Robert Fitzgerald on Tax Reform


No estate tax repeal; no permanent Bush tax cut

Q: Do you support the permanent repeal of the federal estate tax?

A: No.

Q: Do you support making President Bush's tax cuts permanent?

A: No. We are not receiving a dollar's worth of value from a dollar collected in taxes. Congress has been a poor steward of our tax dollars, but even worse, they have had the audacity to spend future generations tax revenue as well. We are placing a burden on young people and future generations for the services we receive today.

Source: 2006 Congressional National Political Awareness Test Oct 31, 2006

Bush tax cuts will be paid for by young people in the future

Q: Which taxes should be made permanent, and which should be allowed to expire?

KENNEDY: We ought to continue with the tax relief that helps to promote that job growth.

FITZGERALD: The Bush tax cuts are set to expire on a schedule set forth by Republicans. We're in a war. You do not have tax cuts when you're running $300 billion deficits. You have tax deferments, which falls on the backs of young people and young families, who are going to have to pay off this debt. That impedes their ability to earn and to pay for their retirement. I do not support extending the Bush tax cuts.

KLOBUCHAR: We need to roll back the Bush tax cuts on people making over $336,000 a year. That's the top 1%; that brings in $56 billion a year.

FITZGERALD: The tax code is incentivized by those who can afford to cheat, shirk, and duck their tax responsibility. We need to have clear and concise legislation on our tax policy, which we don't have right now.

Source: Minnesota 2006 3-way Senate Debate, sponsored by LWV Oct 30, 2006

National sales tax to replace the income tax

Eventually, Fitzgerald would like to see a national sales tax replace the income tax, with refunds for people near the poverty line.
Source: Pat Doyle, Star Tribune, "Profile" Oct 17, 2006

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