Rush Limbaugh on School Choice

Parents are tired of sending kids to inferiror schools

This train of education reform and tax cuts is going to leave the station, folks, and there are going to be a lot of Democrats on it. Sixty percent of black middle class parents favor school vouchers. They’re tired of sending their kids to schools that are inferior and they want the opportunity to send them to better schools. If Bush and some Democrats can get that done. Tom Daschle can protest all day long but he’ll still be in the station, losing some of his power at the same time.
Source: Tuesday Morning Update Jan 23, 2001

Vigorously promote educational choice and vouchers

Not all public schools are bad, but overall, the system is bankrupt. Why should we continue to prop up this manifestly failed system?

We should vigorously promote educational choice and the voucher system to instill competition in our failing schools. By doing so, we will be giving lower- and middle-class families the same mobility as the wealthy by providing them the means to choose the best schools for their children, rather than imprisoning many of them in inferior public schools that are all too often urban war zones.

The teachers’ unions, the education bureaucrats, and many Democratic politicians believe they should have the prerogative to tell middle-class Americans where their children should attend school. How often have you heard discussions of “giving parents the right” to choose their school? Good grief, [they should not] grant (or deny) parents that right. As Bill Bennett says in response to this idiocy, “Let my people go.”

Source: See, I Told You So, p.390-91 Jul 2, 1993

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