David McReynolds on Foreign Policy

Eliminate most foreign aid; it’s only for disasters

Source: Vote-Smart.org NPAT questionnaire May 2, 2000

Oppose IMF, World Bank, and WTO

We oppose the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization as instruments of oppression throughout the world.

We call for the reassessment of all international trade negotiations in light of workers’, farmers’, consumers’, and environmental interests.

Source: Socialist Party Platform Jan 1, 2000

East Timor: force Indonesia to control their militias

The US has no interests in East Timor - but it does have substantial interests in Indonesia, which accounts for the close cooperation between the US and Indonesia military up to and after the UN vote. I have stayed away from the discussion of whether or not to intervene with a UN force because the chances were too good that everyone would be dead before that could be achieved (for one thing, without Indonesia’s cooperation, China would almost certainly have vetoed any UN action). My own position has been and remains that a really powerful position by the US (and Britain, Japan and Australia) would force Indonesia to control the “militias” which have clearly been permitted to operate by the Indonesian military. And this seems to be happening.
Source: Reflections on East Timor Sep 14, 1999

Create non-US-based international peacekeepers

The military-industrial complex pervades every state, virtually every university, dominates the media through indirect corporate links, and involves the trade unions because of military jobs. If ever there was a time for a peace movement to strike at the military, root and branch, it is now, when the US has no foreign enemies to threaten it, and when the chance might exist to create some legitimate international forms of peace-keeping that were not linked to US or West European economic interests.
Source: WRL Retirement Dinner May 1, 1999

Treat China and others with “radical humanism”

A peace movement for the next century needs to be based the willingness to look for nonviolent solutions rather than relying on the “good will” of American military interventions. it needs to examine the economic factors that drive American foreign policy and so often corrupt good intentions. And it needs to reach out, with respect, to friends in Japan, China, India, Africa, Europe, and Central and Latin America. Perhaps I’d call it a “radical humanism”. Or a willingness to risk optomism in the face of all the evidence the situation may be hopeless. We need to remember that when World War II ended there was agreement, when the United Nations was founded, that arms control was not the goal toward which we would march - it was total disarmament, nuclear and conventional.
Source: Article: “100 Years of Struggling for Peace” by McReynolds Jan 1, 1999

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