Jason Crow on Government Reform



Crack down on dark money in politics

I was proud to introduce the End Dark Money Act, to crack down on dark money in politics and close the loophole that allows mega-donors to hide their political contributions through so-called "social welfare" organizations. I also cosponsored the DISCLOSE Act, which would require organizations spending money in federal elections to disclose their donors, and the SHIELD act which requires candidates to report any offers of assistance from foreign governments to law enforcement.
Source: 2018 CO-6 House campaign website JasonCrowForCongress.com , May 4, 2020

PVS:Regulate campaign donations from corporations.

Crow supports the PVS survey question on regulating campaign donations

Project Vote Smart inferred whether candidates agree or disagree with the statement, 'Campaign Finance: Do you support the regulation of indirect campaign contributions from corporations and unions?' PVS self-description: "The Political Courage Test provides voters with positions on key issues. Historically, candidates have failed to complete our test due to the advice they receive from their advisors and out of fear of negative attack ads."

Source: PVS Survey 18PVS-16 on Aug 1, 2018

Holiday on election day; revamp for easier voting access.

Crow voted YEA For the People Act of 2019