Alan Keyes on Drugs

Republican challenger for IL Senate; previously Candidate for President

Stricter drug penalties; more border security

Source: Vote-Smart.org 2000 NPAT Jan 13, 2000

Itís a moral crisis, not a drug problem

[With drugs,] weíre not dealing with a material problem, weíre dealing with a moral problem. In 1950, we didnít have a huge plethora of laws dealing with drug abuse, and yet we also did not have an enormous drug problem in this country. We proliferated laws because the fundamental discipline that was prevailing in our society in 1950 has broken down. We donít have a drug problem. We have a moral crisis. When we face that reality, then we will have solved the problem.
Source: Republican Debate at Dartmouth College Oct 29, 1999

Drug problem is a symptom of governmental lack of discipline

Q: How do you plan to continue with the war on drugs? A: The problem is very simple: You canít sustain self-government without self-discipline, and the drug problem is a symptom of that. We proliferate laws; we even have started to invade property rights and do other things that are tearing down our system of liberty. Why? Because we are out of control, because we are a people who do not understand that if you enslave yourself to chemicals, you cannot be free.
Source: Republican Debate at Dartmouth College Oct 29, 1999

Increase penalties for selling drugs

Increase penalties for selling drugs. Impose capital punishment for convicted international drug traffickers.
Source: 1996 National Political Awareness Test, Project Vote Smart Jul 2, 1996

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