Grace Ross on Tax Reform


We don't have enough income tax

Q: What about rolling back the state income tax from 5.3% to 5%?

ROSS: I support the idea that we shouldn't be rolling back the state income tax. Our taxes have gone through the roof because we don't have enough income tax and so the local cities and towns are raising property taxes. Those hit the rest of us. The income tax is the only thing that folks at the top actually have to pay the same amount as the folks at the bottom. Fees and property taxes tend to hit folks at the lower end more.

Source: 2006 MA Gubernatorial debate on Fox News with Chris Wallace Sep 25, 2006

Tax rollback kills cities via property tax increase of 35%

Q: What would an income tax rollback do to property taxes?

ROSS: This no new tax pledge -- anybody at the state level who wants to argue that you're not raising taxes because you're rolling back the income tax is just not telling the truth. That's why we've got property taxes at 35% or 42% above what they were before. Our cities and towns are dying, but they need increased minimum wages, help to the small businesses and things like that.

Source: 2006 MA Gubernatorial debate on Fox News with Chris Wallace Sep 25, 2006

Tax rollback gives middle class $100s, but $100,000s to rich

We talk about the 5% role back. For people like me that's going to be, what, $100 a year or something like that, but the really wealthy in this state will get back probably $100,000 or $200,000. When they say that they want the money back in our hands, well that money's not coming back in our hands. That money's going to be gone and if we want to talk about special interests wanting something, those hundreds of thousands of dollars are going to go to the top income earners in our state.
Source: 2006 MA Gubernatorial debate on Fox News with Chris Wallace Sep 25, 2006

Opposes papital gains tax rebate

Q: How would you have voted on the Jun 15, 2005 House vote: Capital gains tax rebates?

A: No, I support Capital Gains taxes as a beginning of recognized that all income should be taxed and taxes that exempt unearned income contribute to our tax system's present reverse-robinhood effect - benefiting those with the most the most and those with the least the least. In fact I have worked to have capital gains taxed at the same rate per dollar as other forms of income.

Source: Email interview with MassScorecard.org Jul 6, 2006

Postpone reduction of income tax to 5%

Q: How would you have voted on the Oct 18, 2005 House vote: Postponing reduction of income tax to 5%?

A: YES, I oppose reduction of the income tax in general - it is the only progressive tax method in the state and needs to be used to replace other regressive taxes in this state and when combined with other taxes be used to increase the contribution of those at the top of the economic ladder to at least the percentages paid by those with the least in this commonwealth.

Source: Email interview with MassScorecard.org Jul 6, 2006

Make taxes progressive

Source: Campaign website, www.graceandwendy.org Jun 3, 2006

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