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Republican Jr Senator; previously Governor


Driver privacy for Event Data Recorder on cars & motorcycles

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar have introduced a bill in the US Congress giving ownership of driving data to the vehicle's owner. The "Driver Privacy Act" says the information collected by a "black box" on a vehicle, known as an Event Data Recorder, can only be used with the vehicle owner's permission. The Event Data Recorder on a car, truck, or motorcycle, collect information on dozens of things such as speed and seat belt usage.

Hoeven talked about the bill at a meeting of ABATE--a group that educates motorcycle drivers about safety. Hoeven said, "The Driver Privacy Act is all about making sure that the owner of an automobile controls any information that is recorded by the EDR, the Electronic Data Recorder. So today I spoke to ABATE about making sure that someone who owns a motorcycle has that same privacy protection as well."

The Driver Privacy Act has passed in a Senate committee but has not been considered by the full Senate.

Source: KX News coverage of 2016 North Dakota Senate race , May 10, 2015

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