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Leak of bigoted, vulgar messages leads to protests

Thousands of protesters demonstrated in the streets of San Juan calling for the resignation of the island's governor. The protests arose in response to the leak of Telegram app messages in which Gov. Ricardo Rossello and his inner circle make light of the casualties caused by Hurricane Maria and disparage political opponents using vulgar, homophobic, and sexist language.
Source: Vox.com coverage of 2020 Puerto Rico Gubernatorial race , Jul 22, 2019

100,000 people demand governor's resignation

Puerto Ricans from all walks of life mobilized in Old San Juan on Wednesday night for one of the largest protest in the island's history--100,000 to 500,000 people shouting "Ricky, Renuncia!" ("Ricky, Resign!") at the island's governor, Ricardo Rossello. People have been protesting every day in San Juan and other parts of the island for a week, demanding Rossello's ouster. So far, there's no indication they will stop anytime soon.

This is a historic moment for an island that is not largely known for mass mobilization or protests--even after it was destroyed by Hurricane Maria in 2017, the deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history.

Rossello has doubled down multiple times on his plans to remain as governor, amid dozens of calls from people inside his pro-statehood party and other sectors to step down.

Source: NBC News on 2020 Puerto Rico Gubernatorial race , Jul 19, 2019

Resigned over profane, corrupt discussions with lobbyists

What got Puerto Ricans to this point of protesting that the governor resign? Here are five things to know.
  1. On July 8, local media outlets published excerpts (and then a full 889 pages) of profanity-laced and derogatory private chat messages between Rossello, administration officials, and some lobbyists.
  2. The group also made jokes about the corpses that piled up after Hurricane Maria, something that struck a chord among many Puerto Ricans and is repeatedly mentioned during the protests.
  3. In the chat, politicians also shared confidential government information with people who were not public officials.
  4. Beyond the insults, island and federal authorities are investigating whether the chats point to wrongdoing such as corruption or conflicts of interest.
  5. Why the calls for Rossello's resignation? Many see the leaked chats as the last straw for an island still struggling to recover from a devastating hurricane, all amid a decade-long financial crisis.
    Source: NBC News on 2020 Puerto Rico Gubernatorial race , Jul 19, 2019

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