Rev. Jesse Jackson on Defense

Pentagon is largest federal source of waste, fraud & abuse

The Pentagon has two-thirds of all federal paychecks. The Pentagon is the biggest source of waste, fraud and abuse in the government. For example, $35 billion in funds were paid without proper records. We have another $35 billion invested in excess military inventory. The Russians are not after us. They are virtually out of business, but we are still spending about the same amount as the rest of the world put together.
Source: United We Stand America Conference, p.129 Aug 12, 1995

Defense pork projects are immoral

The Congress will vote next month to give the Pentagon $9 billion more than it asked for. Much of it is pure pork. Construction projects the Pentagon does not want will be built in districts that do the appropriating. Weapons the Pentagon does not need will support military jobs. This is happening while $1 billion is cut from the school districts, $500 million is cut by ending jobs programs for teens, and $1 billion will be taken out by ending home heating for the elderly. This is immoral.
Source: United We Stand America Conference, p.129 Aug 12, 1995

Commitment against first use of nuclear weapons

In 1988, although the Dukakis and Jackson camps left an early platform drafting session with 13 issues in dispute, only three reached the floor for a debate and only two were voted on. The issue thought to be most attractive to non-Jackson delegates was Jackson’s amendment calling for a commitment against first use of nuclear weapons. However, Dukakis demonstrated his control, and he defeated the amendment.
Source: The Search for Common Ground, by Charles Henry, p. 83 Jul 2, 1991

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