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Protect energy sources with eye on future technologies

Wyoming's natural resources are second to none. Be it oil, gas, coal, uranium or wind. And there are no greater stewards of these energy and natural resources than the people of WY. Mark will ensure responsible development of our state's natural resources while protecting open space and access to public lands. He will work to position Wyoming as the leader in advanced energy technologies including Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and new carbon-to-product markets.
Source: 2018 Wyoming gubernatorial website GordonForWyoming.com , Sep 18, 2018

Coal for decades to come, so let's improve usage

Energy must continue to be one of the pillars of our economy. In 2018, Wyoming hit a record for permit applications to drill for oil and gas.

I want to take just a moment to talk about coal. Coal continues to power this country and, despite market trends and politics, it will remain an essential part of America's energy portfolio for decades to come.

[Improved] technologies, when paired with Powder River Basin coal, can reduce the overall carbon emitted to the atmosphere. That is progress that should be a gut cinch for those advocating to control carbon emissions.

There are promising new uses of coal that can provide advanced building materials and innovative new products. Some of these are being developed at UW and others by private industry.

Source: 2019 State of the State address to Wyoming legislature , Jan 9, 2019

Make Wyoming a leader in advancing carbon sequestration

Wyoming is the nation's leader in advancing carbon sequestration and has launched the Integrated Test Center which is working on turning a byproduct like carbon dioxide into a valuable and marketable product.

Here in Wyoming, we will continue to seek innovative solutions that support coal, address climate change, and grow our economy.

Source: 2019 State of the State address to Wyoming legislature , Jan 9, 2019

Others vilify fossil fuels--not on my watch!

By now Wyoming citizens know too well how a myopic national political attitude to vilify fossil fuels has affected our energy industry. Twenty-eight states have enacted either renewable energy standards or low-carbon policies. These are targeted at the industries that have helped raise our standard of living, built our schools, funded public infrastructure, and made us the premier economy in the world. We produce energy better, more safely, and with more attention to the environment than anywhere else on the planet, and yet our industries are still discriminated against, maligned, and decried as dead.

Well, not on my watch! Know this -- Wyoming will always advocate for our industries, whether it be to protect against unconstitutional restraint of trade, or in their endeavors to deliver cleaner, more dependable, more affordable, and safer energy to our nation.

Source: 2020 State of the State Address to 65th Wyoming legislature , Feb 10, 2020

Lower severance taxes on natural gas industry

The problem we face is not burning coal. The problem is that we have not recognized or seized the opportunities to burn it cleaner, to use its byproducts more beneficially, or to remember its role as our country's most reliable source of electricity for over a hundred years. We in Wyoming are leading the way.

It is our duty to verify that the proposed early closures of coal-burning units are truly warranted and economical, and not just philosophical or political. Wyoming genuinely welcomes renewable resources like wind and solar. However, we will not recklessly abandon our most abundant and reliable energy source just because it is unpopular with some people.

I note with particular urgency the state of our natural gas industry. Today, only two rigs are drilling for natural gas in Wyoming. That is the lowest number in the last 20 years. I seek the Legislature's support in crafting a temporary, price-based reduction in severance taxes for those most in need.

Source: 2020 State of the State Address to 65th Wyoming legislature , Feb 10, 2020

Encourage sale of coal-fired power plants to keep in use

SF159: This bill provides that the rates charged by a utility shall not include recovery of costs associated with new facilities built to replace retired coal fired electric generating facilities unless the utility made a good faith effort to sell the facility to another person prior to its retirement.

Utility Dive e-zine summary:Wyoming lawmakers passed a bill to encourage the sale of coal-fired power plants in a bid to extend their lives amid an industrywide trend of retirements. Senate File 159 would direct utilities to attempt to find new buyers for coal plants before retiring them and proposing replacement generation. It passed both legislative chambers by wide margins.

Legislative Outcome: Passed House 50-8-2 on Feb/26/19; Passed Senate 27-0-3 on Feb/25/19; Signed by Governor Mark Gordon on Mar/8/19

Source: BetterWyoming blog on Wyoming voting records SF159 , Mar 8, 2019

Crazed pursuit of 100% green energy will cripple the nation

Wyoming has long recognized the need for a broad energy portfolio that is reliable in reality, and not just on paper. The energy and environmental policies of Washington, D.C. have changed; radically changed. This crazed pursuit of 100% "green" energy ignores the urgency of finding better ways to capture, use, and sequester carbon. It fantasizes that crippling our own nation is somehow good for our world. Nothing could be more off the mark.

Wyoming is embracing solar and wind development. Both are emerging and important parts of Wyoming's total energy portfolio. But, we are not fooled by false promises either. We want to see what can be done. Our long history of working with coal, oil and natural gas, and regulating its related impacts to protect and enhance other natural resources, such as wildlife, is well established. Wind and solar development must be held to the same standards.

Source: 2021 State of the State Address to Wyoming legislature , Mar 2, 2021

Coal will help make Wyoming net negative in CO2 emissions

I will not waiver in my efforts to protect our industries; particularly, our coal industry. Paradoxically, it is the very industry which offers the best chance and most efficient way to remove C02 from our atmosphere. We can provide the means necessary to make C02 capture a reality in Wyoming and preserve one of our most important industries. Many states talk about the importance of net zero carbon emissions. But, today, I challenge you to join me in making Wyoming net negative in C02 emissions.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to Wyoming legislature , Mar 2, 2021

Needn't choose between fossil fuels or new types of energy

The actions of the Biden Administration regarding public lands and energy, are deeply flawed and clearly miss the mark. Stopping the exploration and production of federal oil, gas and coal means that our state bears a disproportionate burden of reduced royalties, reduced severance taxes, and reduced economic benefit. These actions won't reduce global warming or benefit consumers. Instead it has caused inflation to soar. Mr. Biden, tear up your energy policy! Let Wyoming power the country!

Give us the tools and the chance to make this nation energy independent again. Wyoming has it all: the best wind, solar, gas, coal, nuclear and the ability to store 50 years' worth of our nation's total carbon emissions. Innovation, not regulation is our way forward to give our nation the energy it requires and simultaneously solve the world's climate concerns. We do not need to choose between fossil fuels or new types of energy. We need an all-of-the-above energy strategy.

Source: 2022 State of the State Address to the Wyoming legislature , Feb 14, 2022

It is undeniable that coal remains a vital fuel source

Wyoming has eight coal-fired plants, powering about 7.5 million homes. Wyoming coal provides reliable electricity to almost a quarter of all US households. It is undeniable that coal remains a vital fuel source for our country. But in the minds of Washington, DC bureaucrats all fossil fuels should go extinct. The good news is that we are making progress with carbon capture technology. And remember, carbon capture is not just for coal.
Source: 2023 State of the State Address to the Wyoming legislature , Jan 11, 2023

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