Josh Mandel on Social Security



Raise retirement age, but not for Baby Boomers or older

Mandel said he "has not come out in support" of Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan's budget plan, which called for reshaping Medicare."I believe it is unfair to change Medicare or Social Security for my grandmother and her generation and my parents and my generation," he said, before accusing "politicians in Washington" of stealing from the Social Security Trust Fund. "We need to make common sense cuts in other parts of our government in order to fund Social Security and Medicare far into our future." He said he'd consider raising the retirement eligibility age for "folks at least my age, probably some who are older," but not for baby boomers.

Brown, meanwhile, said he wouldn't raise the retirement age for either program, saying it's unfair to ask working class people to work until they're 70. He said the programs are "reliable and will be reliable for this generation and the next generation."

Source: Dayton Daily News on 2012 Ohio Senate debate , Oct 25, 2012

Transition younger workers into personal savings system

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