Jesse Ventura on China

Trading with China is a no-brainer

Trade with China could give the US economy a gigantic shot in the arm. In opening up trade with China, we’d be giving nothing and getting everything. What they sell to us will probably change very little. But what will change dramatically is our access to them. Up until now, they haven’t allowed us into their market. Now we’ll have access to over a billion new customers. And if we don’t move on this opportunity, the rest of the world will. We could end up being the only country not trading with China.

It’s a no-brainer in my opinion. It doesn’t mean that anything more will come to us from China, but we’ll be selling a huge amount of stuff to them. It will drop tariff rates from 30% down to 10%. In most cases it will be particularly beneficial to our farmers, because China is out of farmland. If US farmers could sell our surplus to China, prices would rise and profit would be enormous.

Source: Do I Stand Alone, by Jesse Ventura, p.225-6 Jul 2, 2000

Opening markets will cause China’s downfall

People who oppose trade with China are always quick to mention the human rights abuses going on there. I understand that unspeakable human atrocities have happened in China, and you’ll never hear me excusing them. That’s a by-product, it seems, of Communism.

But trade barriers aren’t going to do anything to change the human rights situation in China. I think the opposite approach is called for: The best catalyst for change that China could possibly have is to get a taste of the good things democracy can create. By engaging us, and by becoming more associated with our view on human rights, I think they’ll be bringing a flood of new ideas into their country.

I think opening our markets to China will be the ultimate downfall of China’s Communism. Because when China gets a taste of what capitalism can allow them to do, its people won’t stand for it anymore. And I think the exposure the Chinese government would get in the WTO would open them up even more to international criticism.

Source: Do I Stand Alone, by Jesse Ventura, p.228-9 Jul 2, 2000

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