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$40m more for schools despite budget cuts elsewhere

Senate File 166 would modify requirements for the state school foundation program. Said Gov. Branstad, "With $40 million additional dollars, the total state commitment to schools next year will be $3.184 billion dollars. While Iowa is facing challenging budget times because of the downturn in our agricultural economy, we exempted K-12 education funding cuts and increased funding for next year."

Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds added, "By setting funding levels early in the session, we are able to provide predictability and stability that administrators, school boards and teachers need. I want to thank the legislature for moving quickly on this important issue. The Teacher Leadership System rewards our great teachers-- the key to giving students a globally competitive education and helping us close the skills gap in Iowa."

The bill passed the Iowa House 55-40 on Feb. 6, 2017 and the Iowa Senate on Feb. 2, 2017, 28-21.

Source: Governor's Press Release on Iowa voting records for SF166 , Feb 8, 2017

Score every Iowa high school for Post-Secondary Readiness

Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Reynolds announced a new state website that shows how prepared students are for success in postsecondary education and training upon graduation from public high schools. Iowa's Postsecondary Readiness Report provides student enrollment in college and career training, postsecondary remedial course-taking rates, and postsecondary retention and completion rates for every public high school in Iowa.

"This new resource supports our Future Ready Iowa initiative, which is about ensuring more Iowans have great career opportunities and employers have a workforce that is ready to fill the high-quality, well-paying jobs and careers of today and tomorrow," Branstad said. "With more than 2/3 of all jobs in Iowa expected to require postsecondary education or training beyond high school, it's critical that our students graduate from high school prepared for success at the next level. The new Postsecondary Readiness Report helps us understand whether that's happening."

Source: IA Lieutenant Gubernatorial website LtGovernor.Iowa.Gov , Jan 17, 2017

Future Ready Iowa: 70% of Iowans beyond high school

Let's close the skills gap--which in many ways is the biggest challenge our state faces over the next decade. That is why Lt. Governor Reynolds and I set the Future Ready Iowa goal that 70 percent of Iowans in the workforce should have education or training beyond high school by 2025. Today, less than half of our workforce does.

Accomplishing this ambitious goal will create unprecedented opportunities for Iowans and better position our state to compete in an increasingly knowledge-based, digital economy. That is why we established the Future Ready Iowa Alliance, co-chaired by Lt. Governor Reynolds, which will make recommendations by Oct. 31, 2017, to assure more Iowans have the careers they deserve and employers can hire the skilled workers they need to grow and innovate.

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Iowa Legislature , Jan 10, 2017

Teacher Leadership System for every public school

Together we have made progress toward our goal of restoring Iowa's schools to best in the nation through a series of landmark reforms and innovative policies. To improve Iowa's education standing, we needed to make sure our hardworking teachers had all the tools necessary to succeed given higher expectations for all students.

So, we created a new Teacher Leadership System that better utilizes the expertise of top teachers to improve education, instruction and foster greater collaboration. I'm proud to say that every public school in Iowa today is participating in our Teacher Leadership System. Sustaining these measures over time is critical to get the right results for our students and our state.

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Iowa Legislature , Jan 10, 2017

One Unshakable Vision: World-Class Schools for Iowa

Young people today must meet higher expectations than ever to succeed in this global economy. For the future of our children and our state, we must transform our good schools into world-class schools. "One Unshakable Vision: World-Class Schools for Iowa," represents a long-term, reform-minded policy direction that builds from Iowa's strengths and adopts whole system improvements with lessons learned from the highest-performing systems in the world.
Source: 2011 Iowa Gubernatorial press release , Oct 3, 2011

Tuition tax credit for private schools

Source: Campaign website, governorbranstad2010.com/ , Nov 2, 2010

Supports education vouchers for public or private school.

Branstad supports the CC survey question on school vouchers

The Christian Coalition voter guide [is] one of the most powerful tools Christians have ever had to impact our society during elections. This simple tool has helped educate tens of millions of citizens across this nation as to where candidates for public office stand on key faith and family issues.

The CC survey summarizes candidate stances on the following topic: "Education vouchers that allow parents to choose public or private school for their children"

Source: Christian Coalition Survey 10-CC-q7 on Aug 11, 2010

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