Charlie Baker on Budget & Economy



Getting MA Back in Business: streamline rules; reduce taxes

Creating jobs and stimulating the economy: "Getting Massachusetts Back in Business" is my plan to create new jobs in Massachusetts by reducing business taxes, streamlining the regulatory structure of state government, and lowering the cost of doing business in Massachusetts. Businesses need a business climate that is more predictable, competitive, and stable to provide employers the confidence to hire people in Massachusetts and expand here, instead of in our lower-cost competitor states.

Unless we shake up the status quo, Massachusetts faces another jobless recovery like the past decade. Unemployment in Massachusetts is the highest rate in 34 years, with roughly 320,000 people out of work. I will push policies that will get people back to work quickly by lessening the tax and regulatory burden on employers

We can drive this recovery, but we can't sit back and wait for it to happen. Getting Massachusetts Back in Business is my plan to make this happen.

Source: 2010 gubernatorial campaign website, charliebaker2010.com , Nov 1, 2010

Cut government spending and roll back sakes taxes

Politicians on Beacon Hill are on a path of reckless and wasteful spending, forcing local leaders to cut vital services. But we have an opportunity to turn Massachusetts around. As Governor, I will: