war or a national emergency.

Source: State Journal coverage of 2010 W.V. Senate debate Oct 7, 2010

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