State of Wyoming Archives: on Gun Control

Cynthia Lummis: Fundamental right to own, carry, and use guns

Q: What restrictions on gun ownership are needed to protect public safety?

A: I'm a staunch defender of our 2nd Amendment Rights and am proud to have an earned an A+ Rating with the NRA during my time in the U.S. House of Representatives. American citizens have the fundamental right to own, carry, and use guns. I also believe in individual responsibility and that, as gun owners, the onus is on us to use them safely and responsibly.

Source: AFA iVoterGuide on 2020 Wyoming Senate race Nov 3, 2020

Yana Ludwig: Control guns in the context of police reform

We also need to look seriously at police reform and the high rates of people of color shot every year by law enforcement, rarely with any consequences for the police. Any conversations we have about gun control I believe need to happen within the context of police reform, and with respect for basic Second Amendment rights.
Source: Connection on 2020 Wyoming Senate race Sep 9, 2019

Mark Gordon: Disarm students immediately when they bring guns to school

I believe we can take steps towards making our schools safer. There's a bill and a budget proposal that I believe can make a difference for the safety of our kids.

Last fall, a young person stepped forward to tell Principal Terry Quinn about a fellow student who planned an attack in his school. After hearing this information Principal Quinn immediately acted to locate and disarm the student, who was carrying a pistol and had another gun in his locker. When confronted, the student revealed that he had wanted to shoot as many students as he could. It is a sad thing that these sorts of incidents can happen.

But, Principal Quinn and the staff at Sage Valley Junior High have created a school culture that fosters confidence in students to do the right thing and come forward when necessary.

Principal Quinn is here with us today and I would like to acknowledge the courage of that young person and the quick and decisive action which averted a potentially devastating tragedy.

Source: 2019 State of the State address to Wyoming legislature Jan 9, 2019

Bill Dahlin: Supports the Second Amendment and owns an AR15

Do I believe in the 2nd Amendment? Yes I do, and I own an AR 15.
Source: 2018 Wyoming gubernatorial website Sep 18, 2018

Mark Gordon: Lifelong member of the NRA; defender of the 2nd Amendment

Mark is a lifelong member of the NRA and believes the right to bear arms is fundamental. Growing up on a ranch, owning guns is part of his way of life. Mark hunts, taught all his kids how to shoot and owns a firearm for personal protection. Mark will continue to be a relentless defender of the Second Amendment.
Source: 2018 Wyoming gubernatorial website Sep 18, 2018

Mark Gordon: Pro-family, pro-guns and conservatives

The forum consisted of a series of questions asked of all the candidates, a rapid-fire round that began after they were all asked a question about gun-free zones in Wyoming schools, and another regular round of questioning in the event that continued for nearly two hours.

All said they were pro-family, pro-guns and conservatives. All six said they don't feel the University of Wyoming has the right to ban guns on its campus.

Source: Gillette News Record on 2018 Wyoming gubernatorial race Aug 14, 2018

Gary Trauner: Defends gun ownership but wants logical background checks

I will fight to protect our Constitutional rights. Second Amendment. The right to bear arms. I support the right to bear arms--for protection, self-defense, recreational shooting and sport/hunting. We must also find common sense ways to reduce gun violence, including background checks and limiting felonious lawbreakers, including domestic violence abusers, criminals and terrorists, from possessing firearms.
Source: 2018 Wyoming Senatorial campaign website Feb 22, 2018

Mary Throne: Pro-gun but not unrestricted access

On gun rights: "I grew up on a ranch with a gun behind the back door," she said. "My family hunts and I'm not going to take guns away from my family or anybody else." She also said, however, that she voted against legislation allowing for guns in schools and government meetings while in the Wyoming state legislature.
Source: Uinta County Herald on 2018 Wyoming Governor race Aug 27, 2017

Matt Mead: New initiative for public shooting ranges

We are now and shall always be a proud ag state. We have great wildlife in Wyoming. We have great respect for the Second Amendment. And when you combine all these assets together, it's no surprise that hunting, firearms and shooting sports are part of Wyoming's history and heritage. We want to keep these traditions and pass them on to future generations, and that we want to share an enjoyment of sporting life with others. With this in mind I announce a new initiative for public shooting ranges and shooting competitions.

The Wyoming firearms industry, an important component of manufacturing, continues to grow. Our world class companies manufacture handguns, precision rifles, silencers, optic, sights, and other firearm accessories. Take, for example, Magpul, recently selected by the United States Marines as the exclusive supplier of magazines for combat use. Isn't that incredible news for a Wyoming company to supply our US Marines?

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Wyoming Legislature Jan 11, 2017

Charlie Hardy: Don't arm felons nor teachers, but all others ok

The primary issue Hardy said he hears about is gun control. People are constantly asking him if he supports taking away their guns. Hardy shook his head and smiled as he recalled some of the incidents. "Democrats do not want to take guns away from people," he said. "And there are so many other issues."

He said he would prohibit convicted felons from having guns, and does not support arming teachers. That would not make schools safer, Hardy said.

Source: Powell Tribune coverage of 2014 Wyoming Senate race Mar 18, 2014

Gary Trauner: Steadfastly and resolutely support Second Amendment

Responsible gun ownership comes from personal responsibility not government regulation.

I support the right of the people to bear arms as laid out in the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. I fully understand and respect the views of Wyoming's citizens on this issue and will steadfastly and resolutely support our right to bear arms and fight against any elected official who tries to take away that right. Period.

Source: 2008 Wyoming House campaign website Nov 1, 2008

Tim Chesnut: Enforce existing laws; require child-safety locks

Source: Wyoming 2004 Congressional National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2004

Dave Freudenthal: Ease state gun restrictions

Source: 2002 Wyoming Gubernatorial National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2002

Dick Cheney: Trigger locks OK, and tougher enforcement

Cheney was one of just 21 members of Congress in 1985 to vote against a ban on armor piercing “cop killer” bullets. In 1988, he was one of only 4 members voting against a ban on plastic guns that could slip through airport security machines undetected. Those votes were cast 15 years ago, said Cheney. “If you look at [Bush’s] package, there are provisions there that make sense,” he added, voicing support for the mandatory sale of trigger locks and tougher enforcement of existing gun laws.
Source:, “Opens campaign in Wyoming” Jul 26, 2000

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