Pat Buchanan on Gun Control

2000 Reform Candidate for President


Stop using heinous crimes to take away 2nd amendment rights

Anybody who owns a gun in their home ought to be a responsible individual and keep it out of the hands of children. If there’s a safety lock, that’s fine. But every time some incident or crime occurs, [Clinton] says, this means give me my new gun law. Too often, you fellows are using these things to take away the Second Amendment rights of citizens.
Source: Interview on MSNBC’s “Equal Time” on 2000 election , Nov 2, 1999

Faithfully protects 2nd Amendment, except for felons

The Second Amendment guarantees the individual right to own, possess, and use personal firearms, and as President I will ensure that this right is not compromised. Convicted felons should forfeit their right to own firearms, but sportsmen, hunters, & law-abiding Americans should be allowed to use guns for pleasure or personal or family safety. Private ownership of guns gives citizens of this free republic the means to protect life, liberty and property & I will fully & faithfully protect that right.
Source: www.GoPatGo.org/ “Issues: Right to Keep & Bear Arms” , Jun 5, 1999

Gun laws didn’t stop Littleton shootings

The gun-control lobby has long peddled the myth that gun ownership causes crime. But as we saw in Littleton, Colorado, where 19 gun and anti-explosive laws were violated in the massacre at Columbine High, additional legislation is not the answer. The urban barbarism that has turned our streets into battlegrounds and our classrooms into killing fields will not be stopped by an assault on the Second Amendment right of American gunowners to keep and bear arms.
Source: www.GoPatGo.org/ “Issues: Right to Keep & Bear Arms” , Jun 5, 1999

Columbine shootings due to Hollywood, not guns

Buchanan sees Hollywood, not easy access to weapons, as the dominant factor in the recent Colorado school shootings. “This was about evil in the human heart,” Mr. Buchanan boomed.
Source: NY Times, p. A10, col. 1, “A Crowded Race”, on 2000 election , May 29, 1999

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