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End empire building and improper war in Iraq

End Empire Building and the Improper Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: Our history since WW2 is one of world domination as the world's policeman and boss. This is a damaging, counterproductive, policy to us and all others concerned, and is how great nations have failed throughout history! [We should have] a negotiated settlement in Iraq. Dave supports a strong defense but opposes war unless clearly; 1) For defense of our homeland, and 2) Approved in advance (or within one week after start) by Congress.
Source: Campaign website, www.redick2006.com Jun 25, 2006

Purpose of Balkans war: evict China from Eastern Europe

The purpose of Clinton's Balkans war was to evict China from Eastern Europe and its oil, including the Caspian area. Remember the `accidental' bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade? Why was NATO involved when no NATO member had been attacked? Bush's invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was primarily to get access to build an oil pipeline from Uzbekistan to a warm water port near Karachi, Pakistan (the same reason the Russians invaded in the 1980's).
Source: Campaign website, www.redick2006.com, "Issues" Feb 22, 2006

Bush planned to invade Iraq well before 9-11

Iraq never threatened the US and Saddam was not a cohort of Osama. As stated by former US Treasurer Paul O'Neill, Bush and his team had been planning to invade Iraq well before 9-11. Bush fired him for his lack of 'loyalty', as discussed in Paul's book 'The Price of Loyalty'. They started building a case for preemptive war by fabricating phony reasons such as WMDs and branded Iraq as a part of 9-11.
Source: Campaign website, www.redick2006.com, "Issues" Feb 22, 2006

Immediate phased withdrawal from Iraq

On Jan. 15, 2006, Dave said we should announce by Feb. 28, 2006 a plan to begin by March 31, 2006 a phased withdrawal of all troops and equipment from Iraq, to be completed by Sep. 30, 2006, or sooner. Only defensive military action would be allowed during the transition. The use of dates will give the Iraqis incentive to promptly 'get organized' before we leave, and Dave predicts that 'insurgent' attacks will drop-off quickly when the plan is announced.
Source: Campaign website, www.redick2006.com, "Issues" Feb 22, 2006

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