Jean Hay Bright on Civil Rights


Marriage Protection Amendment is indefensible

"The so-called 'Marriage Protection Amendment' to the U.S. Constitution is indefensible, and flies in the face of the religious and personal freedoms embodied in that great document," Jean Hay Bright said. "Our Founding Fathers were wise in recognizing the conflicts that can arise when religion is dictated by a government. This amendment is an attempt to codify a controversial religious belief, which, as a separate bill, would be considered blatantly unconstitutional."
Source: Campaign website, www.jeanhaybright.us, "Position Papers" May 30, 2006

Special Prosecutor should investigate Bush FISA violations

Senate hearings on the President's failure to comply with the FISA law have been an exercise in obfuscation. The hearing began with heated debate over whether or not the Attorney General of the United States should be sworn in before he presented his testimony. It is telling, and astonishing, that the "he-doesn't-have-to-swear-to-tell-the-truth" side won out. From that point on, the dodging and weaving began. I share Sen. Patrick Leahy's frustration at Attorney General Gonzales' non-responsiveness to his direct questions. And I agree with Senator Diane Feinstein when she said the only conclusion she could come to was that there was something far larger going on than the President simply ignoring a minor reporting law that he chose not to comply with.

It is time for the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate this situation. This is serious stuff, and I would hope the dominance of the Republican Party in the Senate will not stand in the way of getting to the bottom of this issue.

Source: Campaign website, www.jeanhaybright.us, "Position Papers" Feb 6, 2006

Require companies to hire more women & minorities

Jean Hay Bright responds that she Favors the statement "Require companies to hire more women & minorities"
Source: Response by the candidate to VoteMatch questionnaire Dec 14, 2005

Sexual orientation protected by civil rights laws

Jean Hay Bright responds that she Strongly Favors the statement "Sexual orientation protected by civil rights laws"
Source: Response by the candidate to VoteMatch questionnaire Dec 14, 2005

Flag desecration expresses gripes in a Constitutional way

I personally love the Flag of the United States. But with what we have experienced as a country in the past four years, any attempt to amend our wonderful Constitution to prohibit the desecration of an American flag should be an issue that is dead in the water.

If someone has a gripe against the US, and wants to express that intense anger in a public, provocative way, I would not stand in the way of that person burning an American flag. Better the flag than the World Trade Center. Our flag can take it.

Source: Campaign website, www.jeanhaybright.us, "Position Papers" Sep 9, 2005

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