Barbara Radnofsky on Social Security


Privatization is a terrible idea

Q: How do we afford growing Social Security entitlements while we extend tax breaks?

JAMESON: The entitlements, such as Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, are not actually legal obligations. Those are things that are given out at the discretion of the government. The Social Security system is not sustainable and I think we should look at market alternatives.

RADNOFSKY: Privatization is a terrible idea. It would cost trillions if we do privatize, and everybody knows that. We must protect the Social Security fund from raiding.

HUTCHISON: We do need to reform Social Security and we do need to make sure we are taking out the waste & fraud. We owe it to our younger people to make sure that Social Security is there, and safe and solid for them. That means we need to reform Social Security now, because it will be much easier, and the longer we wait, the harder it will get.

Source: Texas 2006 Senate Debate, sponsored by LWV-TX (X-ref Hutch) Oct 19, 2006

Oppose efforts to privatize Social Security

Source: Campaign website, www.radnofsky.com, "Issue chart" Apr 23, 2006

Ensure that our safety net remains safe

Radnofsky: Caring for Texans

Ensure that our safety net remains safe, and oppose efforts to privatize Social Security

Source: Campaign website, www.radnofsky.com, "Issues" Jan 16, 2006

Save Social Security from privatization

We must save Social Security from privatization. The Social Security system is a critical safety net for Texans. Although experts differ on the magnitude of the problem, as well as the timeframe for resolving these issues, one thing is for sure: the system will not be saved by allowing these funds to be subjected to volatile market forces. Privatization would be a financial bonanza for Wall Street, but it's not the answer for Main Street.
Source: Campaign website, www.radnofsky.com, "Issues" Sep 14, 2005

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