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Crippled America,
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Fire and Fury,
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Trump Revealed,
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The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts Politicians: Archives

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    from State of Massachusetts Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • ACLU (1)
  • Alan Khazei (8) Democratic U.S. Rep Massachusetts-4
  • Ayanna Pressley (15) Democrat U.S. Rep Massachusetts-7
  • Bob Massie (4) Massachusetts Democratic candidate for Massachusetts Governor
  • Brian Herr (9) Republican Senate Challenger Massachusetts
  • Charlie Baker (1) Massachusetts Republican Governor
  • Chris Gabrieli (3) Democratic 2006 Challenger
  • Christy Mihos (16) Former Independent Challenger 2006
  • Deval Patrick (31) Massachusetts Democratic Governor
  • Don Berwick (6) Massachusetts Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Ed Markey (13) Dem. (Elected to Senate 2013) U.S. Rep Massachusetts-5
  • Elizabeth Warren (1) Massachusetts Senator
  • Gabriel Gomez (23) Republican Challenger Massachusetts
  • Grace Ross (12) Former Green Challenger 2006
  • Jack Robinson (6) Former Republican Special Election Challenger (2009) Massachusetts
  • Jane Swift (1) Former Republican Governor (2001-2002)
  • Jeff Beatty (12) Republican Senate challenger (2008) Massachusetts
  • Jill Stein (1) Green Challenger
  • Joe L. Kennedy (1) Libertarian Senate challenger Massachusetts
  • John Kerry (2) Cabinet Climate Envoy
  • Karyn Polito (1) Massachusetts Republican Lt. Governor
  • Kerry Healey (30) Former GOP 2006 Challenger
  • Martha Coakley (26) Massachusetts Democratic Challenger
  • Michael Capuano (8) Democrat U.S. Rep Massachusetts-7
  • Mitt Romney (6) Massachusetts Former GOP Governor (2003-2006); Pres. candidate (2008)
  • Robert Reich (3) Massachusetts Former Dem. Challenger 2002, and Cabinet Sec'y
  • Scott Brown (36) Term ended 2004 U.S. Rep Ninth Norfolk-9
  • Shannon O'Brien (5) Democratic Challenger 2002
  • Sonia Chang-Diaz (4) Massachusetts Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Stephen Pagliuca (10) Former Democratic Primary Senate Challenger (2009) Massachusetts
  • Steve Grossman (6) Massachusetts Democratic Challenger
  • Steve Lynch (6) Democrat (Senate run 2013) U.S. Rep Massachusetts-8
  • Tom Reilly (14) Former Dem. 2006 Challenger
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    Ayanna Pressley: Abortion is a woman's right.
    Deval Patrick: Decisions on abortion should be made by women.
    Ed Markey: Endorsed by Planned Parenthood; supports abortion rights.
    Ed Markey: Litmus test for Supreme Court nominees on abortion.
    Gabriel Gomez: I'm personally prolife but I'm not changing any abortion law.
    Gabriel Gomez: 24-hour waiting period for a woman to get an abortion.
    Kerry Healey: Favors embryonic stem cell research.
    Kerry Healey: I've always been pro choice, even when Romney disagreed.
    Martha Coakley: AdWatch: Brown denied contraception to rape victims.
    Martha Coakley: Helped minors get court orders without parental consent.
    Martha Coakley: Partial-birth ban needs exceptions for maternal health.
    Scott Brown: Abortions should always be legally available.
    Scott Brown: 2005: Conscience-based opt out of post-rape contraception.
    Scott Brown: Provide info about emergency contraception to rape victims.
    Scott Brown: Support legalized abortion, but not partial-birth abortion.
    Scott Brown: Supported by right-to-life groups for stem cell stance.
    Scott Brown: Authored bill for 24-hour waiting period for abortion.
    Steve Lynch: Opposes abortion funding but funded Planned Parenthood.
    Steve Lynch: Protect Roe v. Wade; it keeps abortion in clinical setting.
Budget & Economy
    Ayanna Pressley: Federal projects can spur economic growth.
    Brian Herr: Limited Hopkinton annual property tax increase to under 2.5%.
    Brian Herr: Control spending; oppose earmarks; reduce national debt.
    Deval Patrick: Focus on stimulating economic growth via local aid.
    Ed Markey: Sequestration is another word for mindless cuts.
    Ed Markey: Home mortgage deduction should not be on the table.
    Gabriel Gomez: Deficit reduction might even include home mortgage deduction.
    Grace Ross: Shift $3B in more taxes on very rich by flattening tax rates.
    Kerry Healey: Work cooperatively with legislature on economic stimulus.
    Kerry Healey: Focus on local aid and mobilizing people to call for it.
    Martha Coakley: Economic system spiraling out of control; go after Wall St.
    Mitt Romney: Will cut deficit and help Americans save.
    Scott Brown: People are angry over tax and spend mentality and $12T debt.
    Scott Brown: AdWatch: $2 trillion spending spree puts us deeper in debt.
    Scott Brown: No new regulation of the financial markets.
    Scott Brown: Let private enterprise try to get us out of this mess.
    Scott Brown: No cap on bankers' salaries.
    Shannon O'Brien: Accused of mismanagement of Abandoned Property account.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Managing director at Bain Capital; trained as accountant.
    Steve Lynch: Voted for sequestration because debt default was worse.
    Steve Lynch: Supported sequestration and opposed financial bailouts.
Civil Rights
    Ayanna Pressley: The LGBTQ community should be treated as equals.
    Deval Patrick: Supports equal marriage rights for gays.
    Deval Patrick: Former civil rights prosecutor under President Clinton.
    Ed Markey: History of voting for women's rights.
    Gabriel Gomez: Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.
    Gabriel Gomez: I support Paycheck Fairness Act's equal pay for women.
    Kerry Healey: Ban gay marriage, but not in GOP party platform.
    Mitt Romney: Sexual orientation should not preclude being a Scout.
    Mitt Romney: Put gay marriage ban into GOP party platform.
    Tom Reilly: Opposed gay marriage but now supports it.
    Ayanna Pressley: No one on Wall Street is bigger than the law.
    Christy Mihos: Property tax rollback will bring businesses back in-state.
    Deval Patrick: Local capital for local biz, & state pays for infrastructure.
    Grace Ross: Focus on reducing costs for small biz, not big corporations.
    Kerry Healey: Make permitting process easier for businesses.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Not right to pay bankers bonuses with 320,000 unemployed.
    Deval Patrick: Focus on guns & gang violence, not immigration status.
    Deval Patrick: Supports criminal rehabilitation and alternative sentencing.
    Jeff Beatty: Endorsed Jessica's Law to punish sex offenders.
    Karyn Polito: Leading advocate for the passage of "Jessica's Law".
    Kerry Healey: Check immigration status when police stop motorists.
    Martha Coakley: Lobbied hard to keep Gerald Amirault in prison.
    Martha Coakley: Opposes death penalty, but federal death penalty ok.
    Mitt Romney: Safe streets will be a campaign theme.
    Mitt Romney: Will bring new businesses to urban areas.
    Scott Brown: Implement the death penalty in Massachusetts.
    Sonia Chang-Diaz: For criminal justice reform, repeal racist sentencing rules.
    Gabriel Gomez: Federal medical marijuana OK; leave the rest to states.
    Scott Brown: Stop dependence on drug trade in Afghanistan.
    Ayanna Pressley: Debt free college should be available for all.
    Brian Herr: Schools are best run at the local level; end Dept. of Ed.
    Chris Gabrieli: More charter schools and individual merit pay.
    Chris Gabrieli: Supports charter schools and calls them successful.
    Christy Mihos: Supports charters, but keep the cap for now.
    Christy Mihos: MCAS has become a weapon against public education.
    Christy Mihos: No state-based merit pay; let cities & towns decide.
    Deval Patrick: Cap charter schools until funding formulas improved.
    Deval Patrick: Supports unionized Horace Mann charter over regular charters.
    Deval Patrick: Supports MCAS but would add a science test and other tests.
    Deval Patrick: Favors MCAS, but not as only measure of education reform.
    Deval Patrick: Incentives & merit pay on school-wide basis only.
    Grace Ross: MCAS is a big part of why kids drop out of high school.
    Grace Ross: Constitutional commitment to education--35 kids is too many.
    Kerry Healey: No in-state tuition break for illegal immigrants.
    Kerry Healey: Raise mandatory age to 18 with incentives to stay in school.
    Kerry Healey: Higher percent of spending in classrooms & teachers.
    Kerry Healey: Strong backer of more charter schools.
    Kerry Healey: Strong supporter of the MCAS and standards.
    Kerry Healey: Merit pay for best teachers & those at most-needed schools.
    Scott Brown: Vouchers for public, private, or religious schools.
    Sonia Chang-Diaz: Fought for $1.5 billion in new aid to K-12 districts.
    Tom Reilly: Supports charter schools and MCAS testing.
    Tom Reilly: More charter schools and individual merit pay.
    Tom Reilly: Supports charter schools in districts with low test scores.
Energy & Oil
    Ayanna Pressley: We need to encourage renewable energy.
    Ed Markey: Simply unneeded to subsidize oil industry.
    Gabriel Gomez: Keystone XL project brings jobs.
    Jeff Beatty: Opposed gas tax hikes; roll-back gasoline prices.
    Jeff Beatty: Should have drilled ANWR 10 years ago; so drill now.
    Jeff Beatty: Additional drilling has to be part of the solution.
    Kerry Healey: I like wind energy, but Cape Wind is a bad idea.
    Martha Coakley: Supports national cap-and-trade system, plus renewables.
    Scott Brown: Promote increased use of alternative fuel technology.
    Scott Brown: Opposes cap-and-trade system, but renewables OK.
    Scott Brown: Cap-and-trade is a national energy tax.
    Sonia Chang-Diaz: Supports green public transportation.
    Ayanna Pressley: Empower the EPA; strengthen clean air & water laws.
    Bob Massie: Green Bank: capitalize on what nature provides us.
    Christy Mihos: Cape Wind hurts fishing industry.
    Deval Patrick: Engage in DC regulatory fight to protect our fishing fleet.
    Gabriel Gomez: I'm a "green Republican"; others in GOP deny science.
    Grace Ross: Agriculture deserves more economic development attention.
    Kerry Healey: Fight new regulations that put fishermen out of business.
    Mitt Romney: Clean environment will be a campaign theme.
    Steve Lynch: Help Massachusetts fishermen as working class.
Families & Children
    Ayanna Pressley: Paid family leave is a necessity.
    Bob Massie: Support Raise Up Agenda of paid family leave.
    Jeff Beatty: Supports protecting families.
    Kerry Healey: Teach abstinence as part of comprehensive sex ed.
    Martha Coakley: Mandatory prosecution of restraining order violations.
    Michael Capuano: Healthy Families Act: paid time off for respite care.
    Scott Brown: Presumption of shared parenting after divorce.
Foreign Policy
    Brian Herr: I believe in diplomacy; but keep terrorists out.
    Steve Grossman: Former chair of pro-Israel lobby continues strong support.
Free Trade
    Jeff Beatty: Protect jobs for American citizens.
Government Reform
    ACLU: Sue states for arbitrary voter registration deadlines.
    Alan Khazei: Include senior opportunities in Serve America Act.
    Deval Patrick: Limit campaign donations.
    Don Berwick: Fight overturn or repeal Citizens United.
    Ed Markey: Authored laws on Telecomm, insider trading, and Alzheimers.
    Gabriel Gomez: No anti-ad pledge; my only pledge is to Constitution.
    Martha Coakley: Current FEC reporting on donors & meetings is enough.
    Michael Capuano: If meetings are made public, people will not visit Senators.
    Scott Brown: Campaign disclosure but no donation limits.
    Scott Brown: Let president decide on nominees.
Gun Control
    Ayanna Pressley: Gun control needs to be implemented now.
    Deval Patrick: Strengthen existing gun laws; require background checks.
    Don Berwick: Weapons of war have no place on our streets.
    Ed Markey: Fight the NRA for broader gun control measures.
    Ed Markey: Expand background checks; ban assault weapons; fight NRA.
    Gabriel Gomez: In favor of closing the gun-show loophole.
    Gabriel Gomez: Tie gun sales to mental health checks.
    Gabriel Gomez: I oppose the NRA on expanded background checks.
    Gabriel Gomez: A lot of people in the GOP are wrong on gun control.
    Scott Brown: Concealed carry ok; but licenses & background checks ok too.
Health Care
    Alan Khazei: Close the Medicare Part D coverage gap.
    Ayanna Pressley: Obamacare should be further implemented.
    Bob Massie: Healthcare "entitlement" is Constitutional "life & liberty".
    Brian Herr: ObamaCare gives too much federal authority.
    Chris Gabrieli: Raise employer uninsured healthcare assessment above $295.
    Deval Patrick: Supports employer uninsured healthcare assessment, plus more.
    Ed Markey: Supported ObamaCare but would repeal aspects of it.
    Elizabeth Warren: Too many huge federal giveaways to the drug industry.
    Gabriel Gomez: Universal affordable coverage, but repeal ObamaCare.
    Gabriel Gomez: ObamaCare hurts the middle class & small business.
    Gabriel Gomez: Repeal medical device tax in ObamaCare.
    Jack Robinson: Universal coverage; no Medicare cuts; no tax increase.
    Jack Robinson: Increase consumer choice and control for longterm care.
    Kerry Healey: Save $160M by consolidating city & town insurance purchases.
    Martha Coakley: Individual mandate with public insurance option.
    Martha Coakley: Target enforcement against corrupt long term care facilities.
    Martha Coakley: System is broken and needs to be fixed now.
    Michael Capuano: Preserve all the Medicare benefits for seniors.
    Scott Brown: Ensure access to basic health care, including state funding.
    Scott Brown: MA already has health bill; don't impose new federal bill.
    Scott Brown: 41st vote against Obama's healthcare plan.
    Scott Brown: Public option is really a government option.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Close the Medicare Part D "doughnut hole" coverage gap.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Expand home and community-based long term care services.
    Steve Grossman: Advocates bulk purchasing of medication to reduce prices.
    Steve Grossman: Commit to public school teaching in exchange for scholarship.
    Steve Lynch: Opposed ObamaCare and would repeal aspects of it.
    Tom Reilly: Opposes $295/yr employer fee for uninsured employees.
Homeland Security
    Alan Khazei: Would vote against Patriot Act.
    Ed Markey: Don't compromise innocent haystack looking for guilty needle.
    Gabriel Gomez: Fight to preserve Western Massachusetts' military units.
    Gabriel Gomez: Only traitors reveal harmful surveillance information.
    Jeff Beatty: Restructure forces, larger, & for liberation, not occupation.
    Martha Coakley: Would vote against Patriot Act as currently formulated.
    Martha Coakley: Protect due process in any plan to keep America safe.
    Scott Brown: Supports enhanced interrogation techniques.
    Scott Brown: No constitutional rights for enemy combatants.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Would vote against Patriot Act.
    Ayanna Pressley: America needs to be immigrant friendly.
    Brian Herr: Enforce existing laws including penalizing employers.
    Brian Herr: Seal the borders to prevent illegal entry.
    Charlie Baker: Adopt Secure Communities and REAL ID standards.
    Christy Mihos: Illegal immigration is illegal--they cost Massachusetts $1B.
    Christy Mihos: Dems want immigrants votes; GOP wants their cheap labor.
    Christy Mihos: No licenses for illegals; felony for driving without license.
    Deval Patrick: In-state tuition ok for illegals; focus on employers.
    Deval Patrick: Drivers licenses for illegals, for security and safety.
    Don Berwick: Comprehensive reform with pathway to citizenship.
    Gabriel Gomez: Make the Senate "Gang of Eight" a "Gang of Nine".
    Gabriel Gomez: Pathway to citizenship should include learning English.
    Grace Ross: Illegal immigrants pay taxes like the rest of us.
    Grace Ross: Illegal immigration is only an issue because of jobs.
    Kerry Healey: A nation of immigrants, but also a nation of laws.
    Kerry Healey: Opposes in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.
    Kerry Healey: Urges Attorney General to investigate hiring illegals.
    Kerry Healey: Opposes issuing licenses to illegal immigrants.
    Alan Khazei: Enforceable workforce protection for seniors.
    Ayanna Pressley: A higher Federal minimum wage is beneficial.
    Deval Patrick: Pledge to work with AFL-CIO means being open to all voices.
    Ed Markey: $10 an hour minimum wage is just a first step.
    Jack Robinson: Restore the full protections of the age discrimination laws.
    Kerry Healey: Deval's pledge to work with AFL-CIO means higher costs.
    Martha Coakley: Restore the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.
    Michael Capuano: Strengthen rights of seniors against age discrimination.
    Robert Reich: Prodded Clinton on minimum wage & corporate welfare.
    Scott Brown: No affirmative action in public employment nor contracting.
    Scott Brown: AdWatch: I agree with JFK that cutting taxes creates jobs.
    Stephen Pagliuca: 10% unemployment is totally unacceptable.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Reverse Gross v FBL Financial: no age discrimination.
Principles & Values
    Alan Khazei: Would take a "big citizenship" approach to Washington.
    Brian Herr: Four R's: Reasonable; Responsible; Respectful; Republican.
    Christy Mihos: ďGame onĒ, but maybe as Republican or maybe independent.
    Christy Mihos: On being a spoiler: How can you spoil a rotten system?
    Christy Mihos: Not just passing through Massachusetts, like some governors.
    Christy Mihos: I represent 50% of voters; no difference between Dems & GOP.
    Deval Patrick: Galvin withdraws; itís head-to-head against Tom Reilly.
    Deval Patrick: Galvin withdraws; itís head-to-head against Tom Reilly.
    Deval Patrick: Patrick wins first test at caucuses, by 2-1 margin.
    Deval Patrick: Running to reach out to all & create a stake in the future.
    Deval Patrick: Do we stay on this path, or do we make a change?
    Deval Patrick: Outsider governor balances entrenched establishment.
    Don Berwick: I believe steadfastly in the separation of church and state.
    Gabriel Gomez: FactCheck: Markey authored successful bills over 22 years.
    Grace Ross: Earns $30K/year; millionaires have no clue what we face.
    Grace Ross: Running to rebuild democracy.
    Jack Robinson: Ran as Republican in past; running as Independent in 2013.
    Jane Swift: First sitting governor to give birth.
    Kerry Healey: Focus on giving voters a meaningful choice.
    Kerry Healey: Republican governor balances 87% Democrat legislature.
    Martha Coakley: Considers herself a liberal, but look at the record.
    Michael Capuano: Proud to say I'm a liberal.
    Robert Reich: Calling Democrats "dead" meant to stimulate debate.
    Robert Reich: Pro-economic growth progressive.
    Scott Brown: $1.3 million in 24 hours via Internet "Money Bomb" appeal.
    Shannon O'Brien: Spouse resigns as lobbyist, to avoid conflict of interest.
    Sonia Chang-Diaz: First Latina elected to the Massachusetts State Senate.
    Steve Grossman: All deserve equal opportunity to benefit from hard work.
    Tom Reilly: Conte case: Reilly wanted to spare family, not cover up.
    Tom Reilly: Conte case: Reilly wanted to spare family, not cover up.
    Tom Reilly: Galvin withdraws; it's head-to-head against Deval Patrick.
    Tom Reilly: Galvin withdraws; it's head-to-head against Deval Patrick.
    Tom Reilly: Built $4M warchest from those doing business with AG office.
    Tom Reilly: Built $4M warchest from those doing business with AG office.
    Tom Reilly: Running mate withdraws due to troubled personal finances.
    Tom Reilly: Appeals to centrist voters and blue-collar workers.
Social Security
    Alan Khazei: Individual retirement accounts ok; but not from Trust Fund.
    Ayanna Pressley: Social Security is crucial and must not be cut.
    Don Berwick: Oppose any efforts to privatize, including chained CPI.
    Jack Robinson: No diversion of payroll tax to individual retirement account.
    Joe L. Kennedy: Ready to cut Social Security & other entitlements.
    Martha Coakley: Safety net of Social Security is more important than ever.
    Michael Capuano: Resist any attempt to privatize Social Security.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Never allow diverting into individual retirement accounts.
Tax Reform
    Alan Khazei: Supports a war tax to pay for Afghanistan surge.
    Ayanna Pressley: Our tax code should relieve the 99%.
    Christy Mihos: Set aside 40% of state revenue for local aid.
    Christy Mihos: Get money out of Beacon Hill and back to cities & towns.
    Christy Mihos: Roll back taxes but restore local aid.
    Deval Patrick: Restore local aid so towns can cut property taxes.
    Deval Patrick: Supports local meals tax and local-option taxes.
    Deval Patrick: Cut property tax; expand circuit breaker & senior exemption.
    Deval Patrick: Tax rollback is shell game, shifting burden to property tax.
    Don Berwick: Ask people with higher incomes to pay higher rates.
    Ed Markey: Higher-income people should pay their fair share of taxes.
    Grace Ross: We don't have enough income tax.
    Grace Ross: Tax rollback kills cities via property tax increase of 35%.
    Grace Ross: Tax rollback gives middle class $100s, but $100,000s to rich.
    Jeff Beatty: Abolishing state income tax would act as economic stimulus.
    John Kerry: Abolishing state income tax would be calamitous.
    Kerry Healey: More local aid, to keep property taxes low.
    Kerry Healey: Opposes local meals tax and local-option taxes.
    Kerry Healey: Avoid property tax increases by reducing waste.
    Kerry Healey: Failure to roll back taxes cost people $2 billion since 2000.
    Martha Coakley: Consider a war tax to pay for Afghanistan surge.
    Martha Coakley: Bush tax cuts favor wealthy Americans.
    Martha Coakley: AdWatch: Get taxes up from more employment, not tax increase.
    Martha Coakley: Extend Bush tax cuts for the lowest four tax brackets.
    Martha Coakley: Some taxes are investments like for infrastructure & schools.
    Scott Brown: Maintain Bush tax cuts after 2010.
    Scott Brown: 15 percent across the board tax cut.
    Scott Brown: Permanently eliminate the estate tax.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Job Focused Tax Reform: incentives, training, & funding.
    Steve Grossman: Supports income tax rollback.
    Steve Grossman: Fund health care with greater cigarette tax.
    Tom Reilly: Lift lottery fund cap to increase local aid.
    Alan Khazei: Focus on mobility as key determinants of senior wellness.
    Ayanna Pressley: Spending on infrastructure will benefit Americans.
    Bob Massie: Replace patchwork projects with world-class public transit.
    Christy Mihos: Sell naming rights to Big Dig bridge.
    Gabriel Gomez: Let the people decide if rail needed to Western Mass.
    Jack Robinson: Supports Complete Streets policy for all ages & abilities.
    Martha Coakley: Take into account drivers' abilities, from teens to seniors.
    Martha Coakley: Make federal research-and-development tax credit permanent.
    Michael Capuano: $6B to restore MA roads, bridges, and tunnels.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Require federal fundees to adopt Complete Street principles.
War & Peace
    Brian Herr: Yield to President on war strategy, but questions timetable.
    Gabriel Gomez: Align with right rebel group and impose no-fly zone in Syria.
    Jeff Beatty: Iraq invasion was a mistake, but we can't leave now.
    Jeff Beatty: Leave Iraq with success, by any path.
    Jeff Beatty: Evidence for WMD in Iraq was not credible.
    Jeff Beatty: Kerry failed to read vital intelligence reports pre-Iraq war.
    John Kerry: Based vote for Iraq war on CIA's intelligence reports.
    Martha Coakley: Bring troops home from Afghanistan.
    Martha Coakley: Focus efforts where terrorists are, not Afghanistan.
    Michael Capuano: No funding for Afghan surge; no funding for Iraq war.
    Scott Brown: Finish the job in Afghanistan: keep Taliban and al-Qaeda out.
    Scott Brown: Supports 30,000 more troops in Afghanistan.
    Scott Brown: Terrorists are not gone from Afghanistan.
Welfare & Poverty
    Deval Patrick: Increase funding for employment and job training programs.
    Kerry Healey: Faith-based organizations ok for providing social services.

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