Tommy Thompson on Foreign Policy

Former Secretary of H.H.S.; former Republican Governor (WI)


Supports non-interventionist foreign policy

Question 9. Do you believe we should go back to the principles of the Founding Fathers and adopt a non-interventionist foreign policy that first and foremost protects Americans and American interests?

Mark Neumann: Yes

Tommy Thompson: Yes

Source: 2012 Wisconsin Tea Party Senate Debate Questionnaire , Aug 13, 2012

We continue losing until recognizing were fighting a jihad

Q: [to Tancredo]: Last week you said that, in order to deter an attack by Islamic terrorists using nuclear weapons, you would threaten to bomb Mecca and Medina.

TANCREDO: Anybody that would suggest that we should take anything like this off the table in order to deter that kind of event in the United States isnt fit to be president. My task as president is primarily to protect and defend this country. And that means to deter any kind of aggression, especially the type we are threatened with by Al Qaida, which is nuclear attack.

THOMPSON: I sincerely believe that bombing religious artifacts and religious holy sites would do nothing but unify 1 billion Muslims against us. It makes no sense.

TANCREDO: After we take a hit?

THOMPSON: I think weve got to strengthen our military and weve got to recognize in this world right now we are fighting a holy war. Its a jihad. And until we recognize that and stand up to be Americans and for America, were going to continue to lose.

Source: 2007 GOP Iowa Straw Poll debate , Aug 5, 2007

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