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At Texaco: stop arguing about climate change & seek solution

I'd like to think that my commitment to social justice remained consistent even when I wasn't in the public sector. When I became a corporate executive, I tried to maintain a personal pledge to do good.

I worked to make Texaco the first major oil company to stop arguing about the science of climate change and to join those in search of solutions.

At Coca Cola, I learned that I need not and would not leave my conscience at the door for any job. Most of the people I worked with shared those values.

Social justice was never far from my mission, even in those corporate settings. I know we made the workplace in both companies more fair and transparent.

Source: A Reason to Believe, by Gov. Deval Patrick, p.161-163 , Apr 12, 2011

Develop solar power projects to generate 250 MW by 2017

Attorney General Martha Coakley and Governor Deval Patrick today announced a commitment to jointly develop large scale solar photovoltaic (PV) power installations through a new statewide entity operating in collaboration with the state's four investor-owned electric distribution utilities. This plan will maximize the benefits of renewable power for ratepayers across the state authorized by the Green Communities Act and help meet Governor Patrick's goal of 250 MW of solar generation installed in the Commonwealth by 2017.

"Development of solar generation through a statewide pool will drive down costs through economies of scale and spread the costs and benefits across the broadest base of customers," said Attorney General Coakley.

"Solar power is a key component of our clean energy future," said Governor Deval Patrick; the project is "an innovative new model to bring renewable energy--and the jobs that come with it--across the state at the lowest cost possible."

Source: Press release on Attorney General website, www.mass.gov , Jul 16, 2009

Make Massachusetts a global center for alternative energy

PATRICK: We ought to drive toward a new industry in Massachusetts to become a global center around alternative and renewable energy. The technologies and the products and services, I believe if we get that right, the whole world will be our customer. We have all the capability here in terms of the concentration of brain power and venture capital and that whole innovative tradition and it is one of the reasons why I do support the wind farm in Nantucket sound.
Source: MA gubernatorial debate on CBS4 news, moderator: Jon Keller , Sep 13, 2006

Cut Energy costs and develop renewable energy

I will cut energy costs to consumers through an active conservation education and rebate program. We will also give fast track and advantageous tax treatment to companies investing and creating jobs in renewable energy production, so that Massachusetts becomes the renewable energy center of the world.
Source: Moving Massachusetts Forward, Patrick’s policy booklet, p. 4 , Sep 15, 2005

Support renewable energy like Cape Wind

My Climate Protection Plan will support renewable energy projects whenever the benefits for all of us outweigh the disadvantages. I believe the Cape Wind project in Nantucket Sound is just such a project. I believe that well-designed renewable energy projects-both large and small-that pass strict environmental scrutiny deserve our support. I also believe we must develop a regulatory framework for managing ocean resources, and that we can do so in the context of advancing the Cape Wind project.
Source: Moving Massachusetts Forward, Patrick’s policy booklet, p.30 , Sep 15, 2005

Tax credits for energy efficient cars

My administration will give excise and sales tax credits for consumer purchases of energy efficient cars and appliances, and for the use of energy-smart construction materials.

Power plants are essential sources of electric power and good jobs, but they can run with fewer emissions. We will enforce regulations limiting carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, and work with all operators to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants across the entire region.

Source: Moving Massachusetts Forward, Patrick’s policy booklet, p.32 , Sep 15, 2005

Foster alternative energy businesses

I will work to make Massachusetts the world’s capital for businesses that develop alternative sources of energy and the next generation of energy-efficient products and technologies. In partnership with local authorities, my administration will create areas with environmental pre-approval for industrial and commercial development of these businesses.
Source: Moving Massachusetts Forward, Patrick’s policy booklet, p.33 , Sep 15, 2005

Convert state fleet to hybrids and fuel-efficient cars

[We should] practice what we preach. As a major owner of buildings and land, and as the owner of fleets of vehicles, the Commonwealth will model the behavior we ask of our citizens. My administration will replace our state fleet with hybrids or other fuel-efficient vehicles, wherever practicable. We will also require energy-saving products and services in all state-sponsored construction. The state will lead the way as a purchaser of energy generated from renewable sources.
Source: Moving Massachusetts Forward, Patrick’s policy booklet, p.34 , Sep 15, 2005

Letter to Congress supporting renewable energy tax credit.

Patrick signed American Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit Extension

Congressional Summary:Amends the Internal Revenue Code to extend through 2016 the tax credit for electricity produced from wind, biomass, geothermal or solar energy, landfill gas, trash, hydropower, and marine and hydrokinetic renewable energy facilities.

Proponent's Comments (Governor's Wind Energy Coalition letter of Nov. 15, 2011 signed by 23 governors):Although the tax credit for wind energy has long enjoyed bipartisan support, it is scheduled to expire on Dec. 31, 2012. Wind-related manufacturing is beginning to slow in our states because the credit has not yet been extended. If Congress pursues a last minute approach to the extension, the anticipated interruption of the credit's benefits will result in a significant loss of high-paying jobs in a growing sector of the economy. We strongly urge Congress to adopt a more consistent and longer-term federal tax policy to support wind energy development, such as H.R. 3307.

The leading wind project developers and manufacturers are slowing their plans for 2013 and beyond due to the current uncertainty. The ripple effect of this slow down means reduced orders for turbines and decreased business for the hundreds of manufacturers who have entered the wind industry in our states. When Congress allowed the tax credit to expire in 1999, 2001, and 2003, the development of new wind installations dropped significantly, between 73% and 93%, and thousands of jobs were lost. Providing renewable energy tax credits in order to provide consistency with conventional energy tax credits is the right policy to move the nation forward in an energy sector that offers global export opportunities and the ability to modernize a segment of our electric production infrastructure.

Source: H.R.3307 11-H3307 on Nov 2, 2011

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