Pat Buchanan on Welfare & Poverty

2000 Reform Candidate for President


Tax credits like EITC are just welfare

In 2007, not only did 1/3 of all wage earners carry none of the federal income tax load, 25 million got an Earned Income Tax Credit from the Treasury. Half the states are now sending out checks to people who pay no income taxes. Tax credits, paid in cash to people who pay no taxes, are welfare.

The EITC helps explain a startling discovery. According to the Tax Policy Center, 47% of all wage earners in the US would pay no federal income taxes at all for 2009. Either their incomes were too low, or they qualified for enough credits, deductions and exemptions to eliminate their liability. In May 2011, that figure was revised--upward. Fully 51% of all households in the US in 2009 had paid no federal income taxes. More than half the nation was now free- riding on the taxes of the other half.

The free society has become the Entitlement Nation. Everyone is entitled to health care, housing assistance, food stamps, welfare, earned income tax credits, & a free education, from kindergarten through grade 12.

Source: Suicide of a Superpower, by Pat Buchanan, p. 31 , Oct 18, 2011

Welfare is a state and local responsibility

An estimated 13.5 million children live in poverty. Welfare rolls are at a 30-year low. The 1996 welfare reform allowed states to design their own programs, required recipients to work and limited cash assistance to five years. Buchanan’s views: Sees welfare as state and local responsibility.
Source: NyTimes.com “White House 2000” , Jan 1, 2000

Corporations are “amoral behemoths”

[Buchanan] denounces America’s leading corporations as “amoral behemoths,” whose “loyalty is only to the bottom line.” He warns: “If they shut down factories here to open overseas, they will pay a price for the readmission of their goods into America’s market.”
Source: Jeff Jacoby editorial, Boston Globe on 2000 Pres. race , Sep 20, 1999

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