Doug Collins on Government Reform



Opposed voting rights bill as unconstitutional

Q: Support stricter ID requirements and other rules on voting?

Doug Collins: Likely yes. Opposes voting rights bill, which "would essentially federalize state and local election laws;" that is "unconstitutional."

Kelly Loeffler: Unclear. Introduced bill to raise penalties for voter fraud and illegal ballot harvesting.

Raphael Warnock: No. Supports restoring oversight provisions of Voting Rights Act, which made voting restrictions harder to enact.

Source: CampusElect on 2019-20 Georgia 2-year Senate race , Nov 3, 2020

Rein in government overreach to stay competitive

Keeping our agricultural industry competitive means reining in government overreach. I advocated tirelessly to overturn the Waters of the United States Rule. I've also worked on legislation to reform the Endangered Species Act. I have advocated to the Department of Agriculture to review the use of increased line speeds in poultry processing facilities, to help the U.S. remain competitive in a global market in which some countries have outpaced our production speeds.
Source: 2019-2020 Senate campaign website DougCollins.house.gov , Nov 15, 2019

Check executive agencies trying to write laws

In recent years, federal bureaucracy has made over-regulation the norm. Hardworking Americans across the country suffer under the growing burden of misguided red tape. Bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. often don't know what works in the real world or understand the impacts their rules have. Congress needs to enact permanent reforms to the regulatory process to check executive agencies that have tried to write law in violation of the separation of powers laid out in the Constitution.
Source: 2019-2020 Senate campaign website DougCollins.house.gov , Nov 15, 2019

Increased transparency about campaign contributions

Q: Do you support the regulation of indirect campaign contributions from corporations and unions?

A: I do believe there is room for reform and increased transparency inside the election process, especially on the national level.

Source: Georgia Congressional Election 2012 Political Courage Test , Nov 1, 2012

No holiday on election day; no same-day registration.

Collins voted NAY For the People Act of 2019