Pat Buchanan on Drugs

2000 Reform Candidate for President


Mexico now leading source of marijuana, due to NAFTA

A year after NAFTA passed, Mexico devalued the peso, and the United States began running an unbroken string of rising trade deficits with Mexico that now runs over $40 billion a year. Drug cartels shifted operations from South America to the U.S. border. Mexico has become the primary source of the marijuana and heroin pouring in and poisoning the minds and souls of American children.

As the narcotics came north, US companies began laying off $10- and $20-an-hour U.S. workers and moving south in search of labor willing to work for $2 an hour. By 2000, more than a million Mexicans were at work for $2 an hour. By 2000, more than a million Mexicans were at work in maquiladora plants at jobs once held by Americans.

Source: Where The Right Went Wrong, by Pat Buchanan, p.164 , Aug 12, 2004

Drug usage is not a victimless crime; so keep marijuana ban

Iím against the legalization of marijuana. People say itís a victimless crime. [But the manager of a rehabilitation center] said that 10% of the children in Iowa are born with some kind of drug affliction, and 5% of them suffer permanent damage. As soon as I heard that, these little children are going to suffer their whole lives because of drugs their parents took, I think we canít quit the war on drugs and we canít legalize marijuana.
Source: Interview on ďCNN Talkback LiveĒ , Jan 24, 2000

Open Mexican border invites drug trafficking

Look what happened as a consequence of NAFTA. We got a $25 billion trade deficit with Mexico. Narcotics are now pouring across that border, poisoning the hearts and minds and souls of American children. The Colombia drug cartel moved its operations from Colombia to Mexico, brought up truck plants and manufacturing plants. Why? So they could pour them through that open NAFTA border and bring them into our country and destroy the lives and souls of American children.
Source: Remarks at Home Schools Event, Washington, DC , Sep 24, 1999

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