Republican Party on Crime

Party Platform


Fund suicide prevention, mental health services for police


Republicans: Oppose Democratic police oversight bill. Republicans sponsored a bipartisan bill to fund suicide prevention and mental health support services for law enforcement officers.

Democrats: Restrict police use of force and increase public oversight. Bill held officers liable in lawsuits, banned no-knock warrants and stopped military surplus acquisitions.

Source: CampusElect on 2020 Major Party positions , Aug 30, 2020

Criminals behind bars cannot harm the public

Liberals do not understand this simple axiom: criminals behind bars cannot harm the general public. To that end, we support mandatory prison sentencing for gang crimes, violent or sexual offenses against children, repeat drug dealers, rape, robbery and murder. We support a national registry for convicted child murderers. We oppose parole for dangerous or repeat felons. Courts should have the option of imposing the death penalty in capital murder cases.
Source: 2012 Republican Party Platform , Aug 27, 2012

Support the death penalty

The Republican Party and President Bush support a federal Constitutional amendment for victims of violent crime that would provide specific rights for victims protected under the U.S. Constitution. We support courts having the option to impose the death penalty in capital murder cases.
Source: 2004 Republican Party Platform, p. 74 , Sep 1, 2004

Best way to deter crime is to enforce existing laws

We agree that the best way to deter crime is to enforce existing laws and hand down tough penalties against anyone who commits a crime with a gun. This approach is working. Since Project Safe Neighborhoods was instituted in 2001, hundreds of new federal, state, and local prosecutors have been hired to target criminals who use guns. Prosecutions are up 68 percent, and the violent crime victimization rate is down 21 percent.
Source: 2004 Republican Party Platform, p. 74 , Sep 1, 2004

More victims rights and harsher penalties for certain crimes

Source: Republican Platform adopted at GOP National Convention , Aug 12, 2000

Death penalty is an effective deterrent

Within proper federal jurisdiction, the Republican Congress has enacted legislation for an effective deterrent death penalty, restitution to victims, removal of criminal aliens, and vigilance against terrorism. They stopped federal judges from releasing criminals because of prison overcrowding, made it harder to file lawsuits about prison conditions, and, with a truth-in-sentencing law, pushed states to make sure violent felons actually do time.
Source: Republican Platform adopted at GOP National Convention , Aug 12, 2000

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