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Index value of Pell Grants to inflation

A Nevada congresswoman has introduced a bill that would increase the value of Pell Grants. The Pell Grant Sustainability Act, a collaboration between Rep. Sean Casten of Illinois and Lee would index the grants to inflation to account for rising annual costs. It's essential to stretching the value of the grant, which has remained virtually stagnant from 2008 to 2019 even while inflation rose 17 percent, according to a statement from Lee's office.
Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal on 2018 NV-3 House debate , Oct 14, 2019

Student loan crisis is crippling young people

The student loan crisis in this country is crippling young people from being able to get on their feet. And many students are being taken advantage of by not only predatory lenders, but predatory for profit schools. And many of them would have been better off not even going to school in the first place. We need to focus on the student debt crisis, bringing down the cost of higher ed and making sure that we're expanding Pell Grants and expanding access to higher education.
Source: The Nevada Independent on 2019 NV-3 House incumbent , Sep 9, 2019

Strengthen apprenticeship & vocational training plus college

Southern Nevada has long had a boom-bust economic cycle that has left families vulnerable when recessions hit, and we need to do more to diversify our economy and provide good-paying, middle-class jobs that pay the bills. That means strengthening our apprenticeship programs and vocational training, committing to affordable higher education, and taking forward-thinking steps to bring clean energy, infrastructure, and technology investments to Nevada.
Source: Ballotpedia 2018 House race survey responses: NV-3 , Sep 9, 2018

Increased funding for early childhood education

I have spent the better part of 20 years as the leader of nonprofits like After-School All-Stars and Communities in Schools. I will fight to provide a strong education to every Nevada student. I will push for increased funding for early childhood education and expanded Pell Grants and college affordability programs. I'll also fight to strengthen apprenticeship programs and vocational training because people should be able to lead a middle-class life without a 4-year degree.
Source: Ballotpedia 2018 House race survey responses: NV-3 , Sep 9, 2018

Fix our public schools: the great equalizer

Q: What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about?

A: I am passionate about education, and I have a 25-year history of helping students succeed in our state. A good public education made all the difference in my life, and I believe that all students should leave school ready for the jobs of tomorrow. It's why I've been fighting to fix our public schools. Education is the great equalizer, and we must ensure every student has a chance to succeed in school.

Source: Ballotpedia 2018 House race survey responses: NV-3 , Sep 9, 2018

Against vouchers, for choice for parents

Nevada has something similar to that voucher program -- the Education Savings Accounts program -- although the Legislature has not funded it. Lee said she doesn't support ESAs, which generally are opposed by Democrats. "Obviously offering choice to parents that's really what I stand for and that's what I'll work to make sure we have here in Nevada," she said.
Source: The Nevada Independent on 2018 NV-3 House race , Sep 15, 2017

For expanding early childhood education

While progressives have proposed free and universal early childhood education programs, Lee didn't commit to such a dramatic plan. But "I have always been a proponent of expanding early childhood education," she said. "Early childhood education is one of the most effective interventions to help kids, especially kids living in poverty, prepare to succeed," she said. "Obviously I am passionate about that issue."
Source: The Nevada Independent on 2018 NV-3 House race , Sep 15, 2017

CC:No vouchers for private schools.

Lee opposes the CC survey question on education vouchers

The Christian Coalition Voter Guide inferred whether candidates agree or disagree with the statement, 'Education Vouchers that Allow Parents to Choose a Public or Private School for their Children' Christian Coalition's self-description: "Christian Voter Guide is a clearing-house for traditional, pro-family voter guides. We do not create voter guides, nor do we interview or endorse candidates."

Source: Christian Coalition Surve 18CC-7 on Jul 1, 2018

Voted YES on private lawsuits for school race discrimination.

Lee voted YEA Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act

Legislative Summary:This bill authorizes private civil causes of action for discrimination on the ground of race, color, or national origin, including anti-Semitism) in programs receiving federal financial assistance.

Trump's Statement of Administration Policy (against): The Administration strongly opposes passage of H.R. 2574. This bill fails to advance equality in education, while expanding bureaucracy, encouraging burdensome litigation, and imposing costs on recipients of Federal financial assistance. H.R. 2574 seeks to validate and expand the divisive regulatory agenda of the previous administration--advancing an ideological mission and enriching favored special interests like trial lawyers at the expense of students, educators, and taxpayers. The bill would require each recipient of Federal financial assistance to appoint a compliance coordinator, which would impose additional administrative burdens. H.R. 2574 would redirect vital resources that are needed to serve students in the pursuit of an ideological agenda.

Rep. Elaine Luria in support: H.R. 2574 would allow private individuals to file lawsuits under the Civil Rights Act's Title VI authority, allowing students and parents to remedy discrimination in education. "Every student has the right to access public education, free from discriminatory practices, said Congresswoman Luria. "By focusing on equity and inclusion, we move towards a public education system that is more just and will benefit every student, regardless of sex, ethnicity, ability, or their zip code."

Legislative outcome:Passed House 232-188-10, roll no. 192 on Sept 16, 2020; died in Senate without a vote.

Source: Congressional vote 20-HR2574 on May 8, 2019

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