Christie Todd Whitman on Tax Reform

Former Director of the E.P.A (Pres. Bush Cabinet); Former Republican Governor (NJ)


People need certainty that taxes won't be raised

Q: People are fed up with the big spending. They're very worried about the deficit. And they are saying you have got to start putting some limits on this ever-expanding federal government. But they are not saying walk away from government. They're not saying do nothing. They are saying actually what really gets them upset is we are not seeing the big issues being addressed. Look at this bill...

A: No. It's almost 2,000 pages.

Q: Two thousand pages. There's $8 billion worth of nonsense in this, a small part of the $1.1 trillion that this deficit represents.

A: Right.

Q: But what do you think should happen to the $8 billion of all the other goodies?

A: Well, I wish they had not put them in. And Republicans are behaving just as badly as Democrats in getting the pork into this bill. But, overall, we need those tax cuts. People need the certainty that they are going to see that they're not have their taxes raised. So, that is the most important thing.

Source: 2010 Fox News interview on Your World With Neil Cavuto , Dec 15, 2010

Reduced state income tax by 30%

The average property tax levy increase for the Whitman administration, during which a 30% income tax reduction was enacted, is 3.9 %. During the previous administration, when a record state income tax increase was enacted, the property tax levy rose by an average of 5.4%.
Source: NJ Governor’s web site, “By the Numbers” , Jan 1, 2001

Cut business taxes and other taxes

Source: NJ Governor’s web site, “By the Numbers” , Dec 25, 2000

Cut NJ taxes by 30%; zero taxes for 380,000 poor

Source: NJ Governor’s web site, “By the Numbers” , Dec 25, 2000

Cut property taxes, rebated payments

Source: NJ Governor’s web site, “By the Numbers” , Dec 25, 2000

Taxpayers should benefit first and most from budget surplus

The first recipients of our prosperity dividend must be the taxpayers. We must never forget that government revenues are taxpayers’ dollars. That’s why this budget contains nearly half-a-billion dollars in new money for tax cuts. That includes almost $200 million more in direct property tax relief. My budget also includes $130 million to relieve workers of unemployment insurance contribution for the next two years, and $130 million to lower the unemployment tax rate on employers.
Source: Speech on FY2001 Budget to NJ Legislature , Jan 24, 2000

No national sales tax or VAT.

Whitman adopted the National Governors Association policy:

Source: NGA Executive Committee Policy Statement EC-9 00-NGA1 on Feb 15, 2000

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