Dave Brownlow on Homeland Security

Constitution Party Senate Challenger

We spend $1T per year to defend our empire

Q: Do you support or oppose the policy: "More spending on armed forces"?

A: DO NOT SUPPORT--we are currently spending nearly one trillion dollars a year defending our empire--more than the entire rest of the world spends on their militaries combined. We need a dramatic change in foreign policy to a non-intervention policy as laid out by our founders.

Source: Email interview on 2008 Senate race with OnTheIssues.org Jun 22, 2008

The Patriot Act is an atrocious piece of legislation

Q: Do you support or oppose the policy: "The Patriot Act harms civil liberties"?

A: Agree. What an atrocious piece of legislation.

Source: Email interview on 2008 Senate race with OnTheIssues.org Jun 22, 2008

We spend more money on military than rest of world combined

The U.S. Department of Offense: It is time to entirely rethink the way we provide for the common defense of the states. Many are unaware that we spend more money on our military than the rest of the world spends on theirs--combined! That includes some of the (other) really cutthroat regimes, like China, Russia and North Korea. Could it be possible that it takes nearly a trillion dollars a year to defend ourselves? No, not even close. Most of that money is spent protecting the American empire in an ill-fated attempt to convert the rest of the world to the twisted version of American "democracy. It is time to step back and ask ourselves, "Why?"

We need to relegate our military to the constitutionally authorized task of providing for the common defense of the states. In which case, there should never be a single American soldier stationed outside of the US unless they are repelling an actual invasion.

We seem to have confused our military with a Department of Offense!

Source: Campaign website, www.davebrownlow.com, "Key_Issues" Jun 21, 2008

Real threat is elaborate deception concocting war on terror

The "War" on Terror (aka the war on us!): We have to get over the delusion that "they hate us because we are free." First of all, we are not free--if anyone needs to be rescued from an oppressive regime, it is the American people. Second, "they" have been quite clear about why they hate us. They will continue trying to chop every one of our heads off as long as we keep poking around in their business, occupying their lands and killing their people. So let's disengage from all of the imperialistic conquests we have ventured off on and spend a little more energy cleaning up the mess we have made for ourselves right here at home.

Our real threat comes from the domestic enemies who have betrayed the oaths they swore to defend the Constitution. They concocted the "war on terror" as an elaborate deception to hide the great harm they have inflicted on our Republic--and to keep the American people in fearful, humble, servitude to those who rule this sinking ship.

Source: Campaign website, www.davebrownlow.com, "Key_Issues" Jun 21, 2008

9-11 investigation needed for mysterious collapse of WTC7

World Trade Center Building 7: If you want to dig a little deeper into what happened, or did not happen, on the morning of September 11, go to Google and type in "WTC 7." For as yet unexplained reasons, World Trade Center Building 7, which was not hit by any airplanes, imploded onto its own footprint seven hours after WTC Towers 1&2 came down. In the real world, forty-seven story, steel frame buildings do not spontaneously disassemble themselves at the speed of gravity --unless other more potent forces are at work. However, in the land of make-believe, a forty-seven story, steel frame building like WTC 7 can implode on itself in less than seven seconds for no apparent reason.

Oddly, the official 9/11 report never bothered to sift through the rubble of this rather miraculous event.

Source: Campaign website, www.davebrownlow.com, "Key_Issues" Jun 21, 2008

Do you feel safer with feds snooping around your affairs?

The Department of Motherland Security: We can be reasonably confident there was not even a single Congressman who voted to approve The Homeland Security Act, The Patriot Act or the Patriot Act II that ever actually read them--because no one could possibl wade through the combined 170,000 words of gibberish contained in the bills.

Do you feel safer knowing the federal government is snooping around in your private affairs? Do you feel safer knowing the Federal government is looking into your spending habits, bank accounts and medical history? Do you feel safer boarding an airplane after you and the elderly couple next to you are strip searched? Do you feel safer knowing that they had to make up a whole unit of measure, called the petabyte, to describe the size of the enormous hard drives to store the mountains of information they are collecting about you?

With enemies like the Department of Homeland Security setting up shop in our own neighborhoods, why should we be afraid of terrorists?

Source: Campaign website, www.davebrownlow.com, "Key_Issues" Jun 21, 2008

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