Pat Buchanan on Energy & Oil

2000 Reform Candidate for President


Drill in Alaska and play hardball with OPEC

Q: Do you support drilling in Alaska?

A: I believe they ought to drill in the ANWR. It’s only a portion of it. There’s five billion barrels of oil there. But more important, the United States, instead of busting up Microsoft, an American asset, ought to have a national policy to break up the OPEC cartel. It is a price-rigging, criminal conspiracy designed to loot the West and the United States of scores of billions of dollars every single year. Cut off all IMF foreign aid loans to any country that belongs to OPEC. Tell any country that does belong to OPEC, ‘U.S. security guarantees are going to be lifted unless you drill more oil.’ We have got to play hardball. These people in Washington-Clinton talks about the idea of free trade and interdependence. These people don’t believe in that. They believe in driving you to the wall. If they get control of a commodity that you don’t have-and the United States needs an America first policy of economic nationalism to deal with it.

Source: Nader-Buchanan debate on ‘Meet the Press’ , Oct 1, 2000

Energy independence by developing Caspian pipelines

Source: “A Republic, Not an Empire,” p.381 , Oct 9, 1999

Explore ANWR; reconsider nuclear power & oil import fee

Source: “A Republic, Not an Empire,” p.381 , Oct 9, 1999

Opposes raising CAFE standards

Buchanan opposes CAFE standards of 45 mpg for new cars and 35 mpg for new light trucks by 2005.
Source: Sustainable Energy Coalition backgrounder #3 , Oct 4, 1999

Opposes Kyoto Treaty because it regulates US most

As President I will oppose international environmental accords like the Kyoto Treaty that would devastate American industry and obligate our country to onerous environmental regulations that do not apply to other nations.
Source: www.GoPatGo.org/ “Issues: Protecting the Environment” , Jun 11, 1999

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