Betty Castor on Foreign Policy

Bush's travel restrictions to Cuba are wrong

I think Bush's travel restrictions to Cuba are wrong. Who does it hurt? It only hurts the families.
Source: Florida Senate Debate, in St. Petersburg Times Oct 19, 2004

Imposing harsh barriers on Cuba does not bring democracy

Supporting Humanitarian Travel And Sending Of Remittances to Cuba: While Betty opposes the Castro regime, she also opposes hurting innocent families-which is the effect of recent Bush administration changes to United States Cuba policy. Betty strongly supports allowing people to visit family members in Cuba and to send those family members remittances. The way to bring democracy to Cuba is not by imposing harsh barriers that only hurt families.
Source: Campaign website, www.bettynet.com, "Issues" Oct 14, 2004

US wins wars by building alliances

America won two world wars and the Cold War by building strong alliances. We need the same approach to ensure our security against the global threat of terrorism. Betty supports a change from the "go-it-alone" attitude in Washington that has made it harder to build strong alliances-and put most of the burdens for fighting terrorism on U.S. troops and taxpayers. [We should] work cooperatively with other nations to build strong, international alliances to fight terrorism.
Source: Campaign website, bettynet.com, "Issues" Sep 25, 2004

Support democracy in Cuba, including open travel

Betty opposes the Bush administration's new restrictions on travel to Cuba. While Betty understands the oppressive regime in power in Cuba should be removed, she also knows that cultural and educational travel between countries helps Cubans understand America's values and helps Americans understand Cuban's desire for democracy. Allowing travel between the countries -- while still keeping pressure on the regime in power through political means -- will help ensure Cuba's transition to democracy.
Source: Campaign website, bettynet.com, "Issues" Sep 25, 2004

Self-determination for Puerto Rico

Betty supports Self-determination for Puerto Rico. Betty supports the right of the Puerto Rican people, not Washington bureaucrats, to determine the future of Puerto Rico.
Source: Campaign website, bettynet.com, "Issues" Sep 25, 2004

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