Rev. Jesse Jackson on Families & Children

Civil Rights Activist


Our children watch what we do, not what we say

[At a Chicago forum on racial reconciliation], Jesse Jackson Jr. reminded everyone: "Our children are watching us. They are not watching what we say: they are watching what we do. Our challenge is to rise above (race politics) and the hope that we have is this call to the community for hope in the cities."

The national media ignored this public demonstration of honest conversation involving leaders of diametrically opposed political views.

It was "a very concrete call for real, actual, face- to- face, personal conversation between people all over this country, between people of all kinds of backgrounds, coming together to really address the public problems in that inclusive, democratic way.

Source: Trustbuilding, by Rob Corcoran, p. 83 , Mar 4, 2010

1992: Remember that Jesus was born to a homeless couple

At the 1992 Democratic National Convention Jackson said: "A lot of talk these days about family values, even as we spurn the homeless on the street. Remember, Jesus was born to a homeless couple, outdoors in a stable, in the winter. Jesus was the child of a single mother. When Mary said Joseph was not the father, she was abused and questioned. If she had aborted the baby, she would have been called immoral. If she had the baby, she would have been called unfit, without family values. But Mary had family values."

Needless to say, the Democratic Convention erupted in applause at Jackson's lunatic comparison of single mothers to Mary the mother of Jesus. [But the facts are that] Mary and Joseph were married before Jesus was born. They were not homeless; they were traveling to Bethlehem to register for the census. Mary did have the baby, so--luckily--we dodged the bullet of her aborting the Son of God. The only people who knew who the real Father was came to worship Jesus.

Source: Guilty, by Ann Coulter, p. 46-47 , Nov 10, 2009

Citizenship Education Fund focuses on youth development

The Citizenship Education Fund was established by the Reverend Jesse Jackson in 1984 to promulgate the democratic principles of civic virtue in order to improve life opportunities for those citizens who are often voiceless and forgotten. The Citizenship Education Fund seeks to empower citizens through the effective use of public policy advocacy, issue orientation, and connections between the greater community and the disenfranchised. The Fund also conducts research, collects data on non-partisan related initiatives, and organizes seminars and public awareness campaigns on a variety of public policy issues. The primary programmatic thrust of the Fund involves issues related to youth and youth development.
Source: Rainbow Push web site, www.rainbowpush.org/founder/ , Dec 25, 2000

Send Elian back to Cuba; Castro is OK

Jackson was at the forefront of the movement to send Elian Gonzalez back to a life of slavery in Fidel Castro’s gulag state. But this isn’t surprising: During a 1984 visit to Havana, Jackson described the bearded butcher as “the most honest, courageous politician I have ever met.” During a visit to the University of Havana, Jackson cried, “Long live Castro! Long live Che Guevara!”
Source: Opinion by Rev. Jesse Peterson, The New American magazine , Aug 14, 2000

Give our children education & character, as lasting gifts

    We invested in our children’s education & made that a priority, because we knew if they had an education, nobody could take that away from them. To leave our children lasting [gifts we could]:
  1. make them smart and teach them to learn in their formative years
  2. develop their character, so they can be trusted
  3. teach them a work ethic
  4. teach them fiscal discipline
  5. teach them a sense of religious values.
Investing in human capital was what was important-not buying them material things
Source: It’s About the Money!, p. 5 , Jul 2, 1999

Nurture, not police

The Rainbow Coalition has mobilized 100 ministers in 50 cities to meet with juvenile court judges in that city and to reclaim 20 youth each as alternatives to unnecessary jailing. These are our children. Some just need parenting and tutoring, and they need caring adults. Better we have 100,000 youth in churches with 25,000 coaches nurturing them than 100,000 police chasing them. These are our children. It costs too much to disclaim them.
Source: United We Stand America Conference, p.134-35 , Aug 12, 1995

Jackson populism: attack big business; stress family values

Jackson attacks big business and stresses family values. “S. Koreans did not take job from us, G.M. took jobs to them-with government incentives. They took our jobs, our capital, our hopes and dreams. When I see men measuring their manhood by their ability to make a baby with no commitment to raise the baby, there’s a crisis in values.” These positions, when added to Jackson’s call for a war on drugs and the support of a Palestinian homeland, make liberals uneasy.
Source: The Search for Common Ground, by Charles Henry, p. 81 , Jul 2, 1991

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